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[Analysis of the auto market]The aftermath of the epidemic has implicated sales internal injuriesThe brand returns and restarts the auto market layout changes

Although car models other than Model 3 have not yet started pre-orders, Tesla can actively enter the field of smart electric vehicles with just one Model 3.
Comparison of the number of vehicles listed in the total domestic market from 2021 to 2022 (unit: vehicle)
※The data in the summary table is subject to the number of new car licenses inquired by the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications.

According to statistics, in May 2022, the number of new vehicles listed in the domestic new car market was 30,924, a decrease of 12.3% from April and a decrease of 10.1% from May last year. vehicles) decreased by 12.0%. In the whole month, 16,832 new domestic vehicles were listed and 14,092 imported vehicles were listed, and the domestic/import ratio was 54.4:45.6. The cumulative number of domestic and imported vehicles listed from January to May was 97,380 and 73,145, and domestic/imported vehicles were 97,380 and 73,145. The import ratio is 57.1:42.9.

The epidemic has detonated multiple factors, and the sales competition has even been suspended

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the breakdown has entered its third year. Compared with the Taiwan auto market in May last year, although the overall coexistence with the virus has reached a new high, the vaccination rate has hit a new high, but the number of new cases or the death rate has also hit a record high. High Point. In terms of overall buying sentiment, the general market has fallen far more than the high-end car market, and the share of domestic cars has also temporarily fallen to a low point in recent years (referring to the decline in the ADAS penetration rate). Although Chinese people generally accept and are familiar with the so-called "epidemic prevention and new life", considering the higher risks brought by public transportation, the overall buying interest should be higher in theory, but it is also not as expected due to external factors. Since the beginning of the year, the market leader Hetai Automobile, the original technical cooperation factory (including Lexus and Toyota), has repeatedly lowered its main production capacity around the world due to the intervention of the supply chain due to the epidemic. Although Hetai has launched a number of domestic new cars since last year, There are even new domestic products such as Xiaofacai, but on the whole, due to the unstable supply of main vehicle components, even the market leaders are in the new car listing performance in May, which has dropped by more than 20% compared with April (- 20.5%) phenomenon, as far as the impact is concerned, traditionally May should be the starting point for the annual sales competition, but due to too many internal and external factors, not only the delivery of many best-selling new cars is still in the future, but also canceled the past normal. Summer sales competition held.

In terms of external factors, in addition to the Omicron sub-variety epidemic still disrupting the supply chain, the Ukrainian-Russian war on the other side still has no end in sight, which is also seriously related to the supply of raw materials in the automobile manufacturing supply chain. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the problem of traffic jams in land and sea transportation from and to the end of each major production area, coupled with the closure of Shanghai in April (there will be dynamic resets in Beijing and other places, etc.), China is the main supply chain of the global auto industry. , it can be seen that the shutdown and closing of factories in various places, etc., and even the Tesla Shanghai plant has been greatly affected, and compared with before the epidemic, whether it is a passenger car or a light commercial vehicle, the driver assistance system ( ADAS) penetration rate is much higher than in the past, even if the supply of other vehicle components gradually returns to the normal track, but as long as the chip cannot keep up with the order, it means that the human body lacks the brain and the operation of the key components of the command system. Days are harder.

There is no car model to stay out of the incident, only the bipolar situation of lack of car or lack of order

Judging from the current status of domestic new car listings in May, even among the top ten best-selling car series in the total market, from the list, only the Honda CR-V, which ranked sixth (Top 6), has become one of the top ten car series. The only product that can maintain both the previous month and last year's growth.

In addition, on the top ten best-selling list, there is an even more surprising situation. Tesla arrives in Hong Kong once a quarter for delivery, and a pure electric car Model 3 can get 1,655 new car listings. It not only became the runner-up in domestic market sales in the whole month except for the new car Corolla Cross (2526 units), but also won the triple crown of imported single car series, advanced single car series and electric car class. Even the Toyota RAV4 (1,254 units), which beat Corolla Altis to be the sales champion in Taiwan for 18 consecutive years, has become a loser. Of course, the original Toyota factory has been vaccinated since the beginning of the year and announced the Tahara factory responsible for the production of the RAV4. Due to many factors, including the previous earthquake affecting the supply chain and other factors, this Taiwan's best-selling SUV and imported car , and it is not as powerful as Tesla. Perhaps in the case of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the rapid and large-scale delivery of low-orbit satellite receivers, etc., coupled with the infinite charm of the madman Elon Musk, can only let Toyota be defeated by Tesla. , it is rare to find a car brand whose brand prefix is ​​the same as the letter T, which can become a competitor that even the Bull Tau brand can't resist. This year can be said to be an extremely critical year for the development of Taiwan's electric vehicle field (don't forget that the government has announced the 2050 net-zero emissions total path). The upsurge, as well as external factors such as global warming, will eventually have an impact on the future development of the global car industry and the transformation of human behavior, and we are all unconsciously becoming a witness to the coming of the era.

Due to the changeable epidemic situation and many internal and external factors, even the number of new car Corolla Cross listed has dropped below the threshold of 3,000 units in one go.
The bZ4X used online pre-order sales to set a record for receiving orders, but the problem of components and parts came out in June, which once again caused all circles to have doubts about Toyota's recent quality control.

Turning the focus back to the domestic market, in fact, on the sales side, there are almost only two outcomes, either "lack of cars" or "lack of orders". Although everyone has long known that there will be many new cars coming into battle, it is still an old saying that no matter when the chip shortage ends, standard ADAS has almost become a necessary condition for ordinary people to buy a car. Even the Town Ace released at the end of last year launched a TSS ( Toyota Safety Sense) is the top-level version of the active driving assistance system. Unlike in the past, light commercial vehicles can be sold stably as long as they pay attention to their functions. ADAS trends, even commercial vehicles of all sizes, have to put safety-related ADAS as the primary consideration. Factors, the standard threshold has also been reduced from the high-priced models of millions of yuan in the past to civilian cars within one million yuan. In addition to smart electric vehicles, the competition of traditional gasoline vehicles in driving assistance systems will also continue to enter a white-hot stage. If the brand does not have smart electric vehicles to display, the presence or absence of ADAS will affect consumers or potential buyers. Therefore, looking at even the hottest new cars in the domestic car industry (such as Honda Fit, All New HR-V, etc.), the entire car series has included Hodna Seinsing as a standard item, we can say that this year, it may become a domestic car to defend the market. It is a critical year for the share of the market, because as long as there are no models or brands equipped with various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), consumers' willingness to visit the car will be greatly reduced.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market
Number of Top 20 Car Manufacturers Listed
After Peugeot withdrew from the business travel market, the SUV alone achieved 232 listings in May.
The number of top 20 car manufacturers listed in April 2022
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger cars listed

The ecology of the auto market is changing, and no one can say for sure in the future

As soon as the new car listing data in Taiwan's auto market came out in May, people were shocked again and again. Except for Tesla's single magic car Model 3, it can win the top 6 status in the whole market. Taiwan's Honda only relies on CR-V. With the new Fit, it won the third runner-up (Top 3) position in the total market, which obviously represents the domestic consumer base. On the one hand, in addition to having a strong interest in smart electric vehicles, if you want a new car to sell well, first of all, from design, technology to initiative Safety, etc., must meet the high standards of the new generation. Taiwan's Honda won the third place with 1,778 vehicles in May. Don't forget that the all-new HR-V has just received pre-orders in May. After removing the old cars, only 6 new vehicles were listed, because the chips are related to zero. Due to the supply of components and other reasons, the chance that the HR-V e:HEV gasoline-electric version will be available this year is greatly reduced, but just relying on a 1.5L naturally aspirated power combination whose performance data is lower than In the first weekend after receiving the order, V achieved the result of receiving more than 500 orders in two days. It may be seen that the new generation of consumers also requires excellent energy consumption performance of the vehicle (the average fuel consumption is only 17km/L, which is almost the same as This also makes people look forward to whether the overall product purchase will skyrocket if the gasoline-electric version can be added in 2023, so that even the market leader may have to actively prepare for the battle, because the price of fuel alone is 879,000 yuan. The top version may hit the new god car Corolla Cross. If the e:HEV gasoline version is really introduced, even Hetai Motor will be quite nervous.

The original model of HR-V has been cleared in May. Although the new car only has a single power option of 1.5L fuel, it can add more than 500 new car orders in just one weekend after the launch. In May, Taiwan's Honda even won the total market share. 2nd runner-up.

Not the leading shot is completely equivalent to the box office guarantee

At the end of last year, it began to receive orders, and it also set a new record in the domestic light commercial vehicle industry. The original Toyota Town Ace with ADAS driver assistance system records has been recorded. So far, except for January before the lunar calendar, there have been other months that still lost to Xiaofacai. The situation of Tianwang - Zhonghua Lingli (A180/A190/A210), and even the e-Veryca, the only domestic smart electric vehicle in the market, has 5 new cars listed. The result of 877 vehicles completely beats Town Ace's 833 vehicles. It is obvious that although Hetai Motors has played many trump cards, it seems that there are still many natural dangers that are difficult to break through for Lingli, who has won the championship for many years.

First of all, the one-stop car model customization service that Hetai Automobile was proud of at the beginning, hoped to challenge the shortcomings of the past Lingli trucks, which had to spend more time to complete the car body construction, especially for commercial vehicles, waiting for the second time The time of listing is undoubtedly the biggest pain point for commercial vehicles that pay attention to time and efficiency. However, the competitor Zhonghua Automobile is of course not a fuel-efficient lamp. In addition to announcing the launch of the original plastic-aluminum car, it also combines a number of car purchase discounts. (For example, the price of an entry-level car is only 429,000 yuan) and so on. In addition, the density of China's commercial vehicle service system is still higher than that of Hetai Auto. With the current Town Ace sales and services, it is still comparable to that of passenger cars. The current state of system sharing may need to be strengthened to break the competitive advantage of China Commercial Vehicles over the years. In addition, the focus of training business manpower does not seem to be completed for the ecological change of commercial vehicles. For the business, the attractiveness may not be able to surpass. China Automobile has been deeply cultivated for a long time.

Town Ace challenged the battle of Lingli. So far, it has only won the opponent in January. There is still a long way to go before the leader can successfully challenge.

In addition, although in the pre-sale stage, Hetai Automobile has not released the average fuel consumption data of the Energy Bureau (but it has already completed the test), although the Energy Bureau announced the results, Town Acer already has more fuel per liter than Lingli. The data performance of 2km/L, but for Facai cars, fuel saving is not the only consideration, and the emphasis and demand on time efficiency may be higher than the fuel consumption performance. Hetai Motors was trying to achieve great fuel consumption, but as a result, the powertrain's ability to pull and turn was affected. This, which should have been a positive factor, has turned into a negative impression. More and more potential buyers who have tried the car have There are doubts about the torque output of medium and high speed, which may continue to be a flaw in the sales of new cars. After all, the Fat Choy car is about delivery efficiency, not fuel consumption. It is reported that many people originally liked its self-discharge car. Easy to control Therefore, the order is transferred to Zhonghua Lingli or the only import competitor Suzuki Carry, which also means that even the market leader, to enter the differentiated market, may have to do far more homework than expected.

Top 20 imported brand new car listings
Pocahontas, the only agent of the PSA Group, also registered as many as 114 new vehicles under the Citroen brand in May.
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed
Ranking of Top 10 Premium Car Brands by Number of Listings in May 2022

The key to the development of smart electric vehicles may once again lead to great changes

Tesla Model 3 arrived in Hong Kong in May this year, and once again won amazing listing data. It can be seen that the consumption culture of the domestic auto market, coupled with the National Development Council's announcement of the 2050 net-zero emissions total path, as well as green electricity issues, ESG is getting stronger, more and more large companies are joining RE100, and there are occasional electricity issues. Although everyone still has doubts about the domestic power supply capacity and the penetration rate of smart grids, the Executive Yuan has ordered that before the end of the year, the Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for the revision of the regulations on the management of apartment buildings, needs to complete the progress of accelerating the popularization of charging equipment, which is hardly affected by the epidemic. rather changed.

In the domestic smart electric vehicle market in May, under the premise that many car models have yet to be digested, there were as many as 1,849 new vehicles listed, especially many new high-end and general brands. Whether there is an electric car to reward at a stronghold seems to have become an important key for potential buyers to go to reward the car, and just the Hyundai Ioniq 5 plus the Kia EV6, the original factory has already asked the general agent to not continue to accept orders. The total number of electric vehicle pre-orders has actually exceeded the threshold of 1,500.

To this end, the second Toyota bZ4X electric car sold by Hetai Auto adopts the online pre-order mechanism. In just a few days of starting, it has set a record of more than 1,500 pre-orders, which once again made the issue of electric cars feverish, regardless of advertising. Whether the method has caused a lot of controversy, the topic discussion alone has set a record. Although the actual delivery of the car has not yet begun, the first batch of new cars has also won the third place in the electric vehicle listing in May, and Hetai Group also announced the establishment of Herun. Electricity, trying to pave the way for the future bZ (beyond Zero) zero-emission plan.

The bZ4X used online pre-order sales to set a record for receiving orders, but the problem of components and parts came out in June, which once again caused all circles to have doubts about Toyota's recent quality control.

As for the Master Win Group, which officially announced the introduction of Opel and Jeep in June, it also revealed the strong intention of the dual brands to enter the field of smart electric vehicles in the future. For the Taiwanese car industry, smart electric vehicles are bound to become a new battlefield that major brands cannot stay out of.

Although Master Win Group will not officially announce its acquisition of Jeep sales agents until the end of the year at the earliest, there are dozens of new cars listed for parallel imports alone.
Ranking of the number of electric vehicles listed
Mini Cooper SE announced the launch of a new pure electric car at NT$1.55 million, and a new car was also listed in May.
The number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed
Despite the changing epidemic situation, Taiwan's consumption power is still amazing. In May, two new Ferrari SF90s were listed.
Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 also had 2 new cars listed in May.
The domestic high-end car industry is not less popular, and Aston Martin DBX has 5 new cars listed on the road.


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