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Blueair Anniversary Upgrade Guide! Experts teach you to be quick, ruthless, and ready to start your dream air purifier! Join Junqi Medical Beauty to check skin problems at the critical moment of the season

The anniversary officially started, it's time to seize the opportunity to attack the dream products in one fell swoop! Sweden's top brand air purifier Blueair has always been one of the must-fails in the anniversary celebration. This anniversary, the air purifier expert Lesibi Technology Director Xiao Yutang will also teach you how to get the most suitable air purifier quickly, ruthlessly and accurately. Grab the most cost-effective discounts; besides, this time, we will join hands with Junqi Medical Beauty to check skin problems for you at the critical moment of skin care in the changing seasons, and have a chance to experience Junqi Medical Beauty courses!

The weather is getting colder recently, and autumn is the season for allergies. The 5 series, known as the "clean and dust-free whirlwind", is the best choice for allergies, and it is also one of the favorite models recommended by Sui Tang. Capture dust, filter pollutants and pet hair, and it has been proved by experiments that it can inhibit 99.99% of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It meets the needs of multi-function and intelligence. In addition, combined with the "furniture" function, the elegant and fashionable side table design is a home product that reflects personal taste. The compact appearance is very suitable for single or newly married home space. Born out of "love", Blueair has been committed to letting everyone breathe good air for many years, so it sits firmly on the faucet of air purifiers. Blueair also continues to launch various discounts to give back to the public. This anniversary celebration has not lived up to expectations. and courtesy. In the face of a dazzling array of products, Xiao Yutang, director of technology at Lasibi, an expert in air purifiers, also provided a selection guide, as long as you follow three principles:1. Understand the usage needs and habits, such as the size of the space in the home; 2. Select high-efficiency filtration technology filters; 3. Have low decibel operating volume. For small homes with limited space, the compact and stylish Blueair DustMagnetTM Both the 5 series and the Blue 3 series are suitable. The beautiful side table design on the top of the 5 series adds to the texture of the home; the 3 series is more compact and suitable for small bedrooms. More importantly, the two are not just superficial, and the air purification performance is excellent. The 5 series S-type turbo cyclone dust collector and DustMagnet™ dust magnetic technology can effectively capture dust and accelerate filtration. The 3 series is specially designed for small rooms. Clean air at the touch of a button.

As for how to choose a high-efficiency filter, the common filtration technologies on the market are roughly divided into two types: "filter filtration" and "electrostatic dust collection". Blueair's original HEPASilentTMThe filtration technology can greatly improve the purification efficiency, make the machine run more power-saving and quiet, and the low-decibel operation sound is more comparable to falling leaves, giving you a good night's sleep and good air. Blueair's flagship 7 series further evolved the fan system and upgraded it to HEPASilent UltraTMPure filtration technology, combined with a composite activated carbon filter, can quickly produce more clean air while inhibiting bacteria and prolong the service life of the filter. It is the first choice for living rooms and large spaces. After understanding the selection guide, Blueair also joined hands with Junqi Medical Beauty, calling on everyone to change the seasons of allergic seasons. In addition to improving indoor air pollution, we must also understand skin care to avoid skin itching and discomfort due to allergies. In addition, prolonged exposure to volatile organic compounds , suspended particulates, ozone and cigarette smoke, etc., have been proven to increase free radicals and oxidative reactions in skin tissue, and also destroy or reduce the skin's antioxidant capacity, so you must pay attention! During the anniversary period, if you buy a designated model of Blueair in the department store, you will have the opportunity to experience the Junqi medical beauty course, pamper your skin, and let your skin breathe deeply together.

At the critical moment of the season, Blueair joins hands with Junqi, a medical beauty leader, to stabilize your skin

The effects of air pollution on the respiratory tract must be well known, but did you know it? Suspended particles in the air are the invisible killer of the skin! PM2.5 will absorb harmful substances such as germs, dust, heavy metals in the air, block skin pores, and induce acne and pimples. If the skin is exposed to air pollution for a long time, it is easy to cause atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, allergies and other problems, while the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, suspended particulates, ozone and Cigarette smoke and other ingredients have been proven to increase free radicals and oxidative reactions in skin tissue, accelerating skin aging! Therefore, Jun Qi’s medical beauty collection is also particularly admonished. When the seasons change, the skin is easy to dry and itchy, and air pollution is simply “worse on the snow”. If you want to stabilize the skin condition and slow down the speed of skin aging, Jun Qi shares five ways to keep the skin healthy:

  1. Maintain indoor hygiene and air quality:Indoor air pollution is far more serious than expected. Dust and air pollution particles are not only harmful to the respiratory tract, but also cause skin irritation, acne and inflammation. In addition to regular cleaning to keep the environment clean, it is recommended to place an air purifier indoors to filter the air. of harmful substances, creating a "hypoallergenic" space, allowing the skin to breathe deeply.
  2. Do a good job of isolating sunscreen:UV rays are also one of the main culprits of skin aging, so daily sun protection is very important! The selection of physical sunscreen ingredients can not only reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, but also isolate some air pollution and reduce the chance of pollution contacting the skin.
  3. Do remove makeup, clean properly:After the residual makeup is combined with skin oil, it is easy to inflame the pores and make the skin sallow and dull. You can choose mild ingredients to clean the skin, and use a moderate massage to promote the metabolism and regeneration of skin cells.
  4. Intensive hydration and moisturizing skin:When the seasons change in summer and autumn, proper cleaning and moisturizing are the basic skills of beauty. When the skin is dehydrated and dry, the surface barrier becomes fragile, and pollutants are more likely to damage the skin. Therefore, strengthening the skin's moisturizing and moisturizing can resist air pollution or ultraviolet rays. .
  5. Consulting professional, medical beauty maintenance:If you want to quickly improve your skin condition and improve the spots caused by enlarged pores and melanin deposition, you can consult a doctor for professional advice and evaluate medical treatments, such as laser treatment or water shuttle, which can accelerate the metabolism of aging skin cells and improve skin quality. of detail.

Anniversary purchase, people teach you to grasp the three principles to start the dream air purifier

Air purifiers have become a must-have item for families. If you want to take advantage of the anniversary, but don’t know how to choose the most suitable and cost-effective air purifiers, Blueair, the leading brand of air purifiers, will teach you to grasp the three principles to do so!The first step is to confirm the use requirements of the space in the home, such as the size and usage habits, to select a suitable model to ensure the best efficiency of the air purifier, and to spend the budget on the edge.Take Blueair's most popular flagship 7 series, anti-allergy 5 series and entry-level 3 series for example, if it is placed in the living room, storefront or large space, it is very suitable for the 7 series to ensure no dead ends purification; The space is small and the volume is compact and cute. The 5 series designed with the top side table has super purification power. DustMagnet™ dust magnetic technology can quickly capture the dust and avoid secondary pollution. The 3 series is not too much, specially designed for small rooms , and easy to operate, quiet and power-saving, open all day long to provide peace of mind and good air.The second step is to carefully select the high-efficiency filterand the most important. Generally speaking, common filtration technologies are roughly divided into two types: "filter filtration" and "electrostatic dust collection", while Blueair's original filtration technology HEPASilentTM In addition to the mechanical filtration, electrostatic filtration is added, so that the particles in the air are electrostatically charged before reaching the filter screen, making it easier to be adsorbed and achieving better filtration effect; 7 series advanced version of HEPASilent UltraTMPure filtration technology can capture 99.97% of suspended particles as small as 0.03 microns in the air. Through the unique double purification technology, the power consumption in the lowest operating mode is even less than that of light bulbs, which is quiet and energy-saving. The filtration effect can not only maintain the best state for a long time, but also has higher efficiency and longer lasting performance, and you don't have to worry about the considerable electricity bills caused by long-term operation, so you can rest assured to enjoy the best air.The third step cannot be ignored. In addition to pursuing high performance, air purifiers should also pay attention to noise problems to avoid long-term effects on the human body. Therefore, choosing a good air purifier can carefully protect the health of your family.

BlueairGive back generously for the anniversary celebration, seize the opportunity to shop smartly, it is better to act now

Adhering to the original intention of giving back to consumers, Blueair will launch a large number of preferential activities every anniversary, and this year, it will also launch a super-good discount plan from September. In addition to the discount of 500 yuan for all models in the department store cabinet, the appearance is as handsome as PS5, and it is known as the hot-selling flagship HealthProtect with fashionable black technology.TM The 7 series also launched a super crazy combination of buying big and getting small now to save 10,000 yuan. Buying a designated model will add 3210 air purifier and 3210 main filter and pre-filter; and buy a "clean dust-free small whirlwind". The so-called DustMagnet™ 5 series also comes with a stylish textured Leo3D circulating fan, and you can enjoy a 50% discount on additional purchases of 5 and 7 series filters! During the anniversary, buy Blueair's designated models in department stores, and have the opportunity to experience Jun Qi's medical beauty course!


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