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Akio Toyoda fires the first shot (Part 2)The engine can't die!

Promoting new energy and autonomous driving technology has not stopped

Toyota Mirai has evolved to the second generation of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles. It also has low-floor buses in operation during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There are also hydrogen fuel cell technology heavy trucks running on the road in North America. It will also be used in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A large number of electric vehicles and self-driving test vehicles were launched on the road in one go.

However, in this 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games (XVI Paralympic Games), the test of the e-Palette driverless electric minibus caused a small accident. Although it was not a hindrance to the visually impaired player, it also caused the player to retire. Toyota also immediately stopped all e-Palette driverless electric minibus testing projects in Payun. It is generally believed that the autonomous driving technology may have ignored the inconvenience or inconvenience. Pedestrians with disabilities cause it.

In 2020 Tokyo Paryun, the e-Palette driverless minibus crashed into a visually impaired player, which also caused Toyota to completely suspend its local operation plan (the picture shows Toyoda Akio himself introduced e-Palette in the world first).

In addition, in the field of hydrogen fuel energy power that Akio Toyoda has strongly promoted, recent competitors have also been very active, including the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell sports SUV (ix35 Fuel Cell, Tucson Fuel Cell, Nexo), The Hyundai-Kia Group of H350 Fuel Cell has also mass-produced the heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell truck XCient Fuel Cell in South Korea, Europe, and the United States; Mercedes-Benz under the Daimler Group includes GLC F.Cell, Vito, Sprinter and large-scale Trucks and buses also have a small number of vehicles of the same type for road testing, so it is generally believed that Toyota should be closer to the "hydrogen economy" route that the Japanese government has actively implemented from the kindergarten to the national environmental protection and energy education, and the country's Isuzu also announced Cooperate with Honda to promote hydrogen-fueled commercial vehicles and so on.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the ultra-compact two-seater electric vehicle "C+pod" for sale in Japan can travel 150km (WLTC) on full power, and the suggested price is 165-1716,000 yen.

Toyota bZ4XWith Lexus UX300e

As for the bZ4X, which debuted at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, it is the first electric vehicle of the bZ (beyond Zero) concept. Name of it). In addition to adopting a strategic electric vehicle platform, the size of the car is comparable to RAV4, and the same group’s Subaru Solterra contracture version was also added in Japan. The Solterra body size is 4690╳1860╳1650mm, and it also has a size of 1940╳1515╳1160. (General/solar roof)/1145 (glass roof) mm cabin size, with a wheelbase up to 2850mm, the Japanese WLTC test full battery cruising range up to 530km ((front drive) and 460km (four-wheel drive), and AC The power of slow charge and DC fast charge are 6.6kW and 150kW respectively (chargeable to 80% in half an hour). The four-wheel drive model has X-Mode AWD full-time four-wheel drive control system, and each of the front and rear axles has a maximum power 80kW electric motor. , Synergy power reaches 160kW.

As for the UX300e, which has been sold in China, it is the first mass-produced electric commercial vehicle of the Lexus brand. Of course, the suggested price of a single model is 1.699 million in China, which not only shocked the domestic car scene, but also sold out the new car quota this year. Although it has a cruising range of only 368km according to the NEDC test specification, it is already above the standard for an electric vehicle derived from an existing fuel vehicle, and since they are all promoting Lexus Electrified, I believe there are still many brand fans. With an early adopter mentality, it's better to start first.

The Ian iA5, an electric touring car jointly produced and sold by Toyota and GAC Toyota.
Toyota C-HR EV pure electric sports SUV produced and sold in China.

In the Chinese market where Lexus UX300e was first sold in the world, Toyota also cooperated with FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota to mass-produce pure electric versions of Toyota C-HR. In addition, in terms of fuel cell technology, local units have also been established to provide technology transfer and on-site production. After all, the Chinese government has long been quite open to the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell power technology, and there are many rare earth resources in China. Therefore, Akio Toyoda is not against electric vehicles, but screaming that all countries, car manufacturers, and related industries should not just look at the subsidy policy in front of them, but take a longer view.

Fighting Tesla has long been more than Team Japan

So far, COP26 only includes BYD, Ford, GM, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo willing to sign the "Glasgow Climate Pact".

In fact, even Volkswagen Volkswagen, the traditional car manufacturer that promotes the popularization of electric vehicles, has also expressed opposition to the "Glasgow Climate Pact". Automakers around the world have already sharpened their knives and are ready to challenge Tesla and Elon Musk. Looking at him in such a smooth autumn, his value has been reversed several times. How can a traditional car factory with a history of more than 100 years be allowed to dominate it?

Volkswagen, which is the fastest to popularize electric vehicles in the traditional car factory camp, also opposes the "Glasgow Climate Pact" (the picture shows the ID.6 jointly produced in China with FAW and SAIC).

Of course, as everyone is familiar with, including BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyumdai-Kia, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc., they continue to strengthen the heating effect of the group, and Hezonglian has expanded to include commercial vehicles and other fields. , Such as the strategic cooperation between Isuzu and Honda in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, Daimler truck and bus cooperation with AB Volvo, Traton Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Alliance and Hino, China National Heavy Duty Truck, etc., and even the global leader in electric buses-Shenzhen BYD also announced its opening in 2021 Supplying power systems and components to other automakers. It can be seen from the above that in addition to challenging Tesla, which has a market share of more than 1/4 in the global electric vehicle market in 2020, in the future competition game, it will start from 2022. There are more unexpected changes.

Hon Hai announced a few days ago that it had purchased Lordstown, a startup electric vehicle company, which, in addition to being regarded as the flag of the United States, is equivalent to owning the first production base in North America.
On the 2021 HHTD Hon Hai Technology Day, Honghua Advanced will not only provide on-site demonstrations, but also provide trial rides on the Model T smart electric bus that will be mass-produced and launched next year. It will also exhibit the first virtual reality technology application that introduces the concept of meta-universe.

South Korean car manufacturers can be called active in this wave of electrification. In addition to the competitive advantage that the country has in the supply of three-electric systems, Hyundai-Kia has also been moving recently, and the Kia EV6 electric cross-border SUV has recently set a new record. A Guinness World Record: The one-week trip from New York to Los Angeles (approximately 4636km) was completed with the shortest charging time, which was 5.5 hours faster than the previous record holder Tesla Model 3 (12 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 19 seconds), with a total charge It only took 7 hours, 10 minutes and 1 second. At the 2021 Los Angeles North American Auto Show, the group also announced Hyundai Seven derived from the E-GMP platform (generally considered to be the concept car of Ioniq 7) and the Kia EV9 pure electric seven-seater RV, which is regarded as the next challenge to the world An indicator of the electric car world.

There is a continuous and continuous relationship. It can only be said that Akio Toyoda is not alone. Perhaps Team Japan will shout out first to see if there are other opinions and praise. After all, the most important thing is to look at what will happen next. Don’t forget that since Trump became President of the United States, he has been jokingly used Twitter to govern the country, but don’t forget that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezoz are also the initiators.

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