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British Centennial MG ReappearsMG HS, HS PHEV Makes Domestic First Appearance

●First introduction of 1.5T HS gasoline and PHEV dual-power models

●Standard 12.3-inch digital instrument + 10.1-inch floating touch screen

●Introduced MG PILOT 2.0 Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system

Equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine and a 1.5-liter plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid

The British MG brand with a century of history was officially announced on July 27 by the general agent of British Morris (MG Taiwan) to return to the Taiwan market, and at the brand presentation site, it was the first to show the brand’s first domestic launch in China. The HS series are dual-power models, which are the HS gasoline model with a 1.5-liter turbo engine and the HS PHEV model with a plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system. It will be officially launched as soon as September this year. As for the selling price, the general agent has not announced it yet, only that the price of the 1.5T HS model will be within one million yuan, while the first domestically produced HS PHEV in Taiwan will fall within 1.2 million yuan.

Founded in 1924, the British MG car brand was acquired by China's Nanjing Automobile Group in 2005. Later, Nanjing Automobile was fully acquired by Shanghai Automobile (SAIC Motor) in 2007, bringing the MG brand into its subordinates and called SAIC MG. . In July this year, MG Taiwan, which was invested by domestic Zhonghua Automobile, not only officially obtained the MG brand agency, but also had a cooperation project to manufacture some car series in the Zhonghua Automobile production line. What Bo brings is to target the most competitive mid-size SUV segment models HS and HS PHEV in China.

The domestically launched HS models are mainly based on the "Pilot" models currently sold in the Chinese market in terms of appearance, and a sporty Trophy Edition appearance kit has been added. The well-designed interior features a 12.3-inch digital instrument, a 10.1-inch floating touch screen, and three flat-bottom multi-function steering wheels. Android Auto, dual-zone climate control, 256-color ambient cabin lighting, Keyless Entry/Push Start, mobile phone wireless charging, 360-degree surround view image assist system, panoramic sunroof, multiple driving modes, and power tailgate are all standard, HS PHEV models are equipped with more BOSE surround sound and air purifiers. In addition, the whole car series has also imported the MG PILOT 2.0 Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system, including ACC/LKA/AEB/TJA/BSD/LCA/RCTA/DOW/SAS/IHC and other active safety technologies.

The interior layout is quite modern in design, and the overall material texture is also quite good, and there are two interior colors of night black and ice peak white (PHEV) to choose from.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument with a full sense of technology can not only display rich driving information and icons, but also change the dazzling backlight tone for different driving modes.
Both models come standard with sporty electric racing leather seats.

For the power part, the 1.5T model is equipped with a MEGA Tech 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine, matched with a 7-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission, with a maximum power output of 180hp and 29.1kgm. The PHEV model is equipped with a MEGA Tech 1.5T turbo gasoline engine, and is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a 16.6kWh NCM lithium-ion battery pack, supplemented by a 10-speed intelligent electric gearbox, with a maximum combined horsepower of 291hp and 48.0kgm. And torque output, the pure electric mileage can reach about 70km, and the average fuel consumption is at the level of 70km/L.

The HS is offered with a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine (180hp/29.1kgm) and a 1.5-liter plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid system (291hp/48.0kgm) to choose from.


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