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Americans prefer Japanese cars to American cars!? The American Statistical Magazine released the "Trusted Automobile Manufacturers Ranking"

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●Announced the 2022 "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers"
●Japanese brands are highly rated in the United States?
●The Japanese label shortlisted in Top 5, the evaluation is higher than the average
The Prius, which has just released a new generation model, was shortlisted in the "Top 10 Most Reliable Cars"

Announcement of the 2022 "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers"

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Consumer Reports, a monthly U.S. consumer magazine, has a powerful influence on U.S. auto sales.

Through independent testing, expert reviews, and user surveys, we formulate rankings for surveyed products. In addition, the magazine does not publish general corporate advertisements to ensure fairness, and many Americans will refer to the magazine for shopping.

On November 15, 2022, Consumer Reports announced the "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers".

The ranking collects and investigates the vehicle model data of more than 300,000 vehicles from 2000 to 2022. After sufficient data is collected, the car brands are scored and ranked.

Are Japanese labels highly rated in the US?

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"Toyota" ranked No. 1, followed by Toyota's premium car brand "Lexus" at No. 2, and German automaker "BMW" at No. 3. The fourth place is "Mazda", and the fifth place is "Honda". Four of the Top 5 brands are Japanese automakers.

The rankings from 1st to 24th in the "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers" are as follows.

■ 1st name: Toyota

■No. 2: Lexus

■No. 3: BMW

■4th place: Mazda

■5th place: Honda

■6th place: Audi

■ 7th name: Subaru

■ 8th name: Acura

■9th place: Kia

■10th place: Lincoln

■ 11th name: Buick

■No. 12: Genesis

■ 13th name: Hyundai

14th place: Volvo

■No. 15: Nissan

16th place: Ram

17th place: Cadillac

18th place: Ford

■ 19th name: Tesla

■No. 20: Chevrolet

■No. 21: GMC

■ 22nd name: Volkswagen

■No. 23: Jeep

■No. 24: Mercedes-Benz

The 7th is Subaru, the 8th is Honda's high-end car brand Acura that focuses on overseas markets, the 15th is Nissan, and 7 of the 1st to 24th are Japanese brands.

In the "Ranking of the Reliability of Automobile Manufacturers", 4 Japanese manufacturers beat well-known manufacturers such as the United States and Germany, squeezed into the Top 5, and received extremely high evaluations.

Shortlisted in the Top 5 Japanese labels, the evaluation is higher than the average


In 2022, the average reliability of the "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers" is 41 to 60 points.

The trust scores of Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, and Honda shortlisted in the Top 5 range from 72 to 62 points, all of which are higher than the average.

The scores of Subaru, Acura, and Nissan ranked after Top 5 are 59~44 points. None of the Japanese brands are below the average in the ranking of the reliability of the automobile brands.

The Prius, which just released a new generation model, was shortlisted in the "Top 10 Most Reliable Cars"


In the "Top 10 Most Reliable Vehicles" released on the same day as the "Reliability Ranking of Automobile Manufacturers", vehicles from Japanese brands were also shortlisted.

This ranking is made based on the results of car owner satisfaction surveys, safety data and other data, with a reliability score of 1 to 100, and then formulate the ranking.

The shortlisted Japanese brands include Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, and Honda, and 7 of the 10 vehicles are Japanese cars.

The "Top 10 Most Reliable Cars" are ranked as follows.

■Toyota Corolla Hybrid

■Lexus GX

■Mini Cooper

■Toyota Prius

■Mazda MX-5 Miata(Mazda Roadster)

■Lincoln Corsair

■Toyota Corolla

■Subaru Crosstrek

■BMW 3 Series

■Toyota Prius Prime

Original source:Americans prefer Japanese cars over American cars!? US research magazine announces "Reliable car manufacturer ranking"!
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