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Brand electric car pioneer Kia EV6 debuts in the second season

●Distinguish between standard, GT Line and GT models
●New E-GMP electric vehicle modular chassis build
585hp, 0~100km/h acceleration in 3.5 seconds (EV6 GT model)
●Maximum mileage 500km
●Domestic price is estimated to start from 1.6 million yuan

At present, the Kia EV6 electric vehicle that has been sold in North America, Europe and the local market of South Korea, the domestic general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia Motors is also planning to introduce domestic sales at a fairly fast speed, except for the brand new factory logo in mid-December 2021. In addition to its debut at the recognition conference, a preview event will be held at Taipei 101 on January 10, 2022, so that everyone can experience the charming style of the EV6 up close. According to the general agent, the official release date of the EV6 will be scheduled for the second quarter of this year. In addition to the standard version and GT Line models, the imported models also include the GT version with powerful performance (expected in the second half of this year). As for sales The price part has not yet been announced, but it is estimated that the standard version will start from at least 1.6 million yuan, and the GT performance version may be more than 1.8 million yuan.

EV6 has a very dynamic and avant-garde appearance, especially the LED light guide strips running from the rear to the fenders on both sides, which shows the sense of future technology and high recognition.

High-tech Kia Connect in-vehicle system

The EV6 electric vehicle can be said to represent the pioneering beginning of the Kia brand entering a new era of electrification. It is also the first electric vehicle built on the new E-GMP electric vehicle modular platform, although it is a twin model with the Hyundai Ioniq 5. , but there are obvious differences in design and car concept, but both have a very futuristic and avant-garde interior and exterior styling, especially the technological interior that follows the digital trend, but also echoes its unique electric vehicle identity. In the cockpit, on the center console with a wide field of vision, stands a large panoramic curved display screen composed of a 12-inch digital instrument and a 12-inch multimedia touch screen, and the built-in Kia Connect in-vehicle system not only has the The networking function also supports OTA online update, and through this system, you can also clearly know the real-time charging status/charging time/remaining mileage of the vehicle, etc. It also allows the owner to easily check the location of the charging station and the price of electricity. the power status to guide you to the most suitable charging station.

In order to echo the avant-garde future appearance, the main visual of the EV6 interior design is presented by the dual 12-inch large panoramic curved display screens composed of the instrument panel and the in-vehicle entertainment system.
The 12-inch multimedia touch screen host has a built-in Kia Connect in-vehicle system with car networking function, which supports OTA update and can display information such as real-time charging status/time, battery mileage and charging station query.

In addition, it includes a double-spoke multi-function steering wheel, AR augmented reality head-up display, E-SHIFT electronic knob shift system, dual front seat ventilation/heating function, SVM ambient image assistance and Meridian premium surround sound (14 speakers). speakers), etc., are standard equipment of the EV6. The safety equipment part also has complete DriveWise active safety technology, including FCA forward collision warning with steering assist (pedestrian/bicycle/left turn at intersection), ISLA intelligent speed limit assistance, NSCC intelligent full-speed cruise control, HDA 2 second-generation high-speed Highway driving assistance system (including automatic centering of curved and straight lanes), PCA reverse collision avoidance assistance, and RSPA remote intelligent parking assistance system, etc.

Adopt high-tech E-SHIFT electronic knob shift system design, intuitive and convenient operation.
The material of the EV6 seat is made of a large number of renewable composite materials, which can balance comfort and support.

Performance GT model breaks 100 in 3.5 seconds

In terms of power specifications, the EV6 standard version is equipped with a 58 kWh lithium battery pack, while the Long Range version uses a 77.4 kWh lithium battery pack. The former 2WD model's rear-mounted electric motor can generate 170hp and 35.7kgm of maximum power, while the combined maximum horsepower output of the two front and rear motors in the 4WD model is 230hp and 61.7kgm. As for the long-range single-motor 2WD and dual-motor 4WD models, the maximum power output is 228hp/35.7kgm and 325hp/61.7kgm respectively. In addition, the top gauge EV6 GT long-range model equipped with a 77.6kWh lithium battery pack and dual-motor four-wheel drive setting has a maximum power output of 585hp and 75.5kgm, and its powerful power performance output enables it to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. It only takes 3.5 seconds, and the top speed can reach an astonishing 260km/h.

Thanks to the 2900mm wheelbase of the body, the rear seat space is quite spacious, and the trunk space is also at a level of 520~1300 liters.
EV6 is divided into three models: standard version, GT Line and GT. The power specifications are equipped with two lithium battery packs of 58kWh and 77.6kWh. According to different models, it adopts a rear-wheel drive with a single motor on the rear axle or a four-wheel drive with one motor on the front/rear axle. drive settings.

For the charging part, the EV6 has built-in support for 800V and 400V charging specifications. 800V fast charging can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, and can charge a 77.4 kWh 2WD model in 4.5 minutes, providing a cruising range of 100km. . The EV6 2WD model equipped with the Long Range battery pack has a maximum cruising range of 500km under the WLTP specification. As for other models, no data has been released. In addition, the EV6 can also support the V2L (vehicle-to-load) function to act as a generator, and the output power of 3.6kW can provide additional power usage requirements.

EV6 provides two charging specifications, 400V and 800V. Among them, 800V fast charging can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in only 18 minutes, and it has a battery life of 100 kilometers after charging for about 4.5 minutes.

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