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[Auto Market Analysis]The Development of the Auto Market Is Not OptimisticPolitics Overrides Economy

Nissan Kicks’ new car was officially released in September. Although it is 22.2% lower than the original model (1,005 units) that broke through 1,000 units sold in August, the outlook is still promising.
Comparison of the number of vehicles listed in the total domestic market from 2021 to 2022 (unit: vehicle)
※The data in the general table is subject to the statistics of the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications inquiring about the number of new car licenses.

According to statistical data, in September 2022, a total of 35,822 new domestic cars were registered, an increase of 4.10.9% over August, and a decrease of 12.9% compared with the same period last year (2021). , the ratio was 54.8:43.2, and the accumulative number of new cars listed from January to September was 311,586, a decrease of 6.8% compared with the same period last year (334,154). Various places have returned to normal track one after another, but the impact on the supply chain of imported cars is still obvious due to negative factors such as lack of chips, materials, and labor shortages, and domestically-produced cars are also due to the fact that most of their components come from overseas, so that the listing performance from January to September , is still in a relatively unfavorable situation for imported cars, and the cumulative number of listings is still showing a steady decline compared with the same period last year.

As soon as Tesla arrives in Hong Kong, the top ten best-selling cars are playing with the wind

In September, it returned to the state where Tesla did not have a large number of new cars arriving in Hong Kong. Although the Model 3 still reached 661 units, it continued to be the single model of electric vehicles and the champion of traditional sedans of high-end brands, but the performance of other brands has begun. Changes occur. Going back to the ranking of the top ten best-selling car series in September, a rare customer appeared, that is, the Mazda CX-5 (986 units) that passed the thousand-unit threshold with a slight gap. The facelift, but the sales performance continued to fall back like eating sugar cane. Of course, it also became the biggest contributor to Mazda’s return to the fifth largest imported brand; although it still fell by 58.9% compared with the same period last year, it also increased by 3.5% compared to August. From January to September this year, the cumulative number of new vehicles listed by Taiwan Mazda was 14,533. Due to the shortage of cars, materials, and competitors’ repeated tricks, and the fact that domestic brands also have relative advantages, the CX-5’s amazing product strength can actually almost become the second Japanese car after RAV4 , compared to the frequency of RAV4 facelifts, the editor also thinks that the CX-5 is really amazing. Taiwan Mazda can also speed up its pace and introduce the new CX-60 built on a rear-wheel drive platform, so that Chinese people can see the new charm of Hiroshima.

Mazda. The performance of CX-5 is like eating sugar cane, with 986 new vehicles listed, becoming the runner-up of the sales performance of imported ordinary brand SUVs close to RAV4, and even surpassing CR-V (792 units), the domestic medium and large SUV champion.

RAV4 has gone through supply chain interruptions, factory fires, production line shutdowns and other turmoil. The number of listings finally returned to a reassuring 1,704 in September. Compared with August, when it was kicked out of the top ten best-selling It is even as high as 121.3%. The cumulative number of new cars listed from January to September also reached 13,180, and the average monthly number of listed cars is 1,465. Compared with the previous glory of winning the annual sales champion of the magic car for 18 consecutive years, although it is no longer, it is facing more and more The more competitors, the performance is still amazing.

RAV4 has finally returned to the normal performance of more than 1,000 vehicles listed (1704), which shows that it has been greatly affected by the disruption and shutdown of the original production supply chain.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Zhonghua Lingli, which encountered the Toyota Town Ace truck model for the first time in the afternoon, won the third place in the top ten best-selling car series in September with a volume of 1502, and the truck model even reached 1010 Compared with August, the level of carp has increased by 21.8%, which is enough to prove that the catfish theory works: if you put natural enemies in a pond full of koi, you can make koi grow well and beautifully. This is another kind of Darwin realization of the theory. Of course, China Commercial Vehicles has dominated the country for half a century since its establishment. It can also be said that it has encountered unprecedented internal and external attacks in recent years. Except for Toyota Town Ace, which is a strong opponent of China Lingli. Also because in recent years, the Korean double kings (Xiaobawang/Kawang) have challenged domestically/imported double-clicks, so that the commercial vehicle drama of the God-Master brand generational battle has been placed under the umbrella of the original technical cooperation factory (MMC was officially acquired by Renault-Nissan Mergers and acquisitions) and self-defense, fortunately, Wu Shunwen had a unique vision and established an independent research and development design center for Taiwan. Accumulated endless rich resources; now in October, finally launched the upgraded version of Delica – China Jianbing P350 Hybrid – the first domestically-made oil-electric truck, and the total weight has also been upgraded to 3.49 tons. It is still uncertain who will win in the future, but it still highlights the lack of technology Aid from the mother factory is still evidence that Taiwan's independent research and development capabilities can shine. No wonder even Lao Mei plans to cooperate with Taiwan to develop military forces.

Town Ace’s listing in September returned to more than 1,000 vehicles, and it rose 34.5% (more than 1/3) in one breath. People are looking forward to the performance after the vans that started to receive orders in October joined the lineup. This is the real challenge of the whole army. Lingli attitude.
Affected by the hot sales of the Korean 3.5-ton model, Commercial Vehicle Evergreen Delica listed 719 new vehicles in September, accumulatively 6,769 vehicles were listed from January to September, and the gasoline-electric 3.5-ton version that was upgraded in mid-October – China Jianbing, Whether they can jointly challenge Xiaobawang/Kawang's current stable performance in the market remains to be seen.

In addition, on the top ten best-selling car list, we can see that the stable and hot-selling car models in the past have even appeared in a worse state than in August (folk month). Among them, Taiwan Honda is also one of the sufferers, and the king of domestic medium and large SUVs The listing of Honda CR-V in September dropped to 732 units, an increase of 21.5%, but this does not mean that CR-V has lost its halo. As the old saying goes, because of the interruption of the supply chain, the Xirenbang continued to adhere to the clearing strategy. In addition to the closure of Wuhan, Guangzhou, which is also an important city in the automotive supply chain, will also join the ranks of clearing and controlling. ) have been backed up one after another, and other components are not in place. I am afraid that Taiwan Honda will not only be short of CR-V vehicles, even the newly launched and very popular Fit (606 units) and HR-V (598 units). I think Even if Taiwan Honda wants to push a major facelift CR-V e:HEV, the best selling Fit e:HEV (425 units/accumulated 4092 units from January to September) is still due to the lack of chips, so we can only continue to wait. Forget about HR-V e:HEV, but until now they can’t even enter the delivery room.

Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in September 2022

The supply chain is blocked, and the new cars that everyone is looking forward to can only see through the autumn water

The lack of chips has not only become the key to the impact on Taiwan's auto market this year, but also the just-concluded 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, it is also equivalent to the success of Xi Jinping's re-election as the country's president for the third term. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, because a high proportion of the global automotive supply chain relies on China, as one of the best single markets in the world, the closure of Shanghai in April this year has already made people see the impact on the supply chains of various industries around the world. Among them The release schedule of many new cars in Taiwan has been delayed, and the main reason is the Chinese factor.

Ford Focus was second only to Toyota Corolla Altis on the Top 10 best-selling list in September. In major markets including China, Ford Focus has been producing and selling facelifted models one after another. So far, Ford Liuhe has not dared to let go. Regarding the release schedule, although the market is still quite supportive, the number of listings for the entire car series has reached 913, of which 46.6% are Focus Active. A large number of orders still have to be digested. In addition to the lack of chips, of course there will be a lot of things missing, including large body parts, plastic parts... Only then will you know how large the supply chain settlements established by the auto industry in China have been over the years. For example, during the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guangzhou, the most important Greater Bay Area in the Pearl River Delta, entered the phase of clearing and controlling from Huadu (the Huadu Auto City settlement where Yulon Automobile invested in Fengshen Automobile back then), and the Xiren Gang There are many important officials who are not only obedient, but also those who have thoroughly practiced zero-clearing and anti-epidemic. The supply chain of the automobile industry is not only large in scale, but also more complex than the 3C industry, and because of the variety of materials and sizes of components, even transportation and logistics have to be withdrawn from China in a short period of time. Impossible task, and the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, apart from the re-election of Emperor Xi, has a wide range of political influences on the economy. Apart from whether it is like the anti-China faction in the United States continues to release information about possible conflicts in the Taiwan Strait, it is only for the supply of the auto industry. The impact of the chain may only increase in a short period of time.

Number of license plates of Top 10 automakers in September 2022
Ranking of Domestic Passenger Cars Listed in September 2022
Hyundai Veune finally returned to the normal water level with 619 units listed in September, and even surpassed HR-V (598 units), which shows that as long as the shortage of materials is solved, the best-selling models will resume their due performance.
Number of imported passenger car brands listed in September 2022
In September, Suzuki Swift won the championship with 415 vehicles in the small hatchback class of ordinary brands.
Volkswagen Tiguan registered 538 new cars in September, becoming the sales champion of European non-premium brand imported SUVs.
After the introduction of the T2 entry-level new car series, the XC40 car series also won the small LSUV European high-end brand championship in September with a score of 370 vehicles.
Although the Tesla Model 3 did not arrive in Hong Kong in a large number of months, it still ranked first in the sales of electric vehicles with 661 units. Recently, there has been a sharp price cut in mainland China (a drop of 18,000 yuan). I don’t know that Taiwan’s car prices have risen three times in a row. Is it possible to follow suit?
Number of Listed Top 10 Imported Passenger Car Brands in September 2022
Number of high-end car brands listed in September 2022
Affected by the shutdown of the original factory, lack of materials, etc., Lexus' listings in September dropped to 1383, becoming the third place of the premium brand.

Only the more lively electric vehicle market enters the stage of a hundred flowers blooming

Although Tesla did not arrive in Hong Kong in a large number in September, looking at the Taiwan electric vehicle market in September, it can be seen that from the end of last year to this autumn, many major brands have broken out of the encirclement, one after another due to supply chain unwinding. The number of new Tesla cars listed has reached 6,988 from January to September. It is close to the level of 7,000 vehicles, and the prudent assessment of the total automobile market forecast in 2022 is used as the parent figure (430,000 vehicles). The total market share is expected to be close to 2.5%, and it is moving towards the direction of connecting with major global markets.

Another big positive variable is that besides the Model X, there is another electric car product that is regarded as a tsunami - Model Y. Taiwan Tesla officially announced the release information on September 23. There are only two models in the series. Among them, the Long Range model is 2.2999 million, and the Performance model is 2.5999 million. In addition, the official announcement also stated that all of them are manufactured by the Berlin factory in Germany. It can be seen that their price is almost a heavy blow to Lexus NX/RX, Mercedes-Benz GLC and other popular LSUVs The heart of the oil truck. Of course, in the near future, in addition to the major competitors who are also constantly offering olive branches to buyers, in the post-epidemic era, Taiwan’s hot money still has nowhere to go. In addition, the real estate market is gradually entering a cold winter with seasonal changes and the election is approaching. It is believed that the electric vehicle market will definitely enter a period of unprecedented explosion.

On October 18th, Hon Hai Technology Day announced the mass production version of Model C in one breath – Luxgen n7, Model B crossover hatchback minivan, Model V, the first Taiwan-made pure electric pickup, and Fucheng Bus even has 15 Model T electric buses on the road at one go, and Model E is said to have won a good response in the US tour. In addition to Honghua's advanced use of Hon Hai's speed, MIH's achievements have been in place one after another as the official announcement of the previous two years, even the mass production version of Foxtron Model C7The pre-orders have been launched again, and the total number of pre-orders has exceeded 10,000, which shows that compared with the situation of gasoline vehicles being blocked in the supply chain, the development of electric vehicles is expected to provide a good outlet for hot money with nowhere to go.

Ranking of the number of electric vehicles listed in September 2022
For the first time in September, M-Benz EQS has become the sales champion of flagship pure electric vehicles so far this year with 14 sales.
Nissan Leaf has added a long-range version, and its power output has been greatly increased. Sure enough, in September, it won the third place in the single-month listing of electric vehicles with 56 vehicles.
A large number of new Kia EV6 cars arrived in Hong Kong. In September, 227 new cars were listed, becoming the second electric car in the month of licensed new cars. After Hyundai, it became the second non-premium brand to win the second place in electric car sales.
Number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in September 2022
It is said that China MG MH HS has received nearly 3,000 orders, but it has just started to be put on the road in September. It mainly supplies test drive cars and executive cars. The actual order response will have to wait.


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