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Back to the original intention Toyota Land Cruiser

●Introduced two series of cars, 70 and 250 Series, corresponding to different product positioning

●The shape returns to the hardcore essence in an all-round way

The 250 is replaced with a GA-F chassis, providing five power units

70 replaced with a 2.8-liter diesel turbo engine

Recently, Toyota held a grand global new car launch event. The protagonist is the Land Cruiser car series with a history of more than 70 years, and launched two models of 70 Series and 250 Series at one time, together with the 300 Series that will debut as early as 2021 , The new car lineup of the entire Toyota Land Cruiser series can be said to be very complete. However, unless you are familiar with the history or car series of Land Cruiser, you may still be confused just by seeing the two models launched this time, but don’t worry, let us use a picture It can take you to thoroughly understand the history of this land cruiser.

The origin of the Land Cruiser can be traced back to 1951. At that time, it was specially built by Toyota to help the Japanese National Police Reserve (the future Ground Self-Defense Force). The purpose is to "take you anywhere and come back alive". This sentence has also become The unadorned but direct-to-heart slogan of the future Land Cruiser. The first-generation Land Cruiser was called the Toyota Jeep BJ Series. The overall shape looked very similar to the military vehicles launched by major car manufacturers at that time. It was powered by a 3.4-liter six-cylinder B-type gasoline engine, and it was the world's first successful car. Board the car at the sixth station of Mt. Fuji, and officially changed its name to Land Cruiser in 1954.

Three series established

A year later, Land Cruiser ushered in the first remodeled model, and the sub-vehicle name was changed from the original BJ Series to 20 Series, which laid the foundation for the future naming rules of Land Cruiser. It also started from this generation. Only the original soft-top model has more variants such as pickup trucks, two-door trucks, and four-door trucks, and it has officially begun to be sold in overseas markets. In 1960, Land Cruiser ushered in its third facelift, and the sub-car name was changed to 40 Series, and it also started a 26-year sales journey. The 1960s can be said to be one of the important watersheds of the Land Cruiser car series. The original factory divided the car series into two main series in 1967. One is the Heavy Duty of the 60 Series. We can regard it as closer to commercial or off-road The most capable model; the other branch is the flagship Station Wagon, a comfortable flagship for multi-purpose use, and the 50 Series debuted for the first time.

It was not until 1984 that the Heavy Duty 40 Series was officially retired, and was replaced by the brand-new 70 Series Van model. Toyota also launched the third series branch of the Land Cruiser, the Light Duty, in the following year. Van has been changed to Wagon, and it is not difficult to see from the name of the Light Duty series that this series also has powerful off-road capabilities, and at the same time enhances the overall comfort. For a long time, except for the 50 Series of the Station Wagon, which uses a five-door model, the rest of the Land Cruisers are very hard-core three-door models. Until 1990, the original factory launched the five-door version of the 70 Series for the first time, and used the famous Prado. The name of the car, the Light Duty series will be equated with Prado in the future, and Prado is also the only Land Cruiser model sold in China.

original birth

After understanding the context of the three series of Land Cruiser, and then looking at the new models launched this time, I believe it will be easier to understand the differences. The Land Cruiser 300 Series, which will be launched first in 2021, is the most luxurious flagship Station Wagon series in the car series, and for the high-end and comfort of the ride, the 300 Series is also the largest in the entire car series.

During the press conference, you can see the Land Cruisers of the past generations lined up, the scene is really spectacular.

As for the 70 Series and 250 Series, they correspond to the Heavy Duty and Light Duty series. The brand-new 70 Series is actually a facelifted model. The name of the car continues the name of the old model in 2014. The shape is also quite similar, with extremely square sheet metal lines, large-area right-angle windows, and a sense of age. The front auxiliary rearview mirror (only on the left side) looks like the Swiss Lion that was common in Taiwan more than ten years ago, which is quite in line with our imagination of traditional hardcore commercial vehicles. Although the overall body line maintains a very simple appearance, the original factory still adds many modern elements to the appearance, such as the LED headlights changed to round light groups, and the halo-style daytime running lights are quite eye-catching. The direction lights outside the parts, and the large-size water tank guard stretched horizontally, etc. At the rear of the car, the brand-new 70 Series maintains a split tailgate design. The exposed spare tire and tailgate handle are very old-fashioned. The taillight group is moved down to the rear bumper. Both show the unpretentious and powerful nature of the new 70 Series.

The slightly facelifted 70 Series debuted as a surprise, and its appearance inherited the style of 2014.
The double-opening tailgate design is perfectly preserved, and it is mainly used for commercial use and traveling through bad places.

In terms of interior decoration, the 70 Series can also be said to be extremely simple, only a new steering wheel is replaced, and the high-end model has a 6.7-inch central touch screen that can support Carpaly and Android auto smartphone connection functions. But what really makes people feel amazing is the entry-level model, which directly cancels the configuration of the central control screen, allowing the vehicle to return to its original appearance. Such a bold car-making style should only be achieved by Toyota, a big business. If you want to mention the biggest change of the 70 Series this time, it must be the power system. The original factory changed the original 4.0-liter V6 engine to a 2.8 1GD-FTV four-cylinder diesel turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 204 horsepower and 51 The maximum torque in kilograms and meters, the gearbox is a six-speed manual automatic transmission, and the manual booster box must also be standard equipment. Interestingly, in the past, the 70 Series was only sold in Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and other regions. After the minor facelift, the original established markets will naturally continue to be sold. However, this time, the Land Cruiser 70 will return after a ten-year absence. In the Japanese market, I believe that the future modification potential will be quite huge.

The interior of the 70 Series is extremely simple, and the entry-level version even cancels the configuration of the central control screen.

New Generation Safari

The 250 Series of the Light Duty series can be said to be the highlight of this Land Cruiser presentation. One of the key points is to cancel the Prado sub-name that has been used for more than 20 years and change it back to the way of simply naming it with Arabic numerals. Therefore, in the future we only need When you see the 250 Series, you know what it stands for. Different from the minor facelift of the 70 Series, the 250 Series is a completely new generation. The chassis adopts the same GA-F modular chassis as the big brother 300 Series. Therefore, not only the off-road capability is expected to be improved, but the power unit The choices are also more diverse. According to the information disclosed by the original factory, there are 2.4 turbo Hybrid (330 hp/64.2 kg m), 2.4 turbo (281 hp/43.8 kg m), 2.8 diesel turbo +48V (204 hp/51 kgm), 2.8 diesel turbo (204 hp/51 kg m), 2.7 gasoline naturally aspirated (163 hp/25 kg m), and other five power specifications. The first four models are all equipped with an eight-speed manual transmission. The second is a configuration of six-speed automatic transmission, which is sold in different regions of the world.

When it comes to Land Cruiser, off-road ability cannot be left behind. All 250 Series cars are naturally equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system, and are equipped with tough guy equipment such as Torsen central differential lock and electronic booster box. The engineers of the original factory even readjusted the suspension geometry settings for the new models, so that they can be more handy when dealing with harsh road conditions. In addition, the 250 Series also introduces Toyota's first detachable anti-roll bar SDM, which can manually switch the connection structure of the one-side anti-roll bar when the road drop is too large to temporarily disconnect the one-side tire. In exchange for a larger deformation angle, it is very helpful for climbing rocks. In addition, this car is also equipped with the brand's latest Multi-Terrain Select multi-mode road surface system. The computer will judge the current road conditions by itself and choose the most suitable mode for movement, including automatic, mud, sand, mud, snow, rock climbing, etc. Six different terrain modes.

Different from the more rounded appearance of Prado in 2009, the facelifted 250 Series panel parts are also carved with square lines, and the engine cover uses very muscular strokes to outline the concave shape, and the matching trend is also straight It is not difficult to see the masculine style of the water tank guard and front bumper, and it also provides more protection for the actual off-road. However, in addition to the stiff body lines, the original factory also specially made the angle of the A-pillar of the 250 Series more vertical. Overall, it looks more like the previous Jeep. The front view can also be further enlarged to reduce the occurrence of dead spots. . In addition, the brand-new 250 Series provides two different headlights for consumers to choose from. The horizontal headlight looks more like the FJ family, while the round headlight is more traditional, a bit of a tribute to the 70 Series car series.

The appearance of the 250 Series has changed from the round shape of the old model to emphasize the hard-core style with straight lines.
Depending on the level of the model, the shape of the headlight group will also be changed.
The rear of the car cancels the previous side-opening door design, and the upright taillights are also quite distinctive.

Different from the minimalist interior design of the 70 Series, the cabin of the 250 Series is completely built with the vocabulary of the new generation of Toyota, including the digital instrument and the central control screen connected to the entire piece, as well as a large number of physical buttons on the central console. Sense and function practical oriented interior. In terms of seat configuration, there are two designs of five-seater and seven-seater, among which the third row of seven-seater seats can be completely folded into the luggage compartment to ensure the overall space functionality.

The interior of the 250 is not only blessed with new-generation technology, but a large number of physical buttons also ensure the practical functionality of the car.

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