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Breitling Taipei 101 Store is now in trial operation2022 Super Ocean watch new arrival

The Breitling Taipei 101 store is currently in trial operation. The picture shows the appearance of the store.

Watch fans are looking forward to the first Breitling Taiwanese store in Taipei101The first floor of the shopping center is newly completed and is now entering the stage of trial operation.Stepping into it, it is completely in line with the latest global decoration specifications of the brand, and it is cleverly integrated.Modern retromodern retro style,Loft styleNew York Industrial Design, invites visiting VIPs to enjoy the fashion and taste of life and step into Breitling Taipei101The specialty store is as comfortable and comfortable as returning home, with a complete display of the entire product line such as sea, land, and air, plus the exclusive limited-edition watches of the specialty store, it is a great boon for Breitling lovers and collectors. It is also an important milestone in the development of the brand in Taiwan, and a grand opening event is expected to be held on another day.

Prior to this, the Breitling Taipei 101 store was the first to introduce the newly released 2022 Superocean watch, inheriting the streamlined aesthetics of the original watch in the 1960s and 1970s, Slow Motion, with modern features and a variety of bright colors. , with 36, 42, 44, 46 and other four sizes to choose from, it is a temporary choice for those who love marine style, and watch lovers are welcome to come and appreciate.

Yearling Taipei 101 store combines Modern-retro modern retro style with Loft-style New York industrial design. _03

In the 1960s, the various adventures of marine explorer Jacques Cousteau sparked a craze for adventure, and the new sport scuba diving was all the rage. When diving, time is of the essence and every minute passing must be precisely measured. Breitling is not only committed to providing the most sophisticated equipment for diving sports, but also hopes to inject fashion elements into watches.

In the early design of the Superocean watch, Breitling designers discarded all the superfluous designs that were not practical except for the life-saving function when the diver was diving. A contrasting bezel has been introduced on the key minute dial. For ease of reading, the refined hour markers are replaced by thick luminescent graduations. And, in the most daring move, Breitling eliminated the second hand, because divers... don’t actually need a second hand. In its place is a revolutionary minute chronograph, dubbed "Slow Motion" because it takes an hour to make one rotation of the dial.

Yearling Taipei 101 store combines Modern-retro modern retro style with Loft-style New York industrial design.

Today, Breitling has launched the new Superocean watch, returning to the concept of a streamlined and practical watch in the Slow Motion version. While the collection has been revised to meet the needs of the modern wearer (the seconds hand is a must, of course), it's not hard for discerning consumers to spot some borrows from the original design.

Breitling launched a new collection to the media, dealers and influencers at the "Wheels and Waves" surfing and motorcycle event in Biarritz. The marine-themed activity day of the carnival attracted many European surfers and movie fans. Because surfer Andrew. Cotton (Andrew Cotton), Jeremy. Flores (Jérémy Florès) and Natso. Gonzalez (Natxo Gonzalez), and French actor Geon. Calle (Guillaume Canet) and Spanish actor Avalo. Álvaro Morte was present at the scene.

At this event, Breitling CEO George. “Most diving watches have similarities, but the Slow Motion version always stands out. We are very honored to be able to introduce a modern version of the Superocean watch from this classic series,” said Georges Kern, director of the watch series.

Designed for diving

Available in four sizes (46, 44, 42 and 36 mm) and colourful dials, the collection is available in stainless steel, semi-gold and bronze metal cases. The 44mm and 42mm bronze versions are made of special alloys that provide excellent corrosion resistance, but still develop a subtle tint over time that makes the watch even more unique. Two strap options (sport rubber and three-row metal bracelet) with a folding clasp allow for fine adjustments of up to 15mm, making it easy to wear on a jellyfish suit or wetsuit.

BREITLING-Superocean Breitling Superocean 46mm automatic watch, black dial, suggested price NT-142000

The new Superocean watch is not only beautiful in appearance, but also a technological marvel. Water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet), it features wide hands and Super-LumiNova® hour markers for easy reading underwater. The scratch-resistant ceramic inlaid bezel will never fray or fade. For safety, the bezel on most sizes rotates unidirectionally, while the 46mm bezel is bidirectional with a patented safety lock. The watch is also shock, sand and salt water resistant. Its Breitling 17 automatic movement has a two-year warranty and a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.

Even better, the easy-to-read square minute hand returns to the dial on the Slow Motion Edition. Also returning is the contrasting minute scale. Watch fans will remember the "dot" design, a circular aperture at 6 o'clock that can display different colors depending on whether the function of the minute chronograph is on, paused or off. On the dial of the new Superocean, a circle near the tip of the seconds hand epitomizes this much-loved feature.

Excellent performance laid-back atmosphere

By Kelly. Slater (Kelly Slater), Stephanie. Gilmore (Stephanie Gilmore) and Sally. The Breitling Surf Action Team, formed by Sally Fitzgibbons, returned to the new Superocean series as the image spokesperson. The collection includes limited edition Kelly. Kelly Slater Superocean Automatic 42. Co-designed with the surfing champion, this limited edition watch features a stunning orange dial and army green rubber strap, and is limited to 1,000 pieces. The color scheme is inspired by the watch worn by Slater's father while surfing.

BREITLING-Superocean Breitling Superocean 42mm Automatic, Kelly-Slater Limited Edition, MSRP NT-146000.

Talking about the collaboration, Slater said: “I have been working with Breitling to design watches for the past few years, but I put more personal emotions into the design of this watch. It was inspired by my late father, As far as I can remember, he wore a watch with an orange finish every time he surfed. Growing up, I liked to paint my surfboards in green and orange as the main tones. The two colors go together The results are always amazing.”

The new Superocean watch has everyone satisfied. Collectors will relish the rendition of the classics inherited from Slow Motion, water sports enthusiasts will experience the superb performance brought by its superb technology, and fashion seekers will be fascinated by the versatile functions of this watch, day or night, From the beach to the boardroom, it's perfect for any occasion. The new Superocean is a perfect balance between nostalgic feelings for the historical heritage of the watch and a new look.


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