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Celebrate HYUNDAI winning the Best SUV Award

[Taipei News]Celebrating HYUNDAI Auto's two best-selling models, Tucson L and VENUE, won the 2022 "Best Domestic Mid-Size SUV" and "Best Domestic Small SUV" honors selected by domestic automotive media. Order Tucson L and VENUE to enjoy three great gifts, including high zero interest rate, blue diamond thermal insulation paper, and unlimited mileage extended warranty for six major systemsNote 1. At the same time, Chinese people are invited to experience the charm of HYUNDAI's new generation Fengyun SUV lineup. From now on, the whole car series will be held for a test ride worth one million yuan. The super popular locomotive SYM DRG (market price $118,000) will be given away every week.

The new generation The All New Tucson L has created an advanced benchmark for domestic leisure travel with three indicators of "Lead forward-looking technology", "Luxury luxury and comfort" and "Large car style". Nearly 5,000 copies have been accumulated, and professional media have highly praised and awarded the "Best Domestic Mid-Size SUV" in 2022. Another popular leisure travel VENUE will have a personalized appearance, rich and fun driving fun, plus active safety equipment beyond the same level, it is deeply favored by consumers of the younger generation, plus the super color rendering series launched from time to time to satisfy color control car owners Likes, it has become the best seller of domestic small Fun SUVs.

The other two models, SANTA FE and Kona Electric, which have the status of imported leisure travel, have also successively obtained foreign and domestic evaluation certifications this year. The world-renowned British car media What car? awarded SANTA FE "Best Large SUV" at the beginning of the yearNote 2In recognition of the appearance and interior after the facelift, the LSUV's texture, as well as the seven-seater high-performance space for families, the new power technology of the turbo engine, and the chassis control performance, all impressed the jury and are worth recommending to consumers. By. The Kona Electric, HYUNDAI's first electric car in China, passed the energy consumption test of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs with a score of 7.9km/kWhNote 3

the best performance, and the entry-level EV300 model is only priced at 1.279 million, which is the best choice for stepping into the first electric car in life.

The HYUNDAI SUV lineup has a number of best reputations. Nanyang Industrial invites consumers to come to the store for a test ride and experience the charm of the new generation of vehicles. From now on, you can participate in the million-dollar prize draw for nine consecutive weeks. The super-popular SYM DRG locomotive (market price of $118,000) will be given away. You can also make an appointment for a test ride at the home to participate in the lucky draw. For details, please contact the National HYUNDAI Exhibition Center.

Note 1: The blue diamond body heat insulation paper provided by VENUE includes the side windows and rear windshield, but does not include the front windshield. Tucson L presents FSK blue diamond thermal insulation paper for the whole car including the front windshield, side windows and rear windshield, excluding the sunroof. The car purchase discount is mainly based on the official website announcement or exhibition center information.

Note 2:

Note 3: According to the data issued by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in December 110.


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