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[Automobile market analysis]The strong rise of Korean tramsThe market scale is almost a foregone conclusion

The nine-in-one general election held on November 26 not only touched sensitive nerves, but the parking law passed by the government before also included the original apartment building management regulations in charge of the Ministry of the Interior. Redesign) Charging parking spaces and other legal sources will have a considerable impact on promoting the popularization of electric vehicles in the future.
Comparison of the Number of Vehicles Listed in the Total Domestic Market in 2021-2022
※The data in the general table is subject to the statistics of the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications inquiring about the number of new car licenses.

According to the statistical data, a total of 36,626 domestic new cars were registered in October this year, a slight increase of 2.2% over September, and an increase of 3.8% over the same period last year. Among them, 20,212 domestic cars and 16,414 imported cars were listed, with a ratio of 55.2:44.4, the accumulative number of new cars listed from January to October was 348,208, a decrease of 5.7% compared with the same period last year (369,446). The company expects that the total market size in 2022 will be slightly revised down to between 420,000 and 430,000 vehicles.

The ranking of the top ten best-selling car series seems to return to the familiar stage

In October this year, both the previous month and the same period last year showed a slight growth trend. This month, thanks to the month of Tesla’s non-main vehicle delivery to Hong Kong, the top ten best-selling models on the list are all the same as those in September. It is exactly the same, except that there is no high-end car on the list at all, but we also see the phenomenon of the main best-selling car model that has not been seen for a long time. For example, the number of Corolla Cross vehicles returned to 3455 vehicles, and the cumulative number of vehicles delivered from January to October reached 32616 vehicles, a slight increase of 0.3% compared with the same period last year, showing that the new car still dominates the market, and unlike other competitors, the delivery of vehicles fluctuates violently. If there is no accident, the total market may drop slightly compared to last year (mainly because Under the general trend of unstable supply of imported cars), the market leader Hetai Automobile is expected to outshine others and continue to achieve the annual sales target of 40,000 vehicles.

Another thing that makes people feel relieved is that RAV4, with 1,709 units, maintained the runner-up position in the whole market and the triple crown of imported single car series and medium and large sports SUVs as in the previous month. Although the product has entered a mature stage, it still stands out Its strong posture, and because of many factors, it is reported that the price will continue to rise in 2023; although the production system has been shut down many times this year and shortage of materials and other issues, the cumulative number of RAV4 listings from January to October fell below 15,000 Threshold (14,909 units) has become the model with the largest cumulative decline from January to October among the top ten best-selling models, but it is hard to say whether some orders have been taken away by the Top 10 Mazda CX-5 (794 units) . In addition, this year coincides with the first year of Taiwan's electric vehicle market explosion, and all the elites have come out. However, the bZ4X, which was originally high hopes and nicknamed the pure electric version of RAV4, still cannot be delivered in October. It can only be said that " The change of "oil to electricity" is by no means as simple as imagined.

The accident of bZ4X in Taiwan obviously affected the progress of global sales and delivery, and also affected the introduction plan of Lexus RZ, which may be unexpected by Toyota.

Top 3 of the top 10 best-selling models in October, and finally CR-V, the senior champion of domestic mid-to-large sports utility vehicles, which only won the Top 9 in September. ), although everyone knows that there will be a big facelift next year, it can also be seen that the current car models continue to have high popularity and good reputation. Although the pie is growing steadily, there are many competitors.

And when it comes to SUVs, the Mazda CX-5, which won the top 10 best-selling Top 6 the month before, should be a respectable opponent that makes RAV4 and CR-V terrified. "Only Two" is one of the top ten best-selling imported cars/SUVs. Hiroshima's original factory announced that it will focus on improving its brand image and challenging the direction of premium brands. From January to October, a total of 4,935 new cars were listed, handing over the best-seller in October. The champion of the top ten car series with the highest growth rate (+15.7%), I have to say that ginger is old and spicy.

The remodeled Nissan Kicks officially launched in October has 1,154 new vehicles listed, a growth rate of 51.4% compared to the 762 original models sold in September. It is obvious that this is the biggest cash cow of Yulon Nissan, with its accumulated reputation and balanced product performance. It still attracts the hearts of many buyers, and the standard configuration of the NIM intelligent driving assistance system and the simplified car series have also received practical results. However, just like many best-selling models, affected by the shortage of materials and changes in the supply chain, it is rumored that the price will also be raised. Yulon Nissan can definitely use a precise strategy to win the current round of domestic small and medium-sized SUVs. In December, the next step is to decide that the domestic/imported Nissan X-Trail will enter the field to fight again, and there will be a new battle in the million-dollar medium and large SUV market.

Hyundai Custin is officially launched, which just happens to fill the vacancy of the domestically produced seven-seater SUV. It is said that 80% of the orders received before the launch have already accounted for 80%, and many of them are former Previa and Odyssey car owners.
After the facelift of Nissan Kicks, the main force of Yulon Nissan, the number of listings in October returned to normal again (51.4% higher than that in September), but there is also news of an upcoming price increase. Whether it will also affect the changes in the small SUV class remains to be seen. .

As for Toyota Town Ace, which set off the biggest war in the past 20 years at the end of last year, 794 vehicles were listed in October, a drop of 19.5% compared to September. The veteran champion Lingli car series won the fifth place in the top ten best-selling list with 1256 vehicles , but it also fell by 16.4% compared with September. Among them, 830 Lingli trucks were registered, but they were obviously inferior to Town Ace. Families, imported Carry) fell by 13.4% from September.

The small fortune war is in full swing, and the real chapter will not be seen until the Toyota Town Ace Van model is fully launched.

It can be seen that the full-scale hand-to-hand battle between Fa Cai Tian Wang vs. Zhonghua Lingli will not be complete until the Van is launched. Of course, the van will start pre-sale on October 26, and Hetai claims to accept orders within a week. Breaking 2,000, China Lingli is of course not a fuel-efficient lamp. The first launch of the top-mounted camping kit has a strong ambition to grab orders. Therefore, if we want to see a full-scale war between the old and the new domestic small fortunes, we will have to wait until the Lunar New Year at the earliest. .

Of course, Zhonghua Lingli is not a fuel-efficient lamp. In October, it will launch a campervan and a new green and white double color model with milk cover, as well as campervans, etc., which are all strategic actions to deal with Town Ace Van.
Top 10 best-selling car series in the total market in October 2022
Production of Yaris will be discontinued in March next year at the earliest. From January to October this year, the accumulated listings have increased by 8.3% compared with the same period last year. I believe there will be a wave of panic buying before bidding farewell to the Taiwanese car scene.
Number of license plates of Top 10 automakers in October 2022
Ranking of the number of domestically produced passenger cars listed in October 2022
Although MG HS only listed 292 new cars in October, the materials and parts have been in place one after another. The general agent claims that it has received more than 3,000 orders, which may cause a shock to the million-dollar SUV class. In the picture, the new amazing car Corolla Cross happened to be passing by in front of Neihu Yihe Automobile in Taipei. MG HS's high performance-to-price ratio seems to be changing the market.
Ranking of the number of imported passenger cars listed in October 2022
Number of Listed Top 10 Imported Passenger Car Brands in October 2022
Number of Listed Top 7 Premium Car Brands in October 2022

The mobile revolution of oil-to-electricity has entered the countdown stage of melee

Last year, the number of new electric passenger vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) in Taiwan was 7,001 (total market share 1.6%). With the epidemic raging, severe shortage of materials, and the low penetration rate of infrastructure, it has already Breaking through the 7,000-unit mark, of course, is still extremely low for the Asian market including the other side, but it can be seen that apart from the leading Tesla, major brands have not only launched pre-sales, but also announced a variety of models The plan to introduce new cars has finally gradually moved away from Tesla's monopoly this year, and has entered the stage of contention among a hundred schools of thought. According to the government plan, 5,000 public charging piles need to be completed this year. According to statistics, in October, 504 new electric passenger vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) were registered. , The supply chain is gradually stabilized, and with the full efforts of the agents/branches, this year is expected to become the year when new electric vehicles are listed for more than 10,000 yuan.

In October, the number of domestic electric vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) listed in the top ten, although most of them are familiar faces, but the most amazing thing is the arrival of a large number of non-premium Korean new army Kia EV6 in Hong Kong, and the number of vehicles delivered has increased greatly. Taiwan’s Sime Darby announced on the Kia Inspiration Day held recently that the EV6 not only received more than 1,500 orders, but also delivered 227 vehicles in September, becoming the runner-up of electric vehicle sales in a single month for the first time (the champion Model 3 was listed with 661 vehicles). Although the number dropped slightly to 197, but also because only 7 Model 3s were listed, they immediately made up their places and won the October championship.

The Korean series will become the strongest army of non-premium brand electric vehicles in China this year, and it seems to be a foregone conclusion. Moreover, on Kia Inspiration Day, Taiwan’s Sime Darby announced that at this time next year, it will make every effort to launch the pure electric seven-seater sports car Kia Pre-sale and release of EV9. In recent years, KIA’s domestic sales growth rate is not only amazing, but it is not polite in the field of electric vehicles. The EV6 and Ioniq 5 alone have become the most compact Korean pure electric brothers in the market. Last year, Kia’s new car listings were about 3,800 vehicles. As of October, the cumulative number of licensed new cars reached 4,010, and it claimed that the sales orders of the whole brand exceeded 9,300.

Opel's return to the Taiwan car scene started with the Mokka small sports utility vehicle, but obviously the Mokka-e electric car, the twin version of the Peugeot e2008, has received more attention than gasoline cars.
Kia made a big deal to get the naming right of the spherical screen of TPAC Taipei Performing Arts Center, and even got on the FIFA World Cup train. In October, the EV6 electric car won the sales championship. Pure electric SUV market!

Li Changyi, president of Sime Darby Taiwan, even said that as long as the most serious chip shortage and material shortage in the global car industry are solved, it seems that it will not be difficult for Kia to challenge the 10,000 mark next year. , It is even expected to become a super rookie in KIA's competition with Volvo EX90 and other high-end brand full-size pure electric SUVs, and it will become a new indicator of the brand's revolution in Taitec vehicles.

EV6 has accumulatively registered new cars for two consecutive months, which has actually reached 424 units, even surpassing the total of Mercedes-Benz EQS, EQB, Mercedes-Benz EQE 43 4Matic (140 units), and also surpassing the 214 units of Volvo XC40 Recharge. The international rich should be very happy It is hoped that the C40 Recharge and the new single-motor XC40 Recharge with a low entry threshold can arrive in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

In contrast, it is a pity that the leading Hetai Automobile has encountered in the field of electric vehicles. People from all walks of life are also looking forward to its performance. It is hoped that the improved Toyota bZ4X can speed up the pace of delivery to Hong Kong, and the Lexus RZ can also be launched as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be really hard to fight alone with the UX300e...

If you don’t pay attention, few people will know that Volvo XC40 is already the runner-up in the stable sales of luxury small LSUVs in China.
The new Lexus RX is launched with a starting price of 2.45 million, combined with electrified vehicles, it is bound to once again set off a huge wave in the luxury sports travel market.

The next wave of Tesla tsunami is coming, the Model Y delivery ceremony claims to receive more than 10,000 orders

Compared with Tesla’s various encounters around the world, in the domestic electric vehicle market, the cumulative number of listings reached 6,995 due to the Model 3 alone, an increase of 69.5% compared to the number of listings in the same period last year. , In terms of premium brands, they have won the top 4 premium brands so far this year in the same period, with a gap of 39 vehicles. Thinking about it in another way, how could Volvo not be nervous (6956 vehicles).

On the Model Y delivery day held by Taiwan Tesla not long ago, it claimed that the cumulative orders for this new car, which made Chinese people wait for three years to start delivery, have already exceeded 10,000! If we look at the past situation, there are only November and December left this year. If there is a large number of arrivals in Hong Kong, except for the fact that the top 4 premium brands are almost in the bag this year, I believe that the premium car industry will face unprecedented challenges. In the tsunami of electric vehicles that we have seen, Tesla will not only be the god of electric vehicles, but has become a kind of belief.

When Model Y held a delivery day at Tesla in Taiwan, it announced that it has received more than 10,000 orders. If the chip supply and production are properly controlled, it will definitely become the next pure electric SUV after Model 3!

We believe that this is still a strange phenomenon in the early stages of the promotion of electric vehicles in Taiwan. There will be more and more challengers like Kia EV9. In addition to hoping that the government will promote the goal of popularizing infrastructure, it will not be reduced to election slogans and rhetoric In addition, we also hope that the amendments to Article 27-1 and Article 32 of the "Parking Lot Law" passed in the third reading by the Legislative Yuan on November 15 can abolish the establishment of electric vehicle parking spaces and charging facilities, which have been rejected by the Management Committee and so on. In addition, public parking lots should set up special parking spaces for electric vehicle charging and their charging facilities on the road, and various charging networks/service providers have sprung up, which can make many countries/services that have fallen behind The use environment of electric vehicles in the market can really be greatly improved.

To be honest, whether it is gasoline vehicles or electric vehicles, the future development of Taiwan's automotive industry is still impossible to be independent of the international political and economic situation. Of course, it is like next year when our electric vehicle penetration rate is expected to further erupt, and this year's event will be held in Thailand. At the APEC meeting in 2019, Zhang Zhongmou, the founder of TSMC, who attended on behalf of the president, proudly stated that not only the demand for chips in various countries continues to be urgent, but also, just like the United States, they are eagerly looking forward to Taiwanese companies setting up factories. They have to invest huge sums of money. The main reason is to hope that when the era of smart electric vehicles comes in the future, the key supply chain can be separated from dependence on China. This seems to have become the main development trend at present. As for how long will the war between Ukraine and Russia last? It feels like there are not so many people who are anxious to end the mediation...

This year's APEC was held in Thailand. U.S. Vice President Harrison Kamley (left) met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has won the "Three Successes in a Row," which once again affected the global political and economic situation, including the development of the auto industry.
This year's APEC was once again represented by Zhang Zhongmou, the founder of TSMC, and under the development trend of smart electric vehicles in the future, the amazing influence of Huguo Shenshan has once again been greatly highlighted in the global chip shortage.
Ranking of the number of electric vehicles listed in October 2022
Number of ultra-luxury and rare car models listed in October 2022


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