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Audi Taiwan took the lead in cooperating with the TAIL electric ultra-fast charging service brand to connect 200kW high-efficiency charging sites to create a friendly Audi pure electric life circle 2.0

  • Audi Taiwan took the lead withTAIL Tel Power super fast charging service brand cooperation, linking the whole Taiwan200kWEfficient charging station, located on the main road of the transportation hub4The charging station has been activated to accelerate the promotion of a friendly electric vehicle environment.
  • TAIL Tel Power focuses on long-distance road network distribution.200kW CCS1Efficient site charging10minutes to drive200kilometer, the new station "Risheng Station in Taitung City" will start trial operation around the lunar calendar.
  • assembleAudiFast charging stations and local partnersDCDC fast charging station, currently available in Taiwan26A fast charging site has been put into service.

Audi Taiwan is committed to expanding the charging layout in Taiwan. In addition to the 8 Audi high-speed charging stations that have been activated, they continue to work with local charging operating partners to connect charging stations such as exhibition bases, urban shopping malls, and destination hotel networks to create Audi pure electric vehicles. Life circle 2.0, and jointly promote a friendly electric vehicle environment. In order to allow Audi owners to easily charge during long-distance travel, at the beginning of the year, Taiwan Audi was the first car brand to cooperate with TAIL's ultra-fast charging service brand, connecting TAIL's 200kW CCS1 high-efficiency charging site and all partners. At present, there are 26 fast charging service stations in the DC DC fast charging station and Audi ultra-fast charging station, so that car owners can easily charge and rest during the journey and enjoy the pure electric journey easily.

TAIL’s ultra-fast charging service brand is actively deploying domestic charging infrastructure, focusing on long-distance road network deployment and fast charging construction. In addition to the construction of charging stations on the main roads of transportation hubs, the stations are also equipped with 200kW charging power and are compatible with CCS1 Charging specifications, the car can travel about 200 kilometers after charging in the station for 10 minutes, providing efficient charging services; the current 4 charging stations include Taipei Shilin Fulin, National Highway Xiluo Service Area (north), Chiayi Minxiong and Ping Dongfenggang Station has been put into service, and three new stations, including Risheng Station in Taitung City, Jinshi Station in Kaohsiung Sanmin District, and Kunshan Station in Yongkang District, Tainan, will also be launched around the lunar calendar. In addition to the super fast charging station In addition, destination charging points have also been added simultaneously to provide electric vehicle owners with a more convenient charging service network.

For the layout of high-efficiency charging stations, at present, Audi Taiwan has built 8 Audi extreme fast charging stations with 24-hour service in the exhibition center in the transportation hub area, and also connected in series with the DC fast charging stations of local chargers. Join the EV OASIS and EALUE charging stations in series. Up to now, there are 26 fast charging stations in Taiwan, providing high-efficiency charging services with a maximum power of 200kW, forming a more convenient pure electric life circle.

Rahil Ansari, President of Audi Taiwan, mentioned: "With the arrival of a variety of electric vehicle models in Taiwan, we will continue to expand Audi's pure electric life circle 2.0, and provide car owners with a friendly and convenient charging environment. By cooperating with local outstanding charging operators such as TAIL, Noodoe, EV OASIS and EALUE and other partners, multiple charging service locations across Taiwan are connected in series, combined with the digital service of Audi "Electric Travel Notes" to create a high-quality pure electric experience. ."

To use the TAIL fast charging service, car owners only need to download the TAIL APP to register and log in, and then they can search for nearby piles through the APP. After arriving at the charging station, insert the charging gun and scan the code to start charging. After charging, credit card or stored value can be used for smart payment. During the cooperation, all Audi car owners who purchase their stored value plan through Audi dealership service bases can enjoy exclusive rebate charging funds. For more details, please contact the Audi authorized exhibition center in Taiwan.

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