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[Analysis of the auto market]Impermanence changes dailyThe rise of the epidemic affects the auto market

BMW iX has won the championship of electric vehicle listing with 57 units since its launch in April. At the same time, BMW won the top 5 in the total market, the runner-up of imported brands and the championship of premium brands for the first time with 2,165 units.
Comparison of the number of car listings in the total domestic market in 2021-2022

※The data in the summary table is subject to the number of new car licenses inquired by the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications.

According to statistics, in April 2022, the number of new vehicles listed in the domestic new car market was 35,254, a decrease of 10.6% from March and a decrease of 7.0% from April last year. Vehicles) decreased by 12.5%. In the whole month, 19,984 new domestic vehicles were listed and 15,270 imported vehicles were listed. The domestic/import ratio was 56.7:43.3. From January to April, the domestic and imported vehicles were listed as 80,548 and 59,053. The import ratio was 57.7:42.3.

The haze of natural and man-made disasters shrouded

Domestic car performance is obviously not as good as expected

With the ups and downs of the epidemic, some time ago, due to lack of materials, labor, supply chain outsourcing, and even natural disasters for imported cars (don't forget the impact of the earthquake in Japan in March on various car factories!), the epidemic in Europe and other places Gradually stabilized, and after most countries adopted the coexistence model and returned to the fundamentals of economic development, the delayed supply of components and components began to have a tsunami-like impact on domestic vehicles, and the closure of Shanghai from April 1, Once again, there is a storm-like negative impact on the global automotive supply chain.

Of course, this is also reflected in the passenger car market, which has jumped to the largest SUV sports SUV market in recent years. Last year, Ford Liuhe was only out of the haze because of the super strong Philippines, which affected the Kuga's component supply. , but the closure of Shanghai's city has not only impacted the world's factories, but it is difficult for domestic car manufacturers to be independent from the world's supply system. It is absolutely only superficial to say that they have not suffered from it.

The Corolla Cross (3,446 units), which has an annual sales target of 40,000 units, seems to be no longer as strong as last year, except for a slight decline of 0.3% in March. The number of listings has also plummeted by 17.3% from January to April. Of course, many people think that the chip shortage still affects shipments to some extent, but in addition to the Model 3 taking a leave of absence because it has not arrived in Hong Kong, the CR-V, which has been the king of domestic medium and large SUV sales for many years, has also dropped out of the list. (778 vehicles), of course, people from all walks of life will think that Taiwan's Honda's current strength should be fully poured into the new HR-V, which is ready to play in June, and even launched the first NFT ahead of the domestic car industry to start a warm-up campaign. But don't forget that CR-V is currently in the late stage of product maturity, and when it fell out of the list, the LEXUS NX (781 units), the king of LSUV popularity and the king of premium passenger cars, stood on the top 10 in April. . It can be seen that despite the changes in the epidemic situation, the consumption of luxury cars has not weakened, but the overall domestic SUV fell by 19.7% from January to April compared with the same period last year. The domestic MPV class gap (down 21.7%) is expected to be the main growth force of domestic SUVs this year. After the HR-V major facelift comes on the market, it is expected to slowly climb from the bottom. After all, the absence of e:HEV models this year has become a problem. It's a foregone conclusion, with the Earth Dream 1.5L engine and the Honda Sensing that comes standard in the whole series, the HR-V battle may not be easy. In addition, Hyundai Venue and Tucson L are currently suffering from a shortage of materials. Looking forward to the current situation where the Omicron Demon King does not know how long it will continue to haunt humans, it is a hard struggle for domestic cars to continue to defend the 55% threshold.

HR-V has no new cars listed in April, it can be seen that all the old cars have been cleared out, but it is also a reality that Taiwan's Honda will introduce e:HEV this year, and it may not be easy to shake the Corolla Cross hegemony
Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in April 2022
The fortune ace Town Ace (916 units) squeezed into the top ten best-selling vehicle series (Top 9) in the market for the first time in April, and Lingli Tong Futures listed 897 units. Steps, continue to strengthen the overall combat power.
The number of top 20 car manufacturers listed in April 2022
There are 200 new Mini listed vehicles, and 162 Mini Countrymans alone, and the entire brand even surpasses NX (178).
Kia was listed with 518 units in the whole month, setting the highest record since the establishment of Sime Darby Kia in Taiwan. Picanto was listed with 316 units, becoming the champion of imported cars of general brands in April.
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger cars listed in April 2022
Tiida (287 units) became the single-month growth champion of domestic passenger car listings in April, which increased by 66.9% over the previous month.
The recently launched 22.5-year-old Focus (992 units) has accumulated a total of 3,969 new vehicles from January to April, which is much better than the 20% decline in the same door brother Kuga due to lack of materials.
Number of new car listings of Top 20 imported car brands in April 2022
Kamiq listed new cars reached 200, accumulatively reached 598 from January to April, and all-brand new cars were listed 521. Although due to the lack of cars, it fell by 38.3% compared with last year, but it still maintained the top 10 imported brands from January to April (1503 vehicles) )no problem.
Benefiting from the arrival of new cars in Hong Kong, the total number of Peugeot listed in a single month reached 119, and it won the top 19 results of imported brands. The cumulative period from January to April (275 vehicles) increased by 17% compared with the same period last year.
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed in April 2022
Forester listed 645 vehicles in the whole month, not only won the runner-up sales of imported SUVs of general brands in April, but also helped Suabru to win the long-lost top 8 status of imported brands.
Ranking of the number of high-end brand cars listed in April 2022

Old friends are back in the cheap import market or make waves again

Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it has not only entered the third year, but the domestic and foreign epidemics have fluctuated greatly, coupled with factors such as the war in Ukraine and Russia, lack of chips, shipping traffic jams, supply chain conditions and other factors, and in recent years, domestic vehicles have not only supplemented The competitiveness of ADAS (driving assistance) has greatly increased after Qi, and the cheap imported car market of non-premium brands has actually been impacted by internal and external attacks. However, the Taiwan market continues to mature and develop towards diversification. (XEV-X for Cross, refers to all non-traditional fuel vehicles) The rise of cheap imported brands that once flourished in the 1990s seems to be gradually being eaten up by high-end brands that are fully rooted. Shidu is evaluating the possibility of reducing the product layout of small cars (generally referred to as NGCC members) for no other reason. As the changes in the car market intensify (Tesla continues to dominate the electric car market), there may be a new wave of cutting down the small car product line in the high-end car world. upsurge.

Of course, in the domestic market, except for Toyota, Mazda and Volkswagen are the only non-premium brands that can perform stably. In addition, Skoda, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, may be regarded as a leader among affordable European brands. According to sources, Opel, which once sold more than 10,000 yuan in the 1990s, whether it is called Opel or Opel, is almost certainly imported by the Master Win Group. The group is currently best known for Mazda dealers Beida Motors, Jaguar Land Rover is a dealer of Jie Ying Automobile, but its predecessor was actually the Jin-Wheel automobile industry that was the agent of Mazda in Taiwan as early as 1959, and later became the first Taiwan agent of Kia Automobile. In addition to having started recruiting in May, Opel has not only become a member of the PSA Group (Fagudepi), but also became the fourth largest automobile group in the world, Stellantis (China), which was formed by the merger of PSA and FCA last year. Translation: A member of Stelantis), and Master Win Group also stated that it will strengthen the brand spirit of Opel as a high-quality, non-premium brand, obviously targeting the domestic quasi-million and millions of imported car market, and to European brands. It is said that challenging Skoda and Volkswagen is bound to be the top priority. Of course, it will also have a lot of impact on Korean and Japanese systems.

The predecessor was Jin-Wheel Auto Industry, which acted as an agent for Mazda in 1948. After the reorganization, under the name of Master Win Group (Beida Automobile, which distributes Mazda, is a member!), it obtained the agency rights of the Opel brand of Stellantis Group, and it is bound to become the leading brand in the general imported car market. Attention focus.

Another important issue, of course, is that Opel will definitely strengthen the layout of new energy products, and the market left by Peugeot (Peugeot, Citroen, DS general agent), which has always insisted on operating purebred French brands There are many vacancies, but Opel can vigorously promote the next area, such as pure electric vehicles, and the light commercial/business travel market that exited last year after the Rifter, Expert/Traveller sold out, challenging FUCHS Business Travel will of course become Opel. One of the opportunities for the brand to return to the Taiwanese car scene.

As for a long-rumored professional off-road brand, it is currently a member of the Stellantis Group with Opel, and in April alone, the Wrangler and Gladiator models have listed 19 new vehicles, just like the previous Ford Bronco Sport. Similar to the introduction of parallel imports, the aforementioned two major Jeep stable sales drivers are no longer the cheap off-road/pickup trucks that everyone thought in the last century, but high-end leisure vehicles positioned close to the Defender (122 vehicles listed in April), and the future trend will obviously also be Become the focus of the car market.

Defender listed 122 new cars throughout the month, and 39 Defender 90 V8s with a price of 6.41 million. Not only did Land Rover list 168 vehicles, but also 930 vehicles from January to April, making it a top 6 premium brand.

Tesla temporarily leaves the electric car industry to take advantage of the situation

After Tesla's new car was delivered to Hong Kong once a quarter (in March), the domestic electric vehicle market experienced considerable changes in April. Last year, the oligopoly of Porsche and Audi in the market was no longer, and it was replaced by the BMW iX one. Since the delivery of the car, it has won the championship of the electric vehicle series in April (57 units). Although there is only one car, it can be seen that the BMW i4 and other cars that have started pre-sale at the same time will continue to flip the high-end electric vehicle market after arriving in Hong Kong. In addition, don't forget that Hetai Motors has a record of more than 1,500 pre-orders for the Toyota bZ4X in half a day, and there will also be a Lexus RZ450e waiting in line. In addition, Volvo XC40 Recharge has 30 new vehicles listed per month, and has also delivered 172 vehicles since the end of last year, and C40 Recharge pure electric sports car has also begun to receive orders (priced at 2.39 million yuan).

Toyota bZ4X was pre-ordered on May 17. Hetai Automobile not only claimed that the first batch of 300 vehicles had been sold in seconds, but also accumulated more than 1,500 orders in half a day. However, it was also reported that the auction was on the Internet like Amei's concert ticket scalper. .

In contrast, although Mercedes-Benz Taiwan announced that it will actively deploy, in addition to the already listed EQC and EQS, there will be EQE, EQB and other products, but obviously under the current situation of active deployment of major brands, the future of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Whether it can continue to catch up in the field of electric vehicles is still uncertain.

In April, the runner-up for electric vehicles was won by Hyundai Ioniq5 (39 vehicles), which Nanyang Industrial claimed to have received 850 orders. In view of production capacity constraints, order-taking operations have been suspended under the order of the original factory. The delivery of cars has not yet started this month, but the general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia also announced that it has received more than 700 orders. The accumulated orders for Korean electric vehicles represented by Hyundai-Kia have exceeded 1,550 orders in Taiwan so far. No wonder Hetai Motors We attach great importance to the Toyota bZ4X, Toyota's first electric vehicle, on the market in Taiwan.

Tesla's influence on the electric vehicle market is still unmatched so far. The Berlin plant and the Texas plant have been completed and put into use one after another. The remodeled and upgraded Model S and Model X are not only taking orders in Taiwan, the Chinese people are looking forward to it. Can the long-awaited Model Y start delivering? There are also Cybertrucks that have re-ordered after the opening of the Texas plant. The delivery schedule may become an indicator of future market changes. Of course, another key factor lies in the penetration rate of infrastructure such as public charging piles, whether it can be used to increase the vaccination rate after the outbreak of the Omicron epidemic, but even Hetai Automobile has announced the establishment of Herun Electric Power. When laying out the equipment field, under the premise that the epidemic in June will still greatly affect the consumption of the auto market, there may be a new situation in the second half of the year.

Until the announcement of the suspension of orders for Hyundai Ioniq 5, which accumulated 850 new car orders, 39 new cars were listed in April, setting a record for the first time a non-premium brand won the runner-up in electric vehicle listings.
Ranking of electric vehicle listings in April 2022
The number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in April 2022
Focusing on the post-epidemic economic needs, the only 9-seater FUCHS Crafter Crafter sold in the world outside of Europe, more than 30 vehicles arrived in Hong Kong in May alone, and 13 vehicles were listed in April. 124), and the number of listed vehicles reached 232 in the whole month.
Sienna listed 67 new cars, but Hetai sold only 19, and the remaining 48 were "parallel imports".
There are still 164 Odyssey 2.4 units listed in a single month, but Taiwan's Honda has also officially removed from the official website due to the shutdown of the original factory, but the parallel imported US-spec Odsyssey 3.5 also has 25 new vehicles listed, which shows that the market demand is greater than expected.
The astonishing consumption power of Taiwan can be seen in general. In April, a new Brabus XLP800 was listed.


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