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Anyone who is 30 years or older will jump for joy when this Toyota returns -

Most volume brands have long since thrown their sports cars into the trash. But not Toyota. The brand even has two, the Toyota GR Supra and the Toyota GR86. And perhaps a third sporty Toyota will be added.

We're talking about the Toyota Celica. It disappeared from the market in 2006. Anyone over 30 will probably remember him. It was one of the nicest Toyota models. But Toyota was in a green mood more than 15 years ago. Production of the Toyota Supra had been stopped and the end of the Toyota MR2 had also been announced. Finally, the Celica also had to suffer. It was the time when the Toyota Prius and the Auris Hybrid were in the spotlight.

But Toyota is done with its dull image. The new Toyota Prius looks like a sports car and has more power than ever, the boring Auris has made way for the visually stronger Toyota Corolla and Toyota has two real sports cars again: the Toyota GR Supra and the Toyota GR86. Although the latter is no longer available in the Netherlands. And then we haven't even talked about that crazy GR Yaris.

We owe all those sporty Toyotas to former Toyota chief Akio Toyoda. And if it were up to him, the Toyota Celica would make a comeback, he says Toyoda is now the chairman of the board of directors and has asked the management to consider bringing back the Celica. And if a great-grandson of Toyota's founder taps you on the shoulder, just say no...

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Mr. Celica

Toyota expressed its wish during a rally event where Finnish driver Juha Kankkunen was its guest. He won many rallies in the 1980s in a Toyota Celica and even became world champion in 1993 with the Celica GT-Four. Kankkunen is also called Mr. Called Celica. It was not without reason that he had been invited by Toyoda, he said, but after that he kept it to an affable smile and did not reveal anything about a possible return of the Celica.

Eighth generation Toyota Celica

Whether the Toyota Celica really makes a comeback remains to be seen, but it is certainly not impossible. It would then be the eighth generation Celica. The current Toyota CEO, Koji Sato, has also indicated that he does not think a new Celica is a bad idea at all. Not surprising when you consider that he was previously at the head of Toyota Gazoo Racing.

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