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Better late than neverSuzuki eVX Concept

●Light pure electric CUV

●In line with the trend of electrification, take the road you are good at

●Exhibit a casual and rough momentum

●Four-wheel drive dual motors, battery life 550km

In the past, Suzuki has brought many surprises to car fans, but in recent years, the timing seems to be somewhat weak, and even the sound volume is almost drowned out in this wave of electric and new energy. Finally, it was selected for the 2023 Auto Expo held in New Delhi, India. At the expo, this small car-specialized Japanese brand unveiled its latest concept work eXV. Although the light CUV format is the way it is good at, the purely electrified power structure is particularly attractive.

Lightweight CUV, pure electric is more powerful

As the first pure electric car released by Suzuki, although the identity of eVX Concept is only a concept car, the symbolic meaning behind it is self-evident. Just looking at the body size, the body size of 4,300mm x 1,800mm x 1,600mm is roughly similar to the S-Cross, but the eVX Concept is contrary to the smooth and smooth outline like the S-Cross or the straight and sharp like the Vitara. Lines, with a thick and bulging texture similar to Volvo XC40, portray an unprecedented robustness, and the extremely simplified image of the sheet metal seems to echo the new design style, plus the customary fog surface around the car for cross-border travel The original color plastic lower guard plate and the occasional aluminum-like decorative plate are used as embellishments, as well as the beautiful aluminum ring design with low wind resistance and design sense. The next-generation electric energy CUV has a clean and urban sense, and highlights the fashionable outdoor entertainment atmosphere.

Selected in India, where the demand for small cars is extremely high, Suzuki announced the latest concept car model eVX Concept at the 2023 Auto Expo held in New Delhi.
Suzuki eVX Concept is a crossover with a body size of 4,300mm x 1,800mm x 1,600mm. It is about the same size as the S-Cross, and at best, the body is slightly wider and slightly taller.
eVX Concept is different from the smooth and smooth contours or straight and sharp lines used by previous brands, and uses a thick and bulging texture similar to Volvo XC40 to portray a strong momentum.

Four-wheel drive dual motors, battery life 550km

Since the cockpit photos and information were not provided by the original Suzuki factory at this auto show, it can only be estimated based on the straight and square body, the sense of riding space and wide field of view should be quite good, as for the power structure, there are four front and rear dual motors The wheel drive configuration is matched with a battery pack with a capacity of 60kWh, providing a cruising range of 550km under the Indian MIDC test specification. At the same time, Suzuki is also working closely with Inmotive, a Canadian transmission system company. It has a two-speed transmission system, which brings lighter and less power consumption data and better driving distance.

Suzuki eVX Concept, which has a compact cross-border style and pure electric driving capability, is expected to have further information announced in 2025. Judging from the high-quality and low entry threshold characteristics of this Japanese brand in the past, it will be really exciting to see what it will be able to do by then. expect.

In terms of power architecture, the front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive configuration is matched with a battery pack with a capacity of 60kWh, providing a cruising range of 550km under the Indian MIDC test specification.


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