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Best Chief Bartender Stephanie MacLeodExhibits the superb art of barrel aging "Drink of the King" Royal Berkeley and "Golden Jade" Aberdeen Selected New "Outstanding Barrel" Series Limited Release

In the past two years, Stephanie MacLeod, who has been awarded the IWC's Best Chief Bartender of the Year for three consecutive years, has released three wine barrels from different French wine producing regions in Taiwan. Products, the Spring of the Tiger begins with the "Drink of the King" Royal Berkeley's 25-year-old Oloroso sherry barrels and "Golden Jade" Aberdeen's 21-year-old red wine barrels matured in barrels. At the beginning of the spring, Taiwan's consumption Open a wider horizon and explore more possibilities for whisky barrel aging.

Stephanie MacLeod, winner of IWC's Head Bartender of the Year for 3 consecutive years.

Stephanie MacLeod, who won the Master Blender of the Year at the International Whisky Competition (IWC) for three consecutive years in 2019, 2020 and 2021, believes that the finishing touch (The Finishing Touch) of whisky It is an art for a master to move whisky that has been matured in a single oak cask for most of the time and continue to mature in another oak cask, which can add more flavor and layer to the wine. The aim is to augment and enhance the original signature flavours of the Royal Berkeley and Aberdeen distilleries, rather than overwrite them, with oak barrels with different characteristics. She is extremely focused on monitoring the maturation and flavor changes of each barrel of whisky, until she achieves the perfect flavor in her mind, and then further screening and blending. Finally, the whisky that she recognizes and is bottled on the market has been carefully matured for many years. One is not a momentary selection of rare brews!

Royal Berkeley 25 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Barrel Original, bottled in original strength, there are only 888 bottles in the world, and each bottle is individually numbered.

The Royal Berkeley 25 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Cask is the whisky that was first put into barrels on December 7, 1995 and matured in different American white oak barrels for about 21 years. These whiskies were moved into Oloroso Sherry barrels. Aged for more than 4 years, Stephanie MacLeod carefully selected two barrels of #1 and #2, which she considered to have matured to perfection, and were bottled and marketed at the original strength. There are only 888 bottles in the world, and each bottle is individually numbered. Stephanie MacLeod uses Oloroso sherry barrels to give the wine a richer and sweeter tone on top of the pure and bright body of Royal Berkeley and the elegant and supple floral and fruity tones, and brings out dry fruit, dark roasted coffee and spicy notes. Slight tartness of spice; this aged wine has a wonderful aroma, like being in a British royal summer celebration, surrounded by vibrant spring flowers, warmed by freshly baked vanilla sponge cake, and homemade English sour The spicy sauce is sweet, elegant and gorgeous, and ends with a long finish, as smooth and sweet as barley sugar melts in the mouth.

After 21 years of aging in Aberdeen's red wine barrels, it was transferred to the red wine barrels for nearly 2 years. Bartender Stephanie MacLeod selected three barrels of the most satisfactory works for bottling. Only 804 bottles of this batch were bottled in the world.

The 21-year-old red wine barrel aging of Aberdeen is to select the most suitable liquor from the whisky that was put into the barrel on November 26, 1999, and then transfer it into the red wine barrel and mature it for nearly 2 years. Bartender Stephanie MacLeod Only then selected three barrels of the most satisfactory works for bottling and listing. This batch only bottled 804 bottles in the world, which is extremely precious. The red wine barrel endows Aberdi with a complex, soft and rich tone, and at the same time adds a delicate red wine aroma to Aberdi's rich honey sweetness, making the ripe red cherry and smooth vanilla tones also bring fresh flowers The freshness of stems and pea pods.

Exceptional Cask series of products, Royal Berkeley 25 year old single malt Scotch whisky Oloroso sherry cask original wine and Aberdeen 21 year old single malt Scotch whisky red wine barrel matured in cask from February 2022 All major tobacco and alcohol specialty stores in Taiwan sell in limited quantities. The suggested retail price is NT$25,800 and NT$6,000 respectively. Consumers can directly contact the store and experience the world's best chief bartender's continuous pursuit of perfection.

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