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Black and white minimalist style proposal for wearing a weaponEDIFIER X2 true wireless bluetooth earphones top-notch sound effect, fashionable and uninterrupted battery life

The new year begins, are you ready to reinvent yourself and show your trendiest style? In 2022, even if bright colors prevail and become the representative color, black and white will still be the unchanging darling of the fashion industry. Major boutique brands will still launch a variety of black and white series in spring and summer, which can be soft or rigid, elegant or rebellious, and match each other. It can also play a new look, classic and immortal. Especially when modern people are busy, they tend to pursue a more neat and simple life attitude, and more and more people are also inclined to minimalism in their outfits. The well-known audio brand EDIFIER launched the X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset, with black and white, clean and round design, showing a simple style of dressing, so that you can also highlight the fashion sense in the details of accessories, becoming the best dressing tool!

Founded in 1996, EDIFIER is internationally known for its high-quality audio. In recent years, it has also applied its top-level Hi-Fi experience and professional sound technology to headphones to improve Bluetooth headphones to a perfect state. The design has been repeatedly recognized by the Red Dot and IF Design Awards. Lifu International, the general agent of EDIFIER in Taiwan, also said: "Bluetooth earphones are indispensable for modern people when they go out, commute, and even work. At the same time, this great invention that spans cables has also become one of the indispensable fashion items. How to go outside Perfection in type, sound quality, and use, and the realization of 'true' wireless is the unremitting mission of EDIFIER."

In addition to using neat and versatile black and white in design, the X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset can be selected according to the style of wearing. The round and thin appearance is easy to carry around, and it contains powerful sound technology in the compact body. ,Depend on 13 mm Large drivers ensure a wide range and sound balance, while having the topcall noise reduction technology, which reduces the interference of ambient sound and further enhances the human voice to ensure clear and fidelity calls in outdoor environments. It can also call the voice assistant by pressing the touch point, making it the best commuter and work partner.In addition, game groups can alsoActivate game mode to reduce visual and audio lag, make it perfectly synchronized and enhance the game experience;IP54dustproof and waterproofCan be used in rainy days and outdoors. Most importantly, the X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset has super battery life,Playable per charge7hours, playable with charging case28Hour, enjoy music, show the trendy taste all day long!

In addition to taking into account the sound effects and meeting the needs of various users, EDIFIER has an uncompromising pursuit of "true wireless". The X2 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, which brings faster and more stable wireless transmission effect. It can be quickly switched between single and double ears and can be operated quickly by tapping with your fingertips. The semi-in-ear ergonomic design greatly improves the overall comfort. Providing an excellent listening experience is in line with EDIFIER's philosophy: not only to add points to the outfit, but also to bring the most reliable sound!

Classic and timeless EDIFIER X2 earphones in black and white with a modern minimalist look

No matter how the trend changes, the classics of black and white are as immortal in fashion as day and night. In 2022, when bright colors are in vogue, there will still be no mistakes to wear and match colors, which can be sweet or salty, full of aura and versatile. unlimited. In addition to clothing, accessories are also a necessary condition for successful outfits. From head to toe, you must present the style that best represents yourself! EDIFIER official website→ In the modern era where minimalism prevails and everything pursues neatness without entanglement, EDIFIER, a top audio and headphone brand, has launched X2 true wireless Bluetooth headphones, which are sleek and simple, black and white. The design adds a sense of integrity to casual wear. The thin and light design is convenient for storage. At the same time, it has the touch function of the body. It can play songs, skip songs, answer and hang up calls, etc. Able to call the voice assistant, it only takes three seconds for the voice assistant to assist you with your questions, and you can accompany you when you go out!

Uncompromising True Wireless Powerful single unit, battery life can be enjoyed at any time

In addition to being your fashion weaponEDIFIER adheres to the pursuit of top quality in sound, and insists on uncompromising on any audio and headphone products. The X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a 13mm large unit, with a complete sound range, strong and powerful bass, clear and real details, and provides a live-like music enjoyment; the call noise reduction function is also quite good. Make sure voice chat works smoothly in noisy environments. For those who love to play games, the X2 true wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with a game mode, which minimizes the delay of visual and sound effects, and the synchronization of audio and video makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. In addition, to get rid of wires and carry true wireless, EDIFIER knows the importance of stable transmission and long battery life. X2 is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, which enables fast and stable transmission. It can play for 7 hours per charge and 28 hours with the charging box. , If you are used to using it outdoors, don't worry, the X2 is IP54 dustproof and waterproof, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. In terms of wearing design, the X2 is comfortable and ergonomic on the ear, and it is only about 3.4 grams light and does not cause a burden, which can easily enrich your daily life.

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