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Celebrating the hot sale of 30,000 units of New Ford KugaNew Ford Kuga EcoBoost®180 fashion X model enjoys a cash price of 869,000 yuan for trade-in"Must try" come to the store for a test drive every week to draw iPhone 14 Pro, Free Louisa coffee voucher

Celebrating the hot sale of 30,000 New Ford Kuga units, Ford Liuhe has launched a limited-time offer. From October 1st to October 31st, 2022, you can enjoy 869,000 yuan for the New Ford Kuga 180 Fashion X Model At a cash discounted price, the popular car models New Ford Focus/Focus Active also offer a high 0% interest rate car purchase discount of 600,000 yuan; in addition, this month Ford Liuhe has launched a "must try" campaign, from October 1 to October 2022 During the event on the 31st, consumers can test drive any car model at all Ford dealerships in Taiwan and upload it on social media (FB/IG) to share, and then they can get a Louisa coffee product redemption coupon (limited quantity, while stocks last) , and qualified for the weekly iPhone 14 Pro lottery. Successfully invited more than 2 new friends to complete the test drive, and the main player will enjoy additional lucky draw opportunities. Consumers from all over Taiwan are invited to join groups to experience the driving fun of the Ford brand with both performance and control stability, and it is well received by the United States. Authoritative evaluation Confirmed and sold more than 70,000 Level 2 driver assistance technology systems in Taiwan.[1]

The first choice for pure sports runningNew Ford Kuga8010,000-class turbo power,LV2Intelligent driving technology is fully equipped

"Pure European sports running tour" New Ford Kuga has been launched with EcoBoost®180/EcoBoost®250 is a dual-appearance and dual-power dual-main model strategy. Among them, the ST-Line X AWD performance model equipped with a 2.0L twin-turbo turbocharged gasoline engine has a maximum horsepower of 250ps. With front/rear suspension lightweight aluminum alloy lower arms and AWD detachable intelligent four-wheel drive system, it can also deliver the excellent performance of 0-100km/h acceleration into the 6-second table club, and it is calm and shock-proof and exceeds The same level of performance and driving pleasure has not only won the editor's review of the British "CAR Magazine" professional car magazine "continuing the status of the control benchmark in the SUV field", but also favored by Taiwanese consumers.

In addition to its excellent performance, the New Ford Kuga's rich technological equipment and stunning NVH cabin quietness are also one of its product advantages. The entire car series comes standard with an 8-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen and supports Apple CarPlay®/ Android AutoTMwith intelligent interconnection SYNC®The integrated system of entertainment communication makes daily movement easier and more convenient. Ford Co-Pilot 360, which was first introduced at the same timeTMAll-round intelligent driving technology assistance, and has been selected as the top three brands of Level 2 driver assistance systems by the US "Consumer Reports", which is enough to verify that the New Ford Kuga is a pure European system with leapfrog power, safety technology, tranquility and comfort. Sports running travel market positioning.

In order to celebrate the sales of New Ford Kuga over 30,000 units, and to allow more consumers to easily buy high-quality sports cars at the 800,000 yuan level, Ford Liuhe is now launching the New Ford Kuga EcoBoost®The 180 fashion X model has a cash price of 869,000 yuan, which is the best time to enter the limited-time offer. At the same time, in order to give back to the support of Ford owners, the original Ford owners upgraded the New Ford Kuga to enjoy a five-year original factory warranty for a limited time.

best sellerNew Ford Focusand Focus Active Leading a distinctive sporty style and driving pleasure

The New Ford Focus, the strongest German mid-size car in its class, and the New Ford Focus Active, a German mid-size crossover SUV, have been launched so far. With excellent driving fun and strong product capabilities, leading kinetic energy technology and Ford Co- Pilot360TMThe advantages of all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system, etc., have received a warm response in the market, and have repeatedly achieved good sales results. Since the launch of the entire Focus series in Taiwan in 2019, the total sales volume has exceeded 40,000 units, ranking second in sales of medium-sized RVs. . In addition to the five-door model that has won the top sales of mid-size hatchbacks, the Focus Active has also successfully seized the mid-size crossover SUV market, which is well received by consumers. This month, the master enjoys a high 0 interest rate of 600,000.

FordOctober car model discount plan:

car model October Offers
Ford full range From October 1st to October 31st, go to the dealerships in Taiwan to experience a test drive of any car model, and you will receive a Louisa coffee redemption coupon (limited quantity, while supplies last), and a weekly iPhone 14 draw Pro's lottery qualification, the chance of winning the lottery by group test drive is multiplied
New Ford Kuga EcoBoost from October 1st to October 31st®The 180 fashion X model enjoys an old-for-new cash price of 869,000 yuan, and a limited-time limited Ford owner upgrades the New Ford Kuga to enjoy a five-year original factory warranty
New Ford Focus New Ford Focus Active From October 1st to October 31st, enjoy 600,000 yuan 0 interest rate

[1] For detailed promotion methods and specifications, please refer to the announcement on Ford's official website.


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