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British MG brand reappears in Taiwan domestic MG HS third season pioneer attack

●Domestic medium-sized leisure travel HS is the first to debut

●Plug-in HS PHEV will be added later

●ZS EV pure electric cross-border travel "import" introduction

MG HS is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine + 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

On April 13 this year, China Automobile Corporation announced that it will introduce domestically produced British MG brand vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year. What kind of car model is imported, but from the camouflaged test car running all over the street and the sent test car appearing in the relevant certification documents of the Environmental Protection Agency, we can see that the first pioneer is the MG HS, a medium-sized recreational vehicle, and this car model is also confirmed It will be launched under the MG brand name of MG China and in the form of "domestic production", and the release date may be advanced to the third quarter of this year. At the same time, the subsidiary "Taiwan British Morris Motors" established by Zhonghua Automobile is responsible for MG brand vehicles. Operation and sales of funds.

Zhonghua Automobile said that the main purpose of cooperating with MG, a century-old British car brand, is to strengthen the utilization rate of the production line to ensure cost competitiveness, and also to build a more diverse lineup of new energy vehicle product lines. Therefore, in addition to the first launch In addition to the Pioneer MG HS, HS PHEVs designed with a plug-in gasoline-electric system will also be launched in China before the end of this year. It will be imported into the sales model to lay out the electrification market and correspond to the CAFE fuel consumption standard implemented in China.

HS adopts a new look of "MG Pilot"

The century-old British car brand MG was founded in 1924, but was acquired by China's Nanjing Automobile Group in 2005. After that, the group was fully acquired by Shanghai Automobile (SAIC) in 2007, and the MG brand was included under its command. It was also called SAIC MG, and later launched MG 3, MG 6 and MG 7 and other car models. In addition to domestic exports to Europe and other overseas markets, SAIC MG has also set up manufacturing plants in Thailand, India, Pakistan and other countries. In recent years, it has also launched cross-border SUV models such as MG HS and MG ZS in response to the trend.

It is the HS SUV model launched by SAIC MG at the Beijing Auto Show in 2018
SAIC MG is a new year-style "MG Pilot" model after a minor facelift based on the HS model.

As for the HS, which will be launched in China, it is the third SUV product launched by MG. It was unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. Its body length, width and height are 4574/1876/1664mm, and its wheelbase is 2720mm. CR-V, Ford Kuga, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 are similar to other models, and they are the most popular mid-size SUV class. However, it should be noted that MG HS will launch a slightly modified model in the Chinese market in 2021. The name of the car is "MG Pilot", and the body size is slightly larger at 4610/1876/1685mm. However, the wheelbase is still 2720mm, but it is more paradoxical that SAIC MG did not stop the production of the original HS model, but adopted the situation of "selling two cars together" with the small facelift Pilot. As for the foreign market, it is more complicated, because the European market and the Philippines are currently selling the HS with the front of the car without minor changes, but the MG Pilot is sold locally in Thailand. This is the case. Next, I believe everyone's most direct question is what kind of appearance will the domestic MG HS show? According to the information obtained by this magazine, the MG HS that will be launched in the third quarter as soon as possible will adopt the appearance of the Pilot model, but the name of the car will remain the same as HS.

The facelifted MG Pilot launched in 2021 has a slightly larger body size than the original HS model, at 4610/1876/1685mm (the wheelbase is still 2720mm), and the size is the same as that of the CR-V, Kuga, RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 Similar models.

Equipped with Level 2 MG Pilot 2.0 system

In terms of interior equipment, from the perspective of the Chinese version of the "MG Pilot" model, the entry-level model is equipped with digital instruments, a 10.1-inch floating central control touch screen (supporting Apple CarPlay/Android Auto), and three flat-bottom multi-panel as standard. Functional leather steering wheel, reversing development system, EPB electronic handbrake, etc., while high-end models are added including LED headlights, dual-zone independent thermostatic air conditioning, cabin mood lights, panoramic sunroof, 360-degree surround view image display system and electric power Tailgate etc. As for the Level 2 MG Pilot 2.0 active safety protection system, it is standard on the mid-to-high-end models, including ACC active distance maintenance cruise, FCW forward collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, LKA lane maintenance and RCTA reversing warning, BSD blind spot detection warning and IHC high and low light automatic switching system, etc.

The fuel version of the HS and the plug-in HS PHEV have roughly the same interior layout, with digital instruments, a 10.1-inch central control touch screen, three flat-bottom multi-function steering wheels, and Level 2 MG Pilot 2.0 active safety. Technology.

In the power system part, the MG HS gasoline version models are equipped with 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engines respectively. The former is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and the latter is a 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The maximum horsepower output is respectively 173hp/28.1kgm and 231hp/37.8kgm. As for the localized MG HS model, it is powered by a 1.5-liter turbo engine. In addition, the HS PHEV, which will be launched in the future, is also equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a lithium battery pack with a capacity of 16.6kWh, which can release 291hp, 48.98kgm maximum power, and has a pure electric driving range of 75km.

According to the test data, the localized MG HS model is powered by a 1.5-liter turbo engine and is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with a maximum power output of 173hp and 28.1kgm.

2022 ZS EV imported from Thailand for sale

As for the MG ZS EV pure electric SUV, which is listed in the list of imported vehicles for sale, the models currently sold by SAIC MG are still the model versions launched in July 2019 (that is, running around the streets in Taiwan). The test car that was photographed), not the 2022 New Year-style small facelift model. These two models have completely different fronts. As for the models that will be imported in the future, it is estimated that the 2022 New Year’s style small facelift imported from Thailand models. The body length/width/height dimensions of the New Year-style ZS EV are 4314/1809/1620mm, and the wheelbase is 2585mm, which is comparable to the mainstream domestic crossover SUVs such as Nissan Kicks, Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3.

The plug-in HS PHEV is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a 16.6kWh lithium battery pack, which can release 291hp, 48.98kgm maximum power, and have a pure electric driving range of 75km.

For the power part, the new-year models are equipped with 51.1 kWh (standard version) and 72.6 kWh (Long Rang version) lithium battery modules with larger capacity than the original model's 44.5kWh lithium battery, which can provide 320km (WLTP) and 440km (WLTP) respectively. ) The maximum cruising range is a considerable increase from its original 263km. The charging part uses a CCS Type 2 socket. For a long-range 72.6kWh battery, it takes 10 hours to fully charge a standard 7kW AC slow charge, but with a 100kW DC fast charge, it only takes 40 minutes to charge from 0 to 0. % Charge to 80% power. However, the power specifications, equipment and price of the domestic version imported in the future are still unknown, but it is certain that the import source is not China (due to regulations prohibiting the import of complete vehicles from China), but from MG The Thailand factory is most likely to be introduced.

The interior layout of MG ZS EV has the current mainstream fully digital instrumentation, touch-sensitive multimedia screen host and knob-type gear shift system, and uses carbon fiber-like trim panels and red stitching to create a sporty atmosphere in the cabin.


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