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All-new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA officially launched, fully evolved ProPILOT

Yulon Nissan announced today (30) the official launch of the new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA. Despite the shortage of chips and raw materials, as well as the rising cost of importing new cars, Yulon Nissan is still actively seeking a discount of 10,000 yuan from the original price. , the official listing recommended price (including old-for-new) is 1.289 million yuan (Note 1), and the 20,000 yuan early bird discount for accessories will be extended from September 30 to October 31 (Note 2).

The new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA has fully evolved the "ProPILOT Intelligent Mobility Safety System" to realize the LEVEL 2 semi-autonomous assisted driving function, and is equipped with the "RR-AEB rear emergency braking system". The 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine with variable compression ratio is also available in a new "Aurora Blue" color scheme (Note 3), which is the same color as the GT-R 50th anniversary limited model, showing a unique and charming charm.

brand new2022yearNISSAN ALTIMAOfficial listing

The new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA was officially launched today (30th), and the first batch of 128 units arrived in Hong Kong after a month of pre-sale, which were sold out. Affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic and the shortage of automotive chips, NISSAN’s U.S. plant continued to adjust production capacity this year. It is estimated that only 380 vehicles will be available in 2022. Yulon Nissan will continue to strive for more quotas. In order to thank consumers for their support and affirmation, despite the global shortage of materials and the rising cost of new car imports, Yulon Nissan is still actively seeking a discount of 10,000 yuan over the pre-sale price from the original factory. Yuan.

full evolutionProPILOTZhixing Security System

The all-new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA is well-received by consumers for its stylish appearance and rich equipment, combined with the NISSAN brand concept "Technology Nissan Smart Mobility in the Future", equipped with a variable compression ratio 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine with both explosive power and endurance, a comprehensive evolution " ProPILOT Smart Mobility Safety System” and “RR-AEB Rear Emergency Braking System”. "ProPILOT Intelligent Mobility Safety System", one-button operation, integrates the three Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies of "ICC Intelligent Full Speed ​​Range Control System", "TJP Traffic Congestion Assist System" and "LKA Lane Keeping Assist System" to realize LEVEL 2 semi-autonomous Assisted driving. In addition, the NISSAN brand is also equipped with the "RR-AEB rear emergency braking system" for the first time. When reversing, a warning sound will be used to remind you. If the driver still does not take any braking action, the system will force the brake to effectively reduce the collision and collision when reversing. Pedestrian collision accident (Note 4).

fashion coupe CompleteThe new car color "Aurora Blue" debuts

NISSAN ALTIMA adopts NISSAN V-Motion 2.0 design elements, and with sharp and deep body lines, outlines a strong dynamic texture of the car body, effectively guides the airflow around the car body, and perfectly displays a drag coefficient of 0.26 comparable to the GT-R grade (Note 5) , with a stylish floating roof design, creating a unique sports running style. At the same time, the new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA uses the "Zone body high-rigidity body" design to effectively protect driving safety, and is equipped with "racing-grade single-tube shock absorbers", "encircling large sub-frame" and other equipment to improve driving control Fun to drive.

In addition to the original car colors Sky Red, Glacier White, Silver Snow Grey, and Obsidian Black, the new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA has also introduced a new color scheme of "Aurora Blue", which is the same color as the GT-R 50th anniversary limited edition car, showing NISSAN ALTIMA's beauty Unique and charming.

pre-sale hot Early bird discounts continue to be praised

In order to thank consumers for their enthusiastic support for the new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA since its pre-sale, Yulon Nissan has made a special offer to the original manufacturer for the official listing price (including trade-in) of 1.289 million yuan, which is 10,000 yuan less than the pre-sale price. , and extend the 20,000 yuan gold early bird discount on accessories from September 30 to October 31.

Yulon Nissan Motor wholeheartedly welcomes consumers to visit exhibition centers across Taiwan, or through "online reservations and test rides at home" to experience the powerful charm of the all-new 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA coupe.For details, please refer to the official website

Note 1: The amounts shown in this press release are in New Taiwan Dollars. The new 2022-style Yulon Nissan (hereinafter referred to as NISSAN) ALTIMA Premium Edition has a suggested selling price (including trade-in) of 1.289 million yuan, which refers to the amount after the proposed official selling price and 50,000 yuan of government-subsidized excise tax relief. The government's final review is subject to the government's old-for-new subsidy. For relevant procedures and content, please contact NISSAN's distribution companies.

Note 2: Description of the new year-style NISSAN ALTIMA flagship version of the car purchase discount:

  • This offer is limited to those who place an order for a new year-style NISSAN ALTIMA new car from September 30 to October 31, 2022. It is not applicable to corporate legal persons, bulk (bid) sales, rental cars, and commercial vehicles.
  • "20,000 yuan for accessories" refers to the original NISSAN optional accessories with a total value of 20,000 yuan, which cannot be discounted, replaced or changed. For detailed trading conditions, please contact all NISSAN distribution companies, NISSAN and all distribution companies and reserve the right to final approval.

Note 3: The actual specifications, equipment and color of the 2022-style NISSAN ALTIMA shown in this press release are subject to the actual vehicle; the operation of each equipment may have its conditions and safety warnings, and the product specifications are limited by the space of the advertisement It may also be incomplete. Consumers must consult the NISSAN exhibition center or refer to the NISSAN official website, user manual or equipment manual to read the relevant instructions before purchasing.

Note 4: For functional descriptions of "ProPILOT Smart Travel Safety System" and "RR-AEB Rear Emergency Braking System", please refer to the introduction on NISSAN's official website: The functions of the Zhixing Technology safety system and other safety systems shown above may be subject to conditions, and this is a reference value provided by the original factory. When driving on the actual road, it may be affected by road conditions, load, wind resistance, tire conditions, personal driving habits and vehicle maintenance. Due to factors such as maintenance, the actual value may vary. The Zhixing technology safety system is only used to assist the driver and cannot be used as a substitute for safe driving operations. Please abide by the laws and regulations, be vigilant when driving, and pay close attention to the surrounding environment.

Note 5: This wind resistance coefficient is a reference value provided by the original factory. This is the data measured under fixed experimental conditions. When driving on the actual road, it may be affected by factors such as road conditions, load, wind resistance, tire conditions, personal driving habits and vehicle maintenance. affect the actual value. For complete performance and specifications, please refer to the description on the NISSAN official website.

Note 6: NISSAN has the right to modify and terminate this project activity at any time. For detailed transaction conditions, please contact NISSAN's various distribution companies, NISSAN and each distribution company, and reserve the right to approve or not.


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