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Applying aviation technology to cars? Honda applies for a new "variable rear wing" patent, looking forward to using it in new cars

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Honda is developing a new variable rear wing
●Apply the Know-how of the airplane to the car?
●Moving indication

Honda is working on a new variable rear wing

Source: Japan Patent Office

On August 30, 2022, Honda applied for a patent for the newly constructed variable rear wing.

A variable rear wing is a device in which the rear wing can gradually increase in response to the driving speed to generate downforce. It is well known that Porsche has adopted this equipment, and it is also equipped on current models.

However, the rear wing structure applied by Honda this time is different from the past, which is quite interesting.

Applying the Know-how of an airplane to a car?

Source: Japan Patent Office

The rear wing of the patent application will be integrated with the roof in the original state, and it looks like an ordinary rear wing. Usually can be stored, to ensure beautiful.

Source: Japan Patent Office

The direction of movement from the original state to the next stage is as shown above. Part of the rear wing is detached from the anchorage and slides out to the rear.

Usually the general rear wing will end here, but this is only an intermediate step, and there is still a stage down.

Source: Japan Patent Office

The picture above shows the final position of the rear wing. The rear side of the rear wing is lower than the front side. This is the biggest feature of the variable tail structure.

The new design of "moving to the rear" increases the surface area of ​​the rear wing and improves the fairing effect.

Aircraft are also of similar construction. The aircraft uses the flaps of the main wing to extend rearward to increase the surface area, which increases the lift from the low speed phase. This equipment utilizes this know-how and is full of Honda features that have created the "Honda Jet".

mobile signal

Source: Japan Patent Office

Honda The above picture shows how the rear wing moves when viewed from the side.

As Honda notes, the rearward-moving rear wing gives it a fresh look. There should be a lot of people wanting to see how it moves on a physical car.

It is assumed that the rear wing has various shapes

Movable part with reflector, etc.
Source: Japan Patent Office

There are various forms of variable parts, which can be flat surfaces or composite surfaces composed of flat and curved surfaces. In addition, it is also recorded that it is divided into multiple parts along the left and right sides of the car body, and multiple fins such as upper and lower two pieces are superimposed, which resembles the appearance of a sports car. It is speculated that these forms can individually move back and forth up and down.

That is to say, when it is actually installed on a physical car, it may not be the structure shown in the picture above.

Honda has had variable rear spoilers for a long time...

S660 Modulo X Active Spoiler

By the way, Honda has already adopted a variable rear wing, and the "S660", a light sports car that ended sales last year, is also equipped with the original "Active Spoiler".

It only needs to replace the rear trim panel and can be installed without additional processing on the car body. It is an epoch-making product.

S660 Modulo X Active Spoiler

When the driving speed reaches 70km/L, the rear wing is raised by the electric motor, which can improve the driving performance in sports mode.

It is possible that this time the variable rear spoiler will appear as an original part of the existing model, just like the S660. People are looking forward to Honda's new cars and announcements in the future.

Original source:Aviation technology for automobiles?Honda files patent application for new variable spoiler
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