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BB&R's Berry Brothers and Lord Yass Whisky are the first choice for the backbone generation of whisky.

The king of independent bottling "Berry Bros & Rudd" has taken a significant step since the establishment of the brand in 2021, creating a brand new brand identity for whisky spirits with the appearance of the classic window of the headquarters. The first wave of the launch of the new "Berry Ass Whisky" series, including four unique styles of whiskey, Taiwan is the world's first, and the United Kingdom on the market simultaneously.

Rooted in London's St. James Street (St. James Street) since 1698, it is located in a mysterious neighborhood next to Buckingham Palace. The unique window design retains the British traditional style and traces of history. This window sill also remembers the past. And countless extraordinary people. The brand-new brand logo is based on the appearance of the window as the design origin, and customized wine bottles are created based on this. The window scene can be found on the wine label and the bottom edge of the bottle. The appearance of the window in this hometown not only symbolizes the meaning of the origin of the brand, but also shows the ideal British elegant style-"vitality, yuppie, warmth, fashion".

The main series of the series "Berry Yashi Shirley Scotch Whisky" insists on expressing everything about the Shirley casks in the cleanest way. The clear bottle can see the deep and charming wine color, and the taste faithfully presents the sweetness of dried fruit and nuts. The aroma is more of the fig flavor that was called the "fruit of life" by the ancient Greeks, and when it enters the throat softly, it is embellished with the taste of black dates. In the private tastings held in North, Central and South districts in early November, both meals and direct tastings were highly affirmed. Berry Brothers and Lord Overseas Brand Manager Ms. Mayidili Sulitang said that they are very pleased that the Taiwanese team can give a considerable degree of advice when creating this series. I also believe that the style and taste of the new "Yashi series" can match Taiwanese consumers. Fit, and because the local demand in the UK has also increased simultaneously, we will do our best to ensure the stability of Taiwan’s supply for possible shortages overseas.

For more than three hundred years, the Berry brothers and Lorde have followed tradition, shouldered the mission of being a royal wine merchant, adhered to the highest quality wine management, obtained the highest honor of the Royal Double Medal certification and a number of international independent awards. It has never been high-profile, but meets in each of the different generations who are pursuing a taste of life, and has become the preferred brand of tasting and drinking for the private parties of the backbone.

product description

Berry Yashi | Sherry Cask Scotch Whisky
BERRYS’ THE CLASSIC Sherry Cask Matured

Capacity: 700ml
Alcohol concentration: 44.2% Vol
Suggested Price: NT$ 1,350
Color: crystal clear amber
Aroma: fresh figs and plums
Taste: fruit, dried fruit and sherry, three levels of fun and beautiful
Ending rhyme: satisfying and long dried fruit flavor

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