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Buy SWIFT or IGNIS car discounts this month plus add SUZUKI "all-round novice driving training camp" is well received

TAIWAN SUZUKI has launched a number of "all-round novice driving training camps" since July this year, which have been warmly supported and praised by the majority of car fans and novice drivers. The participants not only improved their driving confidence and enthusiasm under the training of the activities, but also experienced various aspects of SUZUKI. The charm of the car model GO UNIQUE! With the expectation of many car fans, the 3 additional encore sessions in September were fully booked as soon as registration was opened. In the future, TAIWAN SUZUKI will also strive to provide better services and event content to give back to car fans.

In order to thank the car fans for their support and love, this month’s SWIFT or IGNIS car purchase discounts will be increased: the owner can enjoy the government subsidy old-for-new price (SWIFT starts from 670,000 yuan / IGNIS starts from 645,000 yuan) and 650,000 easy loans to buy cars Special project, the monthly payment is only 9,999 yuan, and you can easily drive your car home, and get a 10,000 yuan refueling bonus after getting the license! In addition, in order to continue to benefit novice drivers, as long as they show the relevant certificates of obtaining a license within 10 years or attending a driving training class, they can enjoy a full subsidy of 13,500 yuan for the driving training class fee.

Many car models enjoy multiple discounts, don't miss it anymore, take advantage of it now! Welcome to all major SUZUKI exhibition centers in Taiwan to enjoy the test ride.

1. The government-subsidized old-for-new price refers to the price after deducting the government's old-for-new subsidy. The detailed measures are subject to government decree announcements.

2. Come to the store or take a test ride to get Hades ice cream (100ml). Complete customer information is required for all reward activities. The gifts are limited and will be delivered while supplies last.

3. Buying IGNIS or SWIFT (excluding SWIFT SPORT models) can enjoy a full subsidy of 13,500 yuan for the driving training class. The applicable object is the person or second-degree relatives (relevant certificates must be produced), and the driver's license (except for non-ordinary light motorcycles, ordinary heavy-duty motorcycles, and large-scale heavy-duty motorcycles) is issued on July 1, 2020, or with If you provide relevant supporting documents for the registration and payment of a legally registered car driving training institution in Taiwan, you can enjoy a discount of 13,500 yuan on the purchase of a car. This activity is not applicable to vehicles leased, operated, approved by government agencies and projects.

4. The project of 650,000 monthly payment of 9,999 has a period of 6 years (72 months), and the loan interest rate is 3.42%. The applicable car models are IGNIS and SWIFT (excluding SWIFT SPORT models). rights and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional items.

5. If you buy a car and get a license this month, you can enjoy the relevant regulations of Mingtai Insurance Company's "theft loss insurance" and "unlimited mileage road rescue" underwriting operations.

6. IGNIS and SWIFT (excluding SWIFT SPORT models) will receive a "CNPC gift card of $10,000" for this month's registration. This activity is not applicable to vehicles leased, operated, approved by government agencies and projects. According to the tax law of the Republic of China, if the value of the award exceeds NT$1,001, the recipient must complete and submit a photocopy of his ID card in accordance with the regulations. The dealer will issue various income tax withholding vouchers to each recipient car owner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

7. In September 2023, the promotion plan for licensed gifts of various car models is valid for those who complete the licensed procedures from now until September 28, 2023.

8. This picture is for reference only, if it does not match the real car, please use the real car as the main one. The various equipment and actions of the car models may have their own conditions and restrictions, and the product specifications may not be complete due to space limitations. Please consult the major exhibition centers to read the relevant instructions for purchase. TAIWAN SUZUKI reserves the right to change the content of the event and the final interpretation. For details, please contact the major dealers and official websites.

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