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[Analysis of the auto market]The situation is changeable, and the winner's momentum ranking is below the glasses.

Comparison of the number of vehicles listed in the total domestic market from 2021 to 2022 (unit: vehicle)
※The data in the summary table is subject to the number of new car licenses inquired by the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications.

According to statistics, in June this year, a total of 32,633 vehicles were listed in the domestic new car market, an increase of 5.5% over May and a 16.7% increase over June last year. Domestic and imported vehicles were listed at 18,143 and 14,490 respectively, accounting for 55.6% of the total. %: 44.4%, accumulatively from January to June (the first half of the year), 203,158 new vehicles were listed, a decrease of 8.4% compared with the same period last year (221,828), domestic and imported vehicles were 115,522 and 87,636 respectively, accounting for 56.9%: 43.1%.

Doesn't SUV win all the money every month, RAV falls below 1,000 units, and the halo disappears?

The top ten best-selling car series in June 2022, only the Toyota RAV4 (987 units) is an imported car on the list, and this is the second consecutive month that this imported car has fallen in the ranking, and it is also the first time that RAV4 has appeared on the list in many years. The number of new cars listed on a monthly basis fell below the threshold of 1,000. In addition to the problem of lack of cars, the original Japanese factory had already been vaccinated in advance as early as the beginning of the year. The main reason is that the supply chain from chips to various components was interrupted due to changes in the epidemic. In this month, Toyota's original factory also announced that it will reduce production by 50,000 vehicles this month (the total global production capacity is about 800,000 vehicles), plus the Fukushima earthquake in March and other factors, so it is not because the RAV4 is not selling well, but because of lack of materials. , lack of work, and even the supply factory has broken chain problems.

Do not doubt, anything is possible under the epidemic! There were only 987 three-digit deliveries of the RAV4 in June... Hetai announced very early, because of variables such as production capacity and the epidemic, as well as the earthquake in Fukushima before... It's not that everyone doesn't love this SUV magic car, it's that they want to You wait in line!

Don't forget, in May, the RAV4 also ranked first in imported cars and second in the whole market from the beginning of the year. For the same reason, plus the arrival of Tesla in Hong Kong, a large number of cars were delivered. As a result, the pure electric car Model 3 was in one breath. 1,655 units were listed, but only 1,254 RAV4 units. Of course, after the debut of the new car Corolla Cross (3,066 units), the popularity of the tsunami was like a tsunami. . As for Tesla Model 3, 596 new vehicles were listed in June. Although it immediately fell out of the top ten best-selling list in June, the cumulative number of this pure electric car still listed 4552 from January to June. Tesla, the pure electric ace, In the first half of this year (January-June), with just one car, you can make a 53.6% increase over the same period last year. In addition to continuing to be the king of electric cars in June, the average monthly number of new cars listed has reached 759. Although there are still many electric vehicles on the market in the second half of the year, it can be confirmed that the Model 3 will still be the annual sales champion of electric vehicles in Taiwan, which is definitely unmatched by other manufacturers.

Among the top ten best-selling car series in June, the new car Corolla Cross (3066 units) fell below the threshold of 3,000 units at least slightly lower than that in May (2526 units). Of course, in June, with the domestic epidemic situation of Omicron gradually stabilized , the ordering and delivery of domestic cars also rebounded significantly, and after the HR-V (472) facelift officially launched in June, the half-hearted situation of domestic small SUV buyers has stabilized slightly, and even the number of Nissan Kicks listings is also It returned to 781 vehicles in June, compared with 735 vehicles in May (the top 10 best-selling vehicles in the month), and the ranking on the list also rose to the top 8. Yulon Nissan, a cash cow, almost reached 6,000 vehicles from January to June. (5,985 units), only a slight decrease of 3.3% over the same period last year. Although a small facelift will be launched soon, it is still full of combat power. It is also expected to maintain a certain popularity for the X-Trail, which will be greatly changed at the end of the year.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in June 2022

Focus kills Corolla Altis for the first time

In addition, there is another feature on the list of the top ten best-selling car series in June, that is, traditional passenger cars have all achieved good results compared with the previous month and last year. Among them, the third runner-up of the month was won by Focus ( 1,235 units), the car series broke history, surpassing the Corolla Altis (1,103 units), which had been the sales champion of Taiwan's supercar sales for 18 years for the first time, and the total number of hatchback models reached 1,092 units. Back car, Focus Active crossover version is also up to 582 units. It is also the first time that Focus has won the single-month sales champion of medium-sized passenger cars and domestic medium-sized vehicles in the Taiwan market. In the first half of this year (6,165 units), it has increased by 9.9% over the same period last year. %.

Focus won the best ranking in the history of the domestic car industry and became the brand's monthly leader. In addition to killing Corolla Altis, it also surpassed Yaris (872 vehicles), but strictly speaking, June is also the market leader Hetai Automobile's domestic RV /Hatchback was the most dazzling month of growth compared to the same period last year. It is not easy to perform in terms of model generation, but it can also be seen that although SUVs have become the largest mainstream in the market, although traditional sedans and hatchbacks appear to be declining, they still There is a certain popularity, especially in the first half of the year, the Yaris, which is about to undergo a major facelift, has achieved a year-on-year growth of 16.3%. Strong reputation and charm beyond other brands.

Do not doubt your eyes, in June, Ford Focus successfully released Corolla Altis (1103 vehicles) with 1235 vehicles for the first time!

As for the Xiaofacai battle that Town Ace joined at the end of last year, it still adds a lot of topicality to the domestic light commercial vehicle scene. ), but if 403 vans (including A180/e-Veryca) are deducted, Lingli A190/A210 trucks (840) lose to 82 Facai Ace, but it is also the first half of the first half except January. Two months after losing to the challenger, but it has been on the market with Niutou Xiaofacai for only half a year (pre-sale started on November 26 last year), with an average monthly listing of only 732 vehicles, although it is still many years away from winning There is still a long way to go for the god Che Lingli, who is the champion of Xiaofacai, but it is a good thing for transportation leaders and potential customers, no matter how dead or dead they are. It also stimulated the accumulation of CMC Zhonghua Commercial Vehicles, which has a long history of more than half a century of domestic light commercial vehicles, and Zhonghua Automobile also began to provide one-stop order, delivery, inspection and listing services starting from plastic-aluminum vehicles, which prompted a new round of Taiwan light vehicles. Ecological changes in commercial vehicles; when the post-epidemic era is approaching, the commercial vehicle market of less than one million, which has been stable for many years, has begun to undergo qualitative changes. Even Delica (715 vehicles) in June also surpassed the previous month ratio (+3.2%) Compared with the previous year (+7.2%), it won the tenth place in the top ten best-selling car series, and also made the domestic small commercial vehicle market (25,111) in the first half of the year, with a 5.2% increase over the same period last year.

BMW takes third place for the first time

Although Omicron's domestic epidemic has gradually slowed down, the impact of the epidemic on the domestic auto market this year is still quite huge. Not only does it make many imported car dealers sigh that the delivery of cars is not scheduled, but even the market leader Hetai Automobile can only obediently obey the original factory's irregular announcement of production reduction notices . In 2022, the changes in the car market in the Year of the Tiger in Renyin and Tiger are not only more drastic, although the buying interest is generally unabated, but the shortage of materials and cars, coupled with Putin’s opening to Ukraine on February 24, has caused more raw materials. Considerable impact, in addition to Tesla's continued domination of the domestic electric car world, the other most astonishing phenomenon is that BMW not only set a record for the second time this year to dominate the high-end car world, but this time it was even more ruthless, winning the first time in history. Taiwan's auto market monthly sales runner-up (Top 3)!

After the X5 has successfully tasted the sweetness, 3 X7 M50i will be listed for delivery in June!

In addition, after the baptism of Tesla, coupled with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in addition to causing many casualties (killing more people in a unit time than any recorded war!), you must know that today's cars are already very finely divided. In the industry, now there is another war between Ukraine and Russia that has no end in sight. In addition to the direct impact on the supply of food and oil and gas, the war between the two countries also involves many components and raw materials related to the production of automobiles, especially for high-end vehicles. Using a high proportion of computer/electronic parts (including high-end chips), etc., and now go to any high-end car brand in China to see the car, you will find that there are many display cars on the scene that you can only watch, but cannot open the door for actual experience, that is Because most famous cars have owners, even electric cars are no exception.

In addition to making great efforts to transform into LSUVs in recent years, BMW has launched many popular products. In June, the ones that sold very well included the X1 (169 units, GLA 110 units), X3 (209 units, GLC 340 units), X4 ( 312), these are the cars that were listed ahead of Mercedes-Benz in June. Don’t forget that in today’s domestic car industry, the proportion of parallel trucks has not decreased since the original branch was established in 2002. The proportion even increased slightly.

In addition to the most popular LSUV luxury sports SUV, the BMW 3 series performed very well in June, with a total of 328 vehicles listed, which not only made the Mercedes C-Class with only 167 vehicles enraged, but also It also surpassed the LEXUS ES (146 vehicles) that is still in shortage. As for the VOLVO S60/V60, 102 new vehicles were listed in the same period, while the BMW 3 series returned to the long-lost class champion.

First of all, from the ranking (Top 20) of the new car manufacturers (industry) in the total market, the number of new cars listed by BMW brand in a single month reached 2,191, which is the highest ranking since BMW took the stage, and the total market share reached 6.7%. 's record. Ford Liuhe (FORD) ranked in the Top 4 (fourth place) with a difference of only 60 units, followed by Taiwan's Honda (HONDA-2082), which just officially released a new generation of domestic HR-V (472 units) in June. car), the gap with BMW is 109, and Mercedes-Benz (1662), which has always been the king of domestic high-end cars, does not know how many years old, although there is still at least 30% of parallel imports, but it is said that both original and parallel imports Lack of cars, in June, it was rare to win the Top 6 (sixth place) this year with grievances, and it was rare to be kicked out of the top five brands in Taiwan's car industry.

The number of top 20 car manufacturers listed in June 2022

Although the lack of electricity continues, electric vehicles are still full of topics

Another field that everyone wants to challenge the leader: electric vehicles, which will be even more exciting in June. The two pure electric premium vehicles, BMW iX and i4, are listed 48 and 47 respectively, which is equivalent to 95 electric vehicles listed in the whole brand. The original electric car runner-up Porsche also suffered from the lack of cars, leaving only 37 new cars in the Taycan series. As for the rival Mercedes-Benz, only 10 EQS vehicles have been listed this month. If the 5 vehicles listed from January to May are included, and the EQC announced to stop sales this month has only been listed since the 2020 Taipei Auto Show, a total of 92 vehicles have been listed so far. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of new generation electric vehicles listed has only reached 107 units, while the total number of new BMW iX/i4 vehicles listed in June has reached 172 units, and the general agent Fande has announced that the current orders for BMW iX have already broken. thousand! Sure enough, in the world of electric vehicles, apart from Tesla, the currently recognized leader in the world, the future development of traditional automakers in Taiwan's auto industry cannot be expected by anyone. The Toyota bZ4X, which received more than 1,500 orders within three days, is currently being recalled due to the original factory. For the time being, it is recommended that the owners of the cars that have been delivered should not drive them. Perhaps in this era full of uncertainties, BMW has won the championship for the first time in the premium car industry, the runner-up for imported car brands, and the top 5 in the total market with 2,165 vehicles in April. At the same time, the record-breaking runner-up of the imported brand and the third runner-up in the total market (Top 3) means that there will be another major reshuffle in the domestic auto ecology, let us continue to see.

Ranking of electric vehicle listings in June 2022
Number of listings of Top 15 imported passenger car brands in June 2022
It may be rarer to buy this in Taiwan than Ferrari, with a total of 6 new Kia Stinger PE GT H / GT Line H new cars listed in June.
Number of listings of Top 8 premium car brands in June 2022
Ranking of the number of domestic passenger cars listed in June 2022
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed in June 2022
The number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed
How hot is the T-Roc R? 110 new cars were listed on the road in June!
Who says BMW is not good? In addition to the electric cars waiting in line for delivery, there are still 8 Z4 sDrive 20i / M40i listed in June!
There are many people who like pure-bred American pickups. Every month, new RAM cars are listed, and the Rebel G/T version is still available in June.
So you know why Ogi Motors is representing Jeep! A new Grand Cherokee 3.7 4WD HB hit the market in June.
Lotus fans who have entered the Exige Cup 260 are obviously hiding the last traditional fuel performance sports car.
A total of 24 new vehicles were listed for the entire Levante GT/S/Modena lineup in June.
Buying taste is not necessarily expensive. In June, a total of 97 MX-5 / MX-5 RF new cars were listed in China.
The real fans of the style, of course, insist on buying the 911. In June alone, as many as 20 new 911 GT3 / With Touring vehicles were listed.
No matter how the epidemic situation changes, Taiwan's good savages have never been reduced. In June alone, 5 Ghosts of different styles were listed on the road.
This is definitely rare enough! In June, a domestic parallel importer successfully made an Apline A110 officially listed for customers.


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