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Boldly run the soul to continue writing the eternal legend!The new evolution of the new Vespa GTV 300 debuts

Vespa’s yellow-card flagship top-end car model—the new upgraded version of GTV 300, has attracted the attention of Taiwanese car fans since its debut at the EICMA Milan Auto Show last year. The long-awaited, Vespa GTV 300 with a dual-textured car color "Titanium gray"and"light brown sand"Officially launched in Taiwan! The new Vespa GTV 300 ushered in a technological upgrade, introducing a keyless start system, a new version of the digital LCD instrument panel, and an upgraded LED light source for the entire vehicle lamps, which greatly improved the riding fluency and practicality; in terms of appearance design, it perfectly retained the The classic features of the model, including the iconic retro low headlights (Faro Basso), exposed faucet handles and small windshields on the front of the car, present the sporty look of its racing pedigree. The newly upgraded version of GTV 300 unleashes the bold, fearless and fascinating side of Vespa, continuing to write the eternal legend on the track.

Strong sports run Show Conquest

The new GTV 300 inherits the famous "Vespone" running spirit, with a new appearance and color matching, highlighting its sporty personality and integrating modern, classic and adventurous elements. In addition to insisting on using a strong and strong steel monocoque frame, it also retains the design of the classic car that won nine championships in the six-day cross-country race in 1951, including the unique shape of small goggles, exposed grips, and the top of the front soil LED retro low headlight configuration, and add new dynamic design elements, such as: spacious and comfortable racing car style seat cushion, with orange seat cushion stitching as a feature, and optional detachable seat cushion rear trim Cover; the bow tie cover on the front side of the car body is designed with a unique three-line air hole, supplemented by orange embellishment on the V-shaped horn cover; in addition, the details of the whole car are matched with a handsome matte blackening style, presenting a bow in front of the car Light and taillight frame, instrument panel bracket, round rearview mirror, body trim, rear seat armrest, pedals and exhaust pipe anti-scalding cover; finally, the dynamic orange line shape on the side of the car cannot be ignored Car stickers, combining sporty charm and fashion texture. Many unique design vocabularies echo the track spirit inherited by Vespa GTV, leading the riders to challenge the routine, create an exclusive journey with Vespa GTV, and shape a unique way of self.

New-Vespa-GTV-300--"Light Brown Sand"

The new GTV 300 is equipped with a single-cylinder 300 cc HPE (High Performance Engine) engine technology to ensure its excellent performance, and with its four-valve timing, water cooling and electronic fuel injection technology, it provides a power of up to 16.5 kW / 6,750 rpm output, making it the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Vespa. In addition, thanks to the new five-spoke 12-inch tires, front and rear ABS anti-lock braking system and ASR acceleration anti-skid system, the rider can enjoy a safe, stable and smooth driving experience; The ergonomic seat design maintains absolute comfort even during long-distance driving, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fun of driving with GTV.

Combining traditional and modern technological equipment

The new Vespa GTV 300 adoptskeyless start system, so that the rider no longer has to look for the key in a hurry, as long as the inductive remote control is approached, the inductive switch knob can be turned to lock, unlock and start the vehicle. The remote control can also open the compartment under the seat with one key, and supports remote search vehicle functions.In addition, one of the highlights of this upgrade isNew version of digital LCD instrumentwith a round shape and a black color LCD panel, clearly displaying rich riding information, including maximum speed, average speed, real-time fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage and battery status;Fully upgraded LED light source for all car lamps, enhance the lighting brightness of driving and prolong the use efficiency; the standard USB charging hole is equipped in the front storage box; finally, if you want to unlock more digital functions, you can also choose to install Vespa MIA multimedia system to connect the owner's smart phone to answer calls, text messages and play music. A number of internal and external upgrade functions make GTV the best partner for daily mobility and long-distance running.

Texture two-color: titanium iron gray & light brown sand are fully available for sale in Hong Kong

The newly-launched Vespa GTV 300 Euro5 model offers two textured car colors, the calm and mysterious "Grey Titanio" and the stylish and modern "Beige Sabbia". The market price is NT$345,000. The general agent Swire Express specially launched a preferential car purchase plan. Buying a car can enjoy a high zero-interest installment plan or a car delivery gift plan of 10,000 yuan.Fans and friends who like Vespa GTV 300, quickly contact Vespa's authorized distribution outlets in Taiwan, or immediately at Vespa's official mall(Note 1)Appreciate online!

Specification/car model Vespa GTV 300
engine form HPE four stroke single cylinder engine
fuel allocation system electronic fuel injection
cooling method water-cooled
displacement 278 c.c.
Maximum rate 120 km/hr
Maximum horsepower 16.5 kW / 6,750 rpm
maximum torque 25 Nm / 5,000 rpm
front suspension Single rocker shock absorber
rear wheel suspension Four-stage preload adjustable double-action hydraulic shock absorber
Front wheel size 120/70-12”
rear wheel size 130/70-12”
front brake Hydraulic control - ABS disc brake
rear brake Hydraulic Control - ABS Disc Brake & ASR Acceleration Anti-skid System
Car length 1,975 mm
Vehicle width 775 mm
wheelbase 1,375 mm
Fuel tank capacity 8.5±0.5 liters
fuel consumption Annual fuel consumption 153 kg, average 29.5 km/l

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