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Capture the "Levorg Layback" camouflage car at close range! The outline is getting clearer

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Released at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show? The Levorg "Layback" with the smallest height from the ground
●Catch the "Levorg Layback" camouflage car up close! Equipped with decorative panels to change the appearance impression?

Released at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan? Levorg "Layback" with the smallest height from the ground

Subaru Levorg

Subaru Levorg will implement a major facelift in 2020 and move towards the second-generation model. So far, two minor facelifts have been implemented, and the current model will be launched on November 24, 2022.

Subaru will add "Levorg Smart Edition" to the list on July 3, 2023. It is expected that it will be changed to a D-type model through a minor facelift within 2023, and what changes the minor facelift will implement is also the focus of attention.

Since June 2023, sightings of the "Levorg" camouflaged car have appeared one after another. Up to now, it has been introduced many times that the camouflaged car not only has the characteristics of "Levorg", but also has a higher minimum ground clearance, making it a Crossover SUV style.

It is inferred from Subaru's application for the "Layback" trademark that the trademark may be used to disguise the name of the car in the future. In addition, the car is very likely to be released at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.

Capture the "Levorg Layback" camouflage car up close! Equipped with decorative panels to change the appearance impression?

Photo credit: San Chan
Photo credit: San Chan

The latest sighting information of "Levorg Layback" camouflaged car successfully captured the appearance of the right rear and right side of the car body at close range, and its shape design can be inferred through the body parts.

Judging from the body parts, it has the same shape as the camouflaged cars witnessed in the past, and there is not much difference from "Levorg". The rear bumper is also designed with a certain thickness and Crossover SUV style.

It can be inferred from the shaded part that the car has decorative panels on the fenders, and it should be to create a Crossover SUV atmosphere through resin parts.

In addition, the rim design can be seen more clearly this time, which is also a new design that is not set in the current "Levorg".

Original source:A close-up spy shot of the Subaru Levorg Layback test car!style gradually revealed
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