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Brand new VW All New Tiguan

●Built on the MQB evo modular chassis, providing a variety of power unit options

●The new family-style appearance is more rounded, and the drag coefficient is reduced from 0.33Cd to 0.28Cd

●The fourth generation multimedia system MIB 4 has more powerful functions and the size has been increased to 15 inches.

●A large number of electronic control blessings such as DDC Pro and VDM provide stronger athletic ability

When it comes to VW Volkswagen, the most representative car model may still be the Golf, but now it is the huge SUV family that supports half of the entire brand's financial revenue, among which the eldest brother Tiguan takes the lion's share of the credit. After all, since its launch in 2007 , this mid-size SUV has been chosen by more than 7.6 million car owners around the world. Therefore, as early as the end of last year, VW began to preview the debut of the new major facelift Tiguan.

Finally, after nearly a year of waiting, the new third-generation Tiguan has finally made its debut. Its appearance continues the recent family-style styling of the Volkswagen brand, making the originally rigid sheet metal lines more rounded and smoother. The originally high drag coefficient of 0.33Cd was reduced to 0.28Cd in one breath, further improving the overall fuel consumption and endurance performance. Although it adopts a family-like appearance, the facelifted Tiguan still retains many of its signature designs, such as the more square front end. At the same time, it is equipped with front bumpers of different shapes according to different model levels, creating different impressions. In terms of style and appearance, the head and tail light groups are equipped with the latest generation IQ Light intelligent light group. The matrix headlights have the function of intelligent active adjustment, bringing more comprehensive lighting and safety protection.

The new IQ Light smart lamp head has more evolved brightness and light shape changes, and its overall shape is also different from previous VW models.
The rear lines of the majorly revised Tiguan still remain quite neat. Although the through-type taillights are not too new, they are still a highlight.

Technology is everywhere

Just like the changes in appearance, the upgrades inside the cabin of the facelifted Tiguan exceeded my expectations. Even if it is changed to a fully digital virtual cockpit, we can still see VW's consistent simple design style. Tiguan uses the new fourth-generation in-car multimedia entertainment system MIB 4, which greatly simplifies the number of physical buttons in the car and is equipped with There is a 12.3-inch digital instrument, and the central control screen is 15-inch in size. It really takes some time to get used to it when you first meet it, but it should be considered a quite pleasing configuration for modern consumers. Another more obvious change is in the steering wheel. Tiguan can be said to have returned to its original nature this time, using a steering wheel with physical shortcut buttons instead of the original capacitive touch version. I believe everyone is very clear about the reason. At the same time, it also The gear lever is moved to the center column and controlled by a selector button.

The cockpit is one of the biggest changes this time. The 15-inch central control screen and the ambient lighting in front of the co-pilot really enhance the technological feel of the entire car.

According to the information currently released by the original manufacturer, MIB 4 not only enlarges the central control screen, but more importantly, the system interface is also different from the old model. It has brand-new icons and layouts, and the home page uses a large number of The map is paired with vehicles and setting icons. In theory, the operation logic should be more intuitive. In addition, Tiguan has also added a new control knob with an OLED screen above the center saddle. In addition to adjusting and switching corresponding driving modes, you can also change control functions by pressing the screen, including audio, background color, or Entering the central control system, etc., reduces the time the driver spends searching on the touch screen, which will improve safety and convenience. The engine start and stop buttons on both sides of the knob and the electronic handbrake lever are the only physical buttons left in the Tiguan.

A new set of OLED control knobs are added to the central saddle, which can perform very multi-functional switching control.

Since it is a mid-sized SUV, space performance is naturally the top priority, so the new model has also been enlarged in body size. The length, width and height are 4551 x 1939 x 1640mm, and the wheelbase has reached the level of 2681mm, which also makes it more compact. The already powerful rear seat space becomes even more spacious and comfortable. Not only the seating space, the luggage compartment volume of the third-generation Tiguan has also increased accordingly. It has grown from 615 liters in the old model to 37 liters. In the five-seater state, it can provide a loading capacity of 652 liters. The back also supports 4/2/4 separation and dumping functions, and the functionality is quite excellent.

The luggage compartment space has increased by 37 liters compared with the old model, which can only be said to be the icing on the cake.

First sight of PHEV power

Under the MQB evo transverse engine module, VW will provide Tiguan gasoline (TSI), diesel (TDI), light oil-electric (eTSI), Plug-in Hybrid (eHybrid) and other power units, but the original The factory has not yet provided detailed power data. It is speculated that it will adopt the same settings as the Passat launched earlier. The PHEV model should be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a combined horsepower of 268 and a pure electric range of about 100 kilometers. Mileage.

Tiguan has a variety of power units to choose from, and PHEV is installed for the first time. It is speculated that it can provide a pure electric driving range of about 100 kilometers.

This major facelift of the Tiguan has also strengthened the vehicle's electronic control system. In addition to the old DCC, the updated DCC Pro has been launched as an option. The electronic damping has been upgraded to dual valves to improve the speed of response. It is more sensitive. At the same time, all car series are also equipped with the VDM body dynamic management system decentralized from the Golf GTI as standard, including DCC Pro, differential and other systems, which can be deployed together to bring more precise driving capabilities.

The new Tiguan will go on sale as soon as the first quarter of next year, but it is reported in China that it will not have a chance to appear until 2025. Interested readers can only wait for the process of roasting sweet potatoes.

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