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All members of the FUCHS VanLife models are here!The all-new Caddy California is first revealed in Taiwan

Caddy California
  • Create a new chapter in your VanLife! "Caddy California" was first exposed in Taiwan.
  • Fox Business Travel continues to attack the camping market, launching the "Caravelle VanLife Box Camping Group", which will be sold simultaneously in 11 exhibition centers across Taiwan.

The booming trend of camping has led to a new type of vacation mode, combined with the light travel type, and jointly set off a trend in the camper van market. With its fully functional and diversified product line, FUCHS is deeply loved by all buyers; among them, dream camping is popular all over the world. Car California, since the launch of the T6 car series in 2016, the cumulative sales in Taiwan have exceeded 1,000 units, successfully creating a benchmark in the domestic camper market.

Due to the rise of the VanLife trend, Taiwan Fox Business Travel actively strives for the original factory to make the newest member of the California camper family, a camper model derived from the fifth-generation Caddy Maxi Life: Caddy California for the first time today (3/23) The appearance is bound to raise the topic for the domestic camping and outdoor leisure market. At the same time, for Caravelle models (T5/T6/T6.1) with multi-seat home/commercial positioning, the original imported exclusive kit "Caravelle VanLife Box Haoye Camping Group" was launched to give car owners a wonderful life with different VanLife models. In addition, a mobile castle concept car "Cara-fornia" tailor-made by the car owner was also displayed at the scene, breaking the stereotype of the previous T6.1 Caravelle commercial vehicle and turning it into an exclusive mobile camper.

Today (3/23) is the first to reveal "Caddy California", equipped with new California exclusive camping equipment, including: "Retractable car side sunshade", "Hidden outdoor folding table and chairs", "Dish type spring bed frame" and "Double person" "Folding sleeper", etc., as well as a unique mobile mini kitchen "hidden flow table", is bound to raise a topic for the domestic camping and outdoor leisure market. (Pictured from left to right: Long Chen, Sales Director of FUCHS Taiwan; Lance Lin, After Sales Director of FUCHS Taiwan; Julia Wu, President of FUCHS Taiwan; Rahil Ansari, President of Audi FUCHS Automotive Group; Victor Ting, Head of Travel Sales, Fox Business Taiwan)

brand newCaddy Californiafirst appearance  VanLife All cars are here

Inheriting the Caddy California derived from the fifth-generation Caddy Maxi, it is equipped with the new California exclusive camping equipment. The appearance includes: "retractable car side sunshade", "hidden outdoor folding table and chairs" for convenient storage, and optional to enhance comfort The "panoramic glass roof" of the space allows outdoor travel to be carried out at will, no matter the weather, and to share the beauty of nature with family members; the interior decoration of the car is guided by practical functional design, which can satisfy players who like outdoor life, except for California car series. Equipped with an ergonomic "disc-spring bed frame" as standard, with a comfortable "double folding sleeper", bringing the occupants a comfortable experience like home; also equipped with "round cabin sunshade", "blackout storage bag", and "ventilation" "Ventilation screens" not only keep the air in the car fresh, but also allow the owner and occupants to sleep peacefully. At the same time, in order to allow car owners to enjoy a new car life, there is also a unique mobile mini kitchen "hidden flow table", including a single-burner cooking gas stove, tableware storage area, making outdoor life more relaxed and comfortable, enjoying at home The same comfort and comfort; simultaneously equipped with LED cabin reading lights, LED tailgate lighting, and 230V European sockets, making the car environment extremely convenient and comfortable.

In addition, the new Caddy California is equipped with a 2.0-liter TDI diesel turbocharged engine that can provide 122 hp and 32.6 kg of maximum torque, and is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, equipped with a new generation of speed-sensitive electronic power assistance. Steering system, which can maintain excellent controllability and stability during the beautiful journey. In terms of body size, the Caddy California is 4,853mm long, 1,855mm wide, 2,042mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2,970mm, which provides a more comfortable ride. In order to fully satisfy the car owner's unique car style and preferences, in addition to the original car color of the new Caddy Maxi car series, the exclusive car color of Caddy California - Apple Green is added, a total of 10 colorful and eye-catching car colors.

The Caddy California can also be equipped with a "panoramic glass roof", so that outdoor travel can be carried out as you like, rain or shine, and you can share the beauty of nature with your family.
The Caddy California can also be equipped with a "panoramic glass roof", so that outdoor travel can be carried out as you like, rain or shine, and you can share the beauty of nature with your family.

Fuchs Business travels to attack the camping market with a new launchCaravelle VanLife Box Yoshino Camping Team"

Modern people are increasingly popularizing the concept of VanLife and attaching importance to outdoor leisure life, making the camping trend enduring. In order to provide Chinese people with a unique mobile choice, Taiwan Fox Business Travel, especially for Caravelle models (T5/T6/T6.1), introduced The exclusive original kit "Caravelle VanLife Box Haoye Camping Group", which includes a foldable bed frame, mattress, flow table, and a large storage space and other practical camping kits, not only easy to install and disassemble, but also free from Restricted to create a highly elastic rear cabin space. The newly launched Caravelle VanLife Box camping group will be sold simultaneously in 11 exhibition centers across Taiwan from now on. The official price is NT$226,100. Order before the end of May to enjoy the "good ambition price" NT$177,618.

In addition, in addition to the new Caddy California and Caravelle VanLife Box camping group, the event site also exhibited the T6.1 Caravelle camping concept car - "Cara-fornia", which was carefully customized by the owner. The name "Cara-fornia" comes from the concept of the California camper. In addition, the Caravelle model has a very high carrying capacity and a large luggage compartment space. The owner does not need to change the structure of the car body, and can create a "home" for his family by himself. Comfortable mobile space; including a mobile mattress in the back seat, and even a mobile living room that can be directly turned into a mobile living room.

With the best driving experience and perfect safety protection technology, Taiwan Fox Business Travel gives back to the "VanLifer" who loves outdoor leisure and the combination of people and cars. Coupled with all-round multi-functional functions and storage space, it is also a favorite for all cars. As the best partner of "VanLifer" who lives in the home, Taiwan Fox Business Travel sincerely invites all players to come and experience the unique charm of the VanLife spirit.

create yourVanLife Video link:

Caravelle VanLife Box Suggested Price: NT$226,100. Order before the end of May to enjoy the "Good Ambitious Price" NT$177,618.

Caravelle VanLife BoxExclusive exhibition center

At the event, the car owner's carefully customized T6.1 Caravelle camping concept car - "Cara-fornia" was exhibited at the same time, bringing a new experience of car use to the family, perfectly showing the spirit and heritage of the brand VanLife.

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