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"Cast-style" adhesive film and back-adhesive technology are the key! Color-saturated and highly weather-resistant body coverings fit more snugly and won't damage the original paint when removed. 3M Body Color Changing Film 2080 High-gloss Series is a new arrival using double-layer cast films with high mirror-like paint texture.

Car body color changing film 2080 high gloss series - using double-layer cast film - new appearance of high mirror paint texture - provided by 3M.

In recent years, the demand for injecting personalized style into the car has increased. The use of color-changing film to extend one's own style to the appearance of the car has become another pleasure for car lovers and fashionistas. Many owners of top-end cars even apply it directly after delivering the car from the car factory. Send it to the car wrapping factory to give your car a new look, whether it's a full car color change or a customized contrasting color roof.Or partial line embellishment, the car owner’s unique tasteIt can make your car look more eye-catching. However, the market demand has increased, and the quality of the application of various color-changing films is uneven. Whether it is the film material production process or the glue technology, it will affect the aesthetics and practicality of the film after application. Many car owners choose high-end films with higher stability. The material is "cast-type" adhesive film, supplemented by products with micro-venting channels and alignable adhesive, replacing the cheaper "wheel-pressed" adhesive film, and naming trustworthy brands to reduce bubbling and warping after construction. The edges or uneven color saturation will affect the appearance of the finished car or the possibility of damage to the original paint during future glue removal.

The unique adhesive design of 3M car body color-changing film increases the accuracy of construction, making the film application process more secure and efficient (provided by 3M)

3M, the pioneer of body color-changing films, has expertise in a variety of film materials and adhesives. It continues to improve its adhesive technology and develops a variety of colors. The entire range of 3M body color-changing films 2080 adopts "double-layer cast" adhesive films and has launched "3M Auto Body Color Changing Film 2080 High Gloss Series "The brand new 12 colors refresh the industry's high mirror paint texture ceiling for car body color-changing film, creating the most outstanding and bright new look for your car. From now on, 3M's authorized construction companies in Taiwan will fully sell it!

A professional car film store shares: You can’t just look at the appearance when applying a film, the film production process greatly affects the texture!
The body color-changing film specifies "cast-type" film, which can be safely and comfortably covered before and after construction to create a dazzling car body.

Many consumers pay more attention to the color when choosing a color-changing film, but ignore the film process and the quality of the backing glue, which are important factors that affect the quality of the finished product and the preservation of the car price. Among them, different film processing technologies and the backing glue used make Even though the films look similar in appearance, the quality is actually very different. A senior car body wrapping boss shared the important concepts of car body color-changing films that car owners must know: "There are many choices for car wrapping nowadays, and the film production process is divided into wheel pressing, and cast-type adhesive film. The functions of the two are different. The difference between advanced adhesive technology and general adhesive will also affect the texture of the finished product. Therefore, before entering the construction site, we will first understand the needs of the car owners. Many car owners will be confused as soon as they come in. If it is a new car or a high-end car, you have to do your homework before applying the film, and there will be requirements for the material selection of the color-changing film." The boss also said that generally, the low-priced color-changing films in the market are mostly "wheel-pressed" films. It has a wide variety of colors at an affordable price, and the process is fast, making it suitable for short-term color change applications. However, the viscosity stability of the glue is not good, and it is prone to blistering, degumming or warping in the future. Color differences are prone to occur in the production of color materials, and the film material has poor ductility. The edges of the film tend to shrink easily. Another problem that car owners complain about is that if they want to remove the film in the future, it will easily cause problems such as embrittlement, film separation, and residual glue, which will damage the original paint, and subsequent car owners will need to spend more time, The cost will be solved, so many car owners who have color change experience will try to avoid wheel-pressed film.

The car owner used 3M Body Color Changing Film 2080 Highlight Series to embellish some lines to show his personal characteristics (provided by 3M)

The 3M car body color-changing film uses a "cast" film, which is a high-end material with high stability. Although the process is more time-consuming, the film material produced is light, soft and conformable.It has the advantages of good ductility and low shrinkage, making it smoother and more conformable to the curved lines of the car body.coupled with the addition of glue and manufacturing technology with micro-exhaust channels and positionable technology, the color of the film material is more stable, the texture is more realistic, and it has high weather resistance.Suitable for long term useand it is not easy to leave glue residue when removed, so it is the car body color-changing film material designated by many car owners.

3M has developed glossy, satin, matte, special texture, pearlescent and other series with nearly a hundred color patterns to choose from (provided by 3M)

3M Car body color changing film 2080 series "double-layer cast type" film
More practical!Good weather resistance, stable quality, precise construction, and no glue residue left after removal
More beautiful!Smooth and conformable, no blistering, true color and texture

3M is a pioneer in automotive film materials. It has a leading position in the market from automotive insulation films, paint protective films, and body color-changing films. 3M Auto Body Color Changing FilmThe entire series adopts "double-layer cast" adhesive film. The film material has high stability and low shrinkage, and the edges of the film material are not easy to warp. In addition to using high-end process film materials, 3M has expertise in adhesive technology and material science. Professional knowledge, 3M car body color-changing film has good weather resistance, the quality and color saturation of the film material are quite stable, and the texture is more realistic after actual application. The unique back-adhesive design of 3M car body color-changing film can increase the accuracy of construction, making the car owner more secure and efficient during the film application process, such as3M Controltac Alignment Adhesivecan reduce the initial viscosity of the glue, reduce the risk of alignment during construction and pasting, achieve precise alignment and improve construction efficiency; while the adhesive film3M Comply invisible air guide grooves have micro-glass beads and exhaust channels, which can reduce the generation of air bubbles during the construction process and allow the car film to cover the car body base material more closely. It not only meets the needs of car owners, reduces construction time, but also reduces subsequent costs. maintenance issues, it is an excellent choice for car body color changing films currently on the market. In addition to making great efforts in the research and development and design of film materials, 3M car body color-changing film products alsoDeveloped glossy, satin, matte, special texture, pearlescent and other series with nearly a hundred color patterns for car owners to choose from.

3M film material is highly malleable and can completely cover the corners and curved surfaces such as rearview mirrors or hoods without warping or bubbling (provided by 3M)

"3M Auto Body Color Changing Film 2080 High Gloss Series" 12 colors of high mirror paint texture are newly launched

From now on, all series of films applied by authorized builders from the original factory enjoy a 5-year warranty.

The quality of 3M car body color-changing films is highly recognized by car owners. It continues to comply with market demands and trends, and introduces various color-changing film options. This year, it launches a new"3M Car Body Color Changing Film 2080"High-gloss Series", a full series of 12 colors from dark to light, the new high-gloss series has been upgraded and optimized in addition to the adhesive layer. After installation, the appearance is smoother and more compliant, providing gloss like glossy paint, high-gloss film material The surface is like a mirror, and the mirror effect is 250% better than other high-end cast films; and the adhesive layer has been optimized and upgraded. The orange peel texture that worried car owners most when applying high-gloss films on automobiles in the past has also been greatly reduced in the high-gloss series. , after installation, the appearance of the car body is smooth and the surface is high-gloss, creating a more eye-catching car body appearance.

3M film material is highly malleable and can completely cover the corners and curved surfaces such as rearview mirrors or hoods without warping or bubbling (provided by 3M)

In order to provide car owners with a higher standard of product experience and services, 3M Taiwan will install the full range of 3M body color changing films 2080 at designated 3M original factory authorized builders from now on. In addition to the construction by professional certified technicians, the store will also provide a 3M warranty after completion. With the card, you can enjoy the 3M original factory warranty of up to 5 years. With such sincere and professional services, car owners who are considering changing the color of their car may wish to act immediately to welcome the new year and give their car the most dazzling new look!
3M Auto Body Color Changing Film 2080 full range of product related information and sales locations across Taiwan:

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