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Brand new 1.5T turbine power replaces CMC Zinger facelift and launched

  • ●New interior and exterior styling design
  • ●10.25-inch fully digital instrument + 9-inch central control touch screen
  • ●Equipped with Level 2 ADAS advanced driving assistance system
  • ●Replacement with 1.5T GDI turbine engine + ZF 8-speed automatic transmission
car model 5 seater 7 seats
Peugeot 719,000 809,000
Deluxe 775,000 865,000
Flagship 825,000 915,000
Through the new head/tail light group, water tank guard, lower air intake dam and fog lamp group, the Zinger has a more modern and fashionable youthful appearance.

After holding a public test drive for the media at the end of September and announcing the pre-order unit price, China Motors officially launched the CMC Zinger, a new generation of major facelift commercial vehicle, on October 17. It has a new internal and external styling design, upgraded equipment and a new 1.5 The replacement of 1-liter turbo power and the configuration of Level 2 ADAS active safety technology have greatly strengthened Zinger's product strength and market competitiveness. The sales models maintain the original three levels of 5-seater and 7-seater at the time of pre-sale, divided into three categories: It is a Peugeot/luxury/flagship model. As for the new car, the price of the 5-seater is 71.9/77.5/825,000 yuan respectively, while the 7-seater is 80.9/86.5/915,000 yuan, which is reduced by 1 to 1.4 from the pre-sale price. Ten thousand yuan.

The new interior design adopts a simple style, and features such as a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument, a 9-inch touch screen, and a wire-by-wire gear lever create a technological atmosphere in the cabin.

The body size and wheelbase of the newly facelifted Zinger are 4665 in length / 1775 in width / 1800mm in height and 2720mm respectively. The overall body size is not much different from the previous model, but it has a completely new appearance. The whole vehicle adopts a new style The enlarged water tank guard and lower air intake dam are combined with a sharper and slender headlight shape, a strengthened round fog light set and a three-dimensional L-shaped tail light set, bringing a more modern and fashionable appearance. It has a sense of domineering and hard-core style. The brand-new interior layout adopts a simple style design line, and creates a technological atmosphere in the cabin through equipment such as a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument, a 9-inch central touch screen and a wire-type gear lever. The equipment part has been significantly upgraded compared to the past. For the five-seater flagship model, which accounts for more than 50% of sales, in addition to the above equipment, it includes climate control, multi-function steering wheel, wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection, Push Start/ Smart Entry, light-sensing automatic opening and closing headlights and rear-seat independent air-conditioning system are all standard equipment. In particular, it is also equipped with a complete set of Level 2 ADAS active safety technologies, including full-speed ACC/FCM/TJA/LKA/LDP/ LDW/LVSA/AHB/BSW/LCA/RCTA/DOW/RECW, the richness can be said to have set a new milestone for domestic commercial vehicles.

The power is changed to a 1.5T GDI turbine engine and a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. The maximum horsepower and torque output are increased to 172hp and 26.4kgm, and the average fuel consumption is also improved to 13.1km/L~13.4km/L.
The original factory provides an exclusive Zinger camping kit that can be quickly transformed into a kitchen and a double bed. You can own it for an additional RMB 56,000.

The cabin space and passenger functions still maintain the excellent performance in the past, especially in the 5-seater mid-level and above models, the first and second rows of seats can be fully reclined, and the second row of seats also has 13 It can be adjusted in stages and has a front-to-back sliding distance of 195mm, and can provide a 6/4 split seat back tilting function. Even after the second row of seats is folded forward, 2015 liters of flat storage space can be created; as for 7 people The seat back angle of the third row of seats in the passenger model can be adjusted in three levels. As for the power part, which is the focus of the facelift, the previous configuration of the 2.4-liter NA engine has been canceled and replaced with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with lower tax and fuel consumption performance, and is paired with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission to maximize horsepower. And the torque output is increased to 172hp and 26.4kgm in one fell swoop, while the average fuel consumption is also improved to 13.1km/L~13.4km/L.

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