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British super hardcore 4X4 off-road vehicle INEOS Grenadier officially launched in Taiwan market

This year’s emerging brand in the automotive industry – INEOS Grenadier, has been announced by Yongsan International as the general agent in the Taiwan market since the end of June. It has received many heated discussions and praises, and continues the high popularity of the brand. /6) Hold the brand's first public release meeting, presenting this full-time four-wheel drive off-road vehicle that combines classic style and contemporary technology to the public. In front of the ten-meter-high waterfall, overlooking the light and shadow of Taipei 101, the conflicting aesthetics between the wilderness and the city perfectly presents the unique charm of INEOS Grenadier's hardcore and pure.

The name of the Grenadier car was inspired by the historic pub of the same name in London, England. In 2017, Jim Ratcliffe, the founder of INEOS Group, who loves car culture and is also a senior off-road adventurer, was in the Grenadier bar. During a conversation with his friends, he felt that none of the existing off-road vehicles on the market could meet his demanding perfection. Therefore, the elites from various fields were assembled to establish the INEOS Automotive team, combining the soul of British rough design with the precise and rigorous German car-making technology to create a contemporary off-road star – INEOS Grenadier.

The exterior design of Grenadier highlights the strong and hard-core personality. The square body structure inherits the classic off-road shape, the exclusive developed trapezoidal beam chassis structure, and the inside and outside of the frame are treated with double-layer anti-rust treatment. Certainly, it perfectly constitutes Grenadier's strong off-road strength. Gathering various vehicle settings, Grenadier has an entry angle of 35.5°, a crossing angle of 28.2°, and a departure angle of 36.1°, as well as a ground clearance of 264mm and a wading depth of 800mm. It is not afraid of difficult road conditions and extreme weather, and has achieved the most solid and reliable durability. and practicality.

In terms of power, Grenadier is equipped with the award-winning BMW 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine, as well as an 8-speed ZF manual transmission system and a two-speed booster box configuration, bringing smooth torque output and gear shifting Experience, combined with Brembo's powerful braking performance, shows excellent off-road dynamic performance and road driving quality, and the road conditions are changeable and fearless.

In terms of interior design, Grenadier has its own unique style. It closely adheres to the brand's Built on Purpose design concept, retains only the necessary control button components, and deliberately increases the distance between all physical buttons. It is easy to operate when driving on bumpy roads or wearing gloves. It is also intuitive and reasonable, and the off-road and wading mode settings can be switched on the cabin-style top control panel. At the same time, the positions of the front and rear differential lock control panels and the external power control switch group are reserved. needed. The water-resistant interior and detachable wear-resistant drainage floor in the compartment can be easily washed if it is covered by mud. The excellent covering force of the RECAROTM seat provides good support and comfort for driving, and it is safe no matter whether you are conquering rough mountain roads or driving on roads. Grenadier's unique 30/70 split tailgate design, which can be easily opened even when connected to a trailer or in a narrow area. The 1,255L spacious and square rear compartment storage space is equipped with storage and fixing accessories. You can stack it as much as you need for travel, and it is optional Safari-style sunroof, compass altimeter, Nappa leather or vintage aniline saddle leather-covered steering wheel and other accessories to create a unique and exclusive car.

The basic price of Grenadier in Taiwan starts from 4.28 million, and gasoline and diesel versions will be imported at the same time to meet different usage needs. In addition, Grenadier also provides a variety of accessories options for consumers to choose from, so that every car owner can create a personalized car according to his personal preferences.

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