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Change, in the name of dreams! Japan Mobility Show 2023(中)

Mass production coming soon

Lexus LF-ZC

The pure electric future is basically the current consensus of every car manufacturer, and Lexus is no exception. They launched two pure electric concept cars at this JMS, namely LF-ZC and LF-ZL. The former has announced that it will be launched in 2026. Mass production will begin in 2018, and the latter is the brand's flagship luxury concept car. Both cars will be mounted on the same latest modular chassis.

The LF-ZC, which is confirmed to be mass-produced in 2026, has a vehicle size close to that of a mid-size sedan and is Lexus' first step into a new generation.

The LF-ZC is closer to a traditional touring car in terms of appearance. It adopts a four-door and fastback shape. It can be said that it combines the tradition and innovation of Lexus. The body size is 4750 x 1880 x 1390mm, and the wheelbase is 2890mm. It can be said that It fully takes advantage of the large wheelbase of electric vehicles, and is also much lower than the height of current models, emphasizing better aerodynamics, which is crucial for electric vehicles. In terms of appearance, the front of the LF-ZC continues the spindle head design that has been used for many years, but integrates it into the body sheet metal instead of the function of the water tank guard, and uses many sharp angular fold lines to bring out the overall neatness and technology. The texture, supplemented by the oversized front windshield and panoramic glass roof, creates a very open and transparent field of vision.

The rear of the car adopts the most popular fastback design. The large C-pillar retracts the entire rear windshield. Below is a through-type taillight with Lexus letters in it. The rear bumper is also integrated. The LED taillights enhance the overall recognition and also have aerodynamic effects. The original manufacturer stated that the drag coefficient of LF-ZC is only 0.20 Cd.

The rear lines of the car are quite sharp, and the design of integrating the taillights and rear bumper is quite innovative.

As for the new modular platform mentioned earlier, the original factory divided the chassis into three sections, front, middle and rear, and used an integrated die-casting method to build it. The battery was placed in the center of the chassis, and the front and rear can be adjusted to make the car more convenient. The degree of freedom is more flexible. In addition, the newly designed diamond-shaped structure battery not only allows more freedom in the arrangement of each module in the battery, but also provides better battery life. Although there are no detailed power specifications yet, Lexus aims to make the LF-ZC's battery life longer It is more than twice that of today’s trams.

The new modular platform is developed based on electric vehicles, and the front and rear movable modules make vehicle design more flexible.

The cockpit of LF-ZC consists of four screens, including a slender instrument panel located above the instrument panel, digital rearview mirrors on both sides of the steering wheel, and an oversized central control screen that extends to the passenger seat. Push the technology experience to another level. The interior color system uses a combination of black and dark brown, which presents a very harmonious vision and is quite close to the level of mass production. This car has been confirmed to be mass-produced in 2026. I believe that more data and specifications will leak out in the near future, so stay tuned.

The cabin is composed of four screens, which is full of technological quality but not obtrusive at all, which makes people admire the design skills.

flagship prototype

Lexus LF-ZL

Unlike the LF-ZC, which is already in mass production, the second model Lexus exhibited at JMS, the LF-ZL, is more like a display of firepower, meeting everyone in the form of a future luxury flagship concept car. Starting from the car's appearance, the LF-ZL looks like a lower-profile luxury SUV. The standard five-door configuration and the sheet metal lines are not too perverse. It is indeed quite in line with the positioning of a Japanese flagship. The front of the car is even better. It can be seen that this car has a blood relationship with its own SUV family. The slender Nike brush stroke daytime running lights are matched with a separate headlight set. The design vocabulary of the spindle head is perfectly integrated with the body panels. The front bumper It is painted in black with pinstripes, basically without any off-road flavor, and the sense of urban technology is even stronger.

The oversized LF-ZL is Lexus’ future flagship model, and its domineering shape is even more eye-catching.

Just like the LF-ZC's panoramic glass roof, the LF-ZL also follows the same example, and adds a hexagonal icon shaped like an element cycle above the rear seat, which adds a finishing touch to the texture and futuristic feel. In view of the blood relationship between the front of the car, the rear of the LF-ZL also has a lot of current models, including through-type LED taillights, but the overall look is more simple. In addition, the original factory also combined the taillights with the rear bumper. , the L-shaped taillights are presented in a unique way, which can also be said to be ingenious.

The avant-garde vision of the rear of the car is better than that of the front. The sharp folding lines and arc-shaped sheet metal present a different aesthetic.

Although the size cannot be seen in the photo, the length of the LF-ZL has reached an exaggerated 5300mm, and the wheelbase is also as high as 3350mm, which is indeed in line with the flagship status emphasized by the original manufacturer. In addition, the way the doors of this car are opened is also quite special. The two rear doors use an electric sliding door opening method, which is quite rare for an SUV, achieving the effect of opening front and rear. The interior of the cabin of LF-ZL can also be said to be unique. The cockpit is mainly decorated in black and brown, and the layout is very similar to that of LF-ZC. The rear seat has a completely different scene, and is covered in white fabric. A screen-like design is used to create an independent two-seater space. With the addition of legrests that can be raised independently, it is basically a Japanese-style CEO chair.

The front and rear seats have completely different style designs, with a spark of collision between Nordic and Japanese styles.
The design styles of the cockpits of the two concept cars are quite consistent, and the larger LF-ZL uses a larger central control screen.

Both Lexus vehicles on display this time are equipped with the Arene OS operating system, which integrates the latest AI technology. It will collect the driver's various preferences and usage habits, learn and predict driving habits, and create a unique usage experience.

Supercar atmosphere

Toyota FT-Se

For Toyota, the field of electric vehicles seems to be developing slower than other car manufacturers, but we all know that for the entire Toyota Group, there is no question of whether or not, only whether or not. Now they are in this session There are many pure electric car models on display at JMS, the most eye-catching of which are four pure electric concept cars, including FT-Se, FT-3e, Land Cruiser Se, and EPU. Let us start with the pure electric sports car FT-Se. .

In terms of appearance, FT-Se can be said to be a breakthrough. The extremely aggressive shape has broken away from our previous understanding of Toyota. The exaggerated aerodynamics are paired with low, flat but muscular body panels. If If you hide the GR logo on the car body, you would really think it is a brand new model of a certain supercar brand. Therefore, the FT-Se is neither a pure electric 86 nor a pure electric Supra. It is the Toyota brand's third model. A pure electric supercar is just called a concept car.

The appearance of FT-Se is very close to that of a supercar, and you can also see a lot of aerodynamic enhancements.

In order to give the FT-Se better handling performance, Toyota basically jointly developed it with the performance department GAZOO Racing. The large-sized air intake dam can guide the airflow to the roof through the air holes in the sheet metal. Together with the slender The headlights are all part of the aerodynamics. The turtle on the rear wheel not only shows its momentum, but also the taillight set with tail-fin effect is an unmistakable part of FT-Se. This time, the FT-Se and FT-3e bodies share many important components, but the car styles are quite different. According to the original manufacturer, they are all in pursuit of more stable handling and aerodynamic performance.

The domineering rear end has extremely sharp lines, which further highlights the wider and lower design thinking of the car.

As for the interior, FT-Se can also be said to be quite ingenious. It uses a rectangular steering wheel close to that of a racing car, and has vertical screens on both sides, which can display various values ​​such as lap speed, braking status, and body stability systems in real time. Moving the position of the digital instrument upwards has an effect similar to a HUD head-up display. More importantly, the central control screen is canceled. It is basically a pure electric machine upgraded for the pursuit of speed. In addition, the original manufacturer also emphasized the newly designed knee and leg rests, which can effectively resist the lateral G force when the vehicle body turns. The unique honeycomb shape also has the finishing touch.

The central control system is changed to be displayed on both sides of the steering wheel, a completely driver-oriented design.
Land Hoop is lightweight and foldable, so it can be easily placed even if the luggage compartment space is limited, making the journey more flexible.
It has the function of going up and down steps (16cm), and can automatically move to the rear of the car for storage after the user gets in the car, and automatically return to the designated location when getting off the car.

Pure electric mini-tourist

Toyota FT-3e

The FT-3e, which has a very similar naming rule, is basically identical to the FT-Se introduced before. Many main parts of the body are shared by the two. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost of molding, and the two can make Advantages coexist. It is not difficult to see from the appearance that the FT-3e has a very standard SUV appearance, but its product positioning is one size smaller than the current bZ4X. It is a more urban and cross-border car, with ordinary To put it simply, if bZ4X corresponds to Rav 4, then FT-3e is the existence of CC.

FT-3e is the prototype of Toyota's new generation of pure electric minivans. The body uses straight lines to simplify the complexity.

Judging from the actual cars and photos on display, both FT-3e and FT-Se are still at a very conceptual and avant-garde stage. The former has changed Toyota's normal round lines, and the body sheet metal fold lines are quite rigid and sharp. The lines of the FT-3e can be seen from the entire front end, front bumper, fenders, front and rear doors, etc. The original manufacturer also specifically stated that most of the strokes of the FT-3e this time are level with the horizon, using simplicity to highlight the atmosphere of fashion and technology. . It is worth mentioning that the front trunk lid of the FT-3e also has a hollow design to guide the front airflow to quickly pass through the roof. It is quite similar to the FT-Se, and also has the shadow of its big brother bZ4X.

As for the light set, it is also the highlight of the FT-3e. The through-type daytime running lights are spaced with fine stripes, and are paired with very small separate headlights, which have a retro bitmap image. The taillights also adopt the same design. Let the vehicle echo perfectly from front to back.

The headlights and taillights are quite ingenious in this car, using striped intervals on the premise of a through-type design.

In the interior part, the overall thinking of FT-3e is close to that of FT-Se, but the designers use different materials and layout methods to create a warm and comfortable cabin atmosphere. The round steering wheel is paired with three screens to form a virtual cockpit. All driving information will be displayed here, including power, interior temperature, gear control, etc.; the horizontal central control screen is closer to the passenger seat. In addition, the instrument panel uses a hollow design similar to bamboo and rattan weaving, which makes people feel comfortable in a Japanese room.

The new-generation interior is not only simple but also technologically advanced, and the new Arene operating system has the ability to learn and predict.
The slender pure electric logistics truck can effectively save space. At the same time, different accessories can be replaced to adapt to different working environments and customized services.
An engineering vehicle specially built for the outer space environment. The four axles are equipped with motors and steering systems respectively. It can cross a 50-centimeter drop and climb a 25-degree steep slope.

Electric cruise

Toyota Land Cruiser Se

As early as a few months ago, Toyota officially launched a new generation of Land Cruiser car series, but this does not seem to have stopped the pace of Land Cruiser updates. Toyota once again let the world see the Land Cruiser at this JMS, and it is still The pure electric Se version, and more importantly, this car is expected to be officially released next year.

The pure electric version of Land Cruiser Se is expected to be officially launched next year and will have a standard three-row configuration.

The body dimensions of the Land Cruiser Se have been announced. The length, width and height are 5150 x 1990 x 1705mm, and the wheelbase has reached 3050mm. In terms of vehicle size, it is close to the 300 series of gasoline vehicles, and it is the flagship of the Land Cruiser. , so the car will also have a standard three-row seat configuration. The original manufacturer also emphasized that due to the simple power structure of the electric vehicle, the interior space of the vehicle can be maximized, which is certainly a plus for a three-row traveler. In addition to its excellent space performance, the Land Cruiser is the leader in off-roading among the Toyota brands. The high torque of the electric motor is even more powerful when traveling through bad places. At the same time, the quiet movement process also makes commuting in the city more convenient. for comfort.

When it comes to Land Cruiser, what comes to mind is off-roading, where the advantage of the large torque of the electric motor can be fully unleashed.
The electric-powered Land Cruiser is quite amazing, and its quiet movement greatly improves ride comfort.

In terms of appearance, the Land Cruiser Se basically does not have much shadow of a petrol car, but is more similar to the FT-3e. The sheet metal adopts a simple and rigid design, and the slender headlight group lacks a bit of rugged temperament, making it more stylish. Adding to the appearance of fashionable technology, the all-black window frames create the visual experience of a suspended roof. At the rear of the car, the Land Cruiser Se has a clearly visible rear wing, with a third brake light set in it. The taillights adopt a through-type design like other electric vehicles.

Toyota EPU

EPU is a medium-sized pickup truck pure electric concept vehicle launched by Toyota. It has a length of 5070mm and a wheelbase of 3350mm. It is built with a monocoque body and has higher durability. The cabin has a double-cabin structure, and the rear of the rear compartment is directly connected to the cargo bed. It is a brand-new design for a pickup truck. In addition, the purely electric-driven architecture gives this vehicle a low center of gravity that is rare in other pickup trucks. It can also be used for general urban transportation. Enjoy SUV-level comfort.

Toyota EPU

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