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Big facelift with full power BMW X1 & iX1

・The original third-generation model has increased length, width, height and wheelbase, a larger water tank cover, and a stiffer nose.

・Compared to the 2 Series Active Tourer, the console structure features a suspended middle armrest.

・Provide four power systems at one time: pure internal combustion engine, 48V light gasoline, plug-in gasoline and pure electric.

・It will be launched in Europe from October this year, and it will be introduced in the first quarter of 2023 at the earliest in China.

Remember when the second-generation X1 was launched seven years ago, how many people regretted that it was no longer a rear-drive setting? Or is it complaining that the height of the car is too high? Now it turns out that the better the SUV looks, the better it sells! The new third-generation X1 was launched at the end of May this year. It looks like this appearance, it should be a hot-selling small luxury vacation...

The interior design of the new generation X1 is basically based on the current 2 Series Active Tourer; as for the appearance, although the details have changed a lot, the overall style is still the same as the X family style we are familiar with. The most special thing this time is that whether you want pure gasoline, pure diesel, 48V light oil, 48V light diesel, plug-in gasoline or pure electric power, the new X1 has all of them, which can definitely make the choice difficult The owner is a head and two big!

Seven power options

In the original sales plan, the first wave of models on the market are two gasoline and two diesel engines that debuted in October this year, namely the entry-level front-drive gasoline sDrive18i and diesel sDrive18d, and the gasoline xDrive23i and powertrain equipped with a 48V light oil electric system. xDrive23d. As for the plug-in petrol-electric power xDrive25e and xDrive30e, as well as the pure electric iX1 xDrive30, it will go on sale in November this year.

The reason why it provides such a variety of power options is mainly because the X1 is positioned as an entry-level role in the BMW family, and there are many competing models in this price range. If only the 48V light oil tram model with a higher unit price is supplied, the competitiveness is bound to be affected. However, it is estimated that this generation of X1 will be sold until 2029, during which it is possible to readjust the power system. Perhaps in two or three years, there will be no gasoline and diesel engines without a gasoline-electric system.

The third-generation X1 powertrain list

 sDrive18ixDrive23isDrive18dxDrive23dxDrive25exDrive30eiX1 xDrive30
engine type1.5-liter front drive2.0-liter four-wheel drive + 48V light oil electric2.0-liter front drive2.0-liter four-wheel drive + 48V light oil electric1.5L front drive + rear motor1.5L front drive + rear motorFront and rear dual motors
maximum horsepower136hp204hp150hp197hp136hp150hp
maximum torque23.5kgm32.6kgm36.7kgm40.8kgm23.5kgm23.5kgm
motor horsepower19hp19hp109hp177hp313hp
motor torque5.6kgm5.6kgm25.2kgm25.2kgm50.4kgm
combined horsepower218hp211hp245hp326hp
Comprehensive torque36.7kgm40.8kgm48.6kgm48.6kgm
0~100km/h9.2 seconds7.1 seconds8.9 seconds7.4 seconds6.8 seconds5.7 seconds5.7 seconds
Extremely fast208km/h233km/h210km/h225km/h190km/h205km/h
pure electrode speed140km/h140km/h180km/h
Pure battery life78-89 km78-89 km413-438 km

Looks more like a car

In the current BMW family, basically the larger the proportion of the water tank cover, the newer the generation, so we can see that the new generation of 7 series or the slightly revised X7 released this year has an extremely exaggerated square shape (no longer like It's a kidney!) The water tank cover, and the shape of the headlights are also becoming more and more slender, and even play with a separate design, creating a unique family style. It's just that the blood relationship of the X1 is relatively distant from the 7-character big brother, and its front shape is more similar to the 2 Series Active Tourer built on the same FAAR platform. Looking from the side of the car, you can find that the hood of the new X1 is higher and more horizontal, creating a similar effect of "nose augmentation", and this design also strengthens the momentum of the front of the car, which looks more like a big car .

The radiator cover has become larger and more square, and has active air intake adjustment to improve fuel efficiency.

Coming to the rear of the car from a different angle, the taillights of the new generation X1 are quite special. They are also the popular 3D three-dimensional style, but its three-dimensional shape is developed outward. Although this method is not the first in the new BMW, but the third generation The X1 is made more protruding, which is particularly recognizable. In terms of model configuration this time, the original factory provides xLine and M Sport kits to choose from. As for the aluminum ring, it starts from 17 inches; if you choose the above two body kits, the aluminum ring will be upgraded to 18 inches. Of course, buy Homeowners can also opt for a 19-inch option for an extra price, or the 20-inch specification that first appeared on the options list.

The shape of the taillights is very three-dimensional, and the inverted L-shaped light bar design echoes the shape of the daytime running lights.
The 20-inch aluminum rim option is available for the first time, but due to the enlarged car frame, the matching is just right.

Increased size space

Compared with the second-generation model, the size of the new third-generation X1 has been enlarged in an all-round way. The length of the car has increased by 53mm to 4500mm, the width of the car has been widened by 24mm to 1845mm, and the height of the car has increased by 44mm to 1642mm. If compared with the 4454x1798x1545mm of the first-generation rear-drive chassis X1, the difference is quite obvious. The wheelbase of the new car is also stretched by 22mm to 2692mm. With the widened front and rear wheelbase of 31mm, it not only looks more present, but also further improves the handling performance. Under the new FAAR platform architecture, the front and rear suspensions of the new X1 have been improved in both structural design and material application. Not only is the weight lighter, but the rigidity is also improved, which is beneficial to steering response and driving stability to a certain extent. , coupled with the enlargement of the cabin space, also makes this new car more suitable for long-distance travel, and it is more comfortable to sit.

Most of the physical buttons and levers are integrated here, and the right hand can be easily operated without leaving the armrest.
Although the height of the new X1 is increased and the nose of the car is more rigid, the wind resistance value has not increased but dropped to Cd=0.26, which effectively reduces the energy consumption during driving.

Although the console structure of the new X1 is quite similar to the 2 Series Active Tourer that debuted not long ago, both are composed of a 10.25-inch digital instrument and a central 10.7-inch touch screen, but if you extend your sight to the sides, you will There is a significant difference in the shape of the door handles. The new X1 uses aluminum door handles, and the power window control module is moved back to create a more rugged visual effect. The design of the suspended center armrest also integrates the control interface necessary for driving, such as the start button, gear shift, hand brake, etc. It is believed that as long as you get used to it a little, you will soon get used to this ergonomic arrangement. As for the luggage compartment, the basic storage space of the third-generation X1 is 540 liters, which is 35 liters more than the current model. If the standard 40/20/40 rear seat backs are fully folded, the maximum cargo capacity can be provided 1600 liters; Buyers can also choose a space management system that can separate the rear seats 40/60 and slide up to 13 cm before and after, further improving space utilization efficiency.

Using BMW's latest iDrive 8.0 in-vehicle system, it not only has better visual effects, but also is more user-friendly.
The door handles of the new X1 have been redesigned with an X-family style; the optional Harman Kardon audio has 12 speakers with an output of 205 watts.
The rear seat space of the new generation X1 is more spacious and the ride comfort is also improved.


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