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Change, in the name of dreams! Japan Mobility Show 2023(Part 1)

The Japan Auto Show, which finally resumed after being affected by the epidemic, was officially renamed Japan Mobility Show. The content on display was finally no longer limited to four-wheel passenger cars, but expanded to include commercial vehicles, motorcycles, car bodies, parts, machinery, Various mobile devices and other industries bring a different viewing experience from the past. The Japan Mobility Show 2023 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center. The exhibition period will start from October 26 to November 5, for a total of 11 days.

The epidemic has had a huge impact on major industries around the world, among which physical exhibitions are one of the industries that have been hardest hit. After all, the meaning of exhibitions is that audiences from all over the world gather in closed exhibition halls at the same time to enjoy the event. , and as a result, many world-famous auto shows were suspended one after another during the three years when the epidemic was the most severe. The Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, which is the protagonist this time, is one of them. However, crisis is a turning point. Many auto shows have also begun to have the opportunity to make changes because they were forced to recuperate and set the exhibition's goals bigger and further. In the past, they only focused on four-wheeled vehicles. Instead, they changed to all mobile tools. Continue to transform concepts into reality and drive dreams with green energy.

The 55-year-old Tokyo Auto Salon has been officially renamed Japan Mobility Show (JMS) this year. Exhibitors are no longer limited to traditional global car manufacturers, but have insights into the future of mobility from all over Japan. Companies with ideas join in this great event.
In addition to showing cars and motorcycles, four interactive display areas including Life/Emergency/Play/Food & Mobility are also set up to dynamically demonstrate how new mobility will affect future life.

As mentioned above, the Tokyo Auto Salon, which has been in business for 55 years, was officially renamed Japan Mobility Show (hereinafter referred to as JMS) this year, with three major concepts as the main axis of the exhibition, namely Future Mobility and Green Energy. Sustainability and Dream Vision, therefore exhibitors are not limited to traditional global car manufacturers, but also companies from all over Japan that have ideas for future mobility participate in the event and share their ideas for future mobility with consumers around the world. At the same time, we must also move towards the goal of carbon neutrality, reduce carbon emissions from the manufacturing end, and give the earth a friendlier and more sustainable environment. In addition, the exhibition also encourages everyone to bravely pursue their dreams, and has specially created an exhibition area exclusively for children. They will be exposed to various mobile and energy industries from an early age, and brave dreams will become possible in the future.

This year's Japan Mobility Show focuses on three major concepts: Future Mobility, Green Sustainability and Dream Vision.

There are not as many participating car manufacturers in this Japan Mobility Show as in the past, but it is Japan’s home field after all, so almost all Japanese car manufacturers are participating in the event, including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Sony Honda Mobility, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, BYD, Aidea, etc., and almost all of the vehicles on display are concept cars, which is indeed in line with the future green energy dream theme emphasized by Japan Mobility Show.

Nissan Mirai

Nissan Hyper Concept EV

As one of the top three Japanese automakers, Nissan has made an all-out effort in this JMS. With Hyper Concept EV as the main axis, it launched five pure electric concept cars in one go. Nissan President Makoto Uchida also said that these five pure electric concept cars It represents Nissan's imagination for future mobility and hopes that everyone can enjoy the passionate mobility process. These five Hyper Concept EVs are Urban, Adventure, Tourer, Punk, and Force, representing different styles and driving experiences. Now follow our steps to appreciate Nissan's imagination for the future!

Hyper Urban Concept

As the first model of Hyper Concept, Urban is based on the style of a crossover SUV, and has created a distinctive virtual character for it, a professional with exquisite taste who prioritizes environmental sustainability. It emphasizes the cleanness and energy saving of electric vehicles, while also being full of handsome appearance. Hyper Urban has extremely exaggerated body lines, and the textured sheet metal is not only full of roughness and domineering, but also takes into account the sense of technology. The crossover CUV only adopts a three-door design and uses a guillotine-style opening method. The roof can be opened and closed simultaneously, which is indeed full of personality. The paint uses lime yellow as the main visual. The paint itself changes color according to the angle of light refraction, showing its extraordinary taste.

It is built as a city car based on cross-border leisure travel, and its rugged shape retains a strong sense of technology.
The design of the guillotine door is both avant-garde and practical. Together with the roof, it can also be opened to enhance the convenience of entry and exit.

The interior design is inspired by the ever-changing kaleidoscope, and various screens in the car such as the instrument panel can be customized according to the owner's preferences. At the same time, the double front seats can be perfectly folded into the rear seats to create a sofa space similar to a lounge, where people can relax perfectly and stay away from the noise of daily chores. Even if you are in the city, you can still enjoy outdoor leisure. Experience is also the origin of the name of this car Urban.

The changeable interior is the focus of this car's interior. The foldable front seats create a comfortable sofa space.

Nissan did not provide the power specifications of the concept car this time, but said it would perfectly integrate into grid-connected life. Therefore, this car has two reverse power supply functions, which are V2H home power supply and V2G power grid power supply. The meaning of the former is quite easy to understand, while the latter can contribute the remaining power of the vehicle to the power grid, making the community's power consumption burden smaller and earning corresponding money at the same time. In terms of charging, AI technology is introduced to intelligently determine when to charge and maximize the efficiency of electric energy use.

Hyper Adventure Concept

As the name suggests, Hyper Adventure emphasizes outdoor adventure, so the appearance of the vehicle is a very standard leisure setting. The side of the vehicle adopts a special diagonal design to enhance the space performance inside the vehicle. The wheels and front and rear bumpers are equipped with snow chains and snow chains. The dedicated traction device, combined with the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive control system, ensures strong ability to traverse even bad roads.

The off-road-like appearance and unique diagonal design make this car suitable for both movement and silence.

The interior design thinking of the car is based on the perspective of parking. The integrated rear seats can be reversed 180 degrees to form a rest area facing the tailgate. With the automatic retractable electric pedal under the tailgate, people can be more comfortable. rides in the rear of the car. In terms of energy use, Nissan emphasized the function of V2X, which represents everything from vehicles to vehicles, which means that Hyper Adventure is your large-scale mobile power supply, and V2H and V2G functions are also listed.

The tailgate and rear seats specially designed for outdoor activities allow people to enjoy outdoor activities more comfortably.

Hyper Tourer Concept

Although it is named Tourer, this car emphasizes Japanese hospitality and communication between people, so the original manufacturer built this car as a people-oriented van, and the doors adopt a sliding door design that opens front and rear. , with a transparent and wide entrance and exit space, is the dream of all van owners. The two front seats can be fully flipped backwards to form a comfortable and spacious meeting space in the car, where four passengers can talk face to face and deepen the transmission of emotions. In addition, the AI ​​system in the car can scan the biometric characteristics of passengers and automatically select appropriate music and lighting effects to match your current mood.

A comfortable van is what the Tourer model demands, and the front and rear sliding doors can further enhance the convenience of entry and exit.
The dual front seats can rotate 360 ​​degrees, making it suitable for any face-to-face conversation.

Hyper Tourer is also equipped with the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system and has been specially adjusted to make the acceleration and deceleration dynamics of the vehicle smoother and gentler, ensuring a comfortable experience for all passengers in the vehicle. In terms of energy, it has V2X function, allowing the vehicle to supply all power sources.

Hyper Punk Concept

In Japan, where the two-dimensional culture is prevalent, Hyper Punk's goal is to combine reality and virtuality, and perfectly combine the internal and external worlds. Therefore, the entire car is like your somatosensory device, an extension of your senses and limbs. The exterior and interior design of the vehicle incorporates Japanese origami technology. The body sheet metal uses a large number of fold lines to create a three-dimensional effect. At first glance, it looks like a Juke. Perhaps we can also regard it as a future Juke. A prototype of a pure electric version.

A large number of origami elements fill the interior and exterior of Punk's vehicle, and the appearance is quite reminiscent of Juke.

In addition to origami elements, the interior is also a mobile studio. Cameras outside the vehicle can capture the environment around the car, and use AI to transform it into animations or patterns based on the owner's preferences, which are displayed on the three screens in the cockpit. , allowing you to enjoy the familiarity of working at home even when you are away.

The vehicle AI can present unique animation graphics based on the scenery outside the vehicle and the owner's preferences.

Hyper Force Concept

As the finale, the Hyper Force certainly has crushing performance. Its appearance is extremely sci-fi, but it is directly reminiscent of Nissan's most representative Japanese Ares GT-R. After all, the front of the car is too similar. Equipped with a new all-solid-state battery, it can not only take into account high voltage and lightweight, but also have a maximum output power of 1000 kW. When paired with e-4ORCE, this concept car has unimaginable acceleration performance. In order to ensure that this car has top aerodynamics, the appearance was jointly developed with the performance department Nismo. The large-sized air intake dam, spoiler, rear splitter, etc. under the hood are the best proof. The cooling efficiency and downforce are simultaneously taken into consideration. The unsprung part uses a new forged carbon rim, coupled with a new braking system, which can reduce the lifting force of the inner wheel during steering and make the brakes more durable.

The Hyper Force, which is full of tribute, just doesn't say that it is a pure electric GT-R concept car.
A large number of aerodynamic components throughout the car were jointly developed with Nismo to ensure that the car has sufficient downforce at high speeds.

In addition, this concept car has two driving modes: GT and R. In the GT state, the cockpit is displayed in blue, and the central control screen is also composed of three small screens into a common horizontal style; R mode is the racing mode, the cabin instantly turns red, and the four screens on the steering wheel will display four tires respectively. status, including temperature, grip, braking and other information, the instrument panel will also extend upward, allowing the driver to focus more on the track route.

The style of the cabin will also be greatly adjusted according to different driving modes. The two modes are GT and R, which is really a bit obvious.

As this year marks the 90th anniversary of Nissan's founding, the exhibition of these five concept cars also announces Nissan's future, which is also exciting.


Infiniti Vision Qe

Japanese automakers have been slow to develop electric vehicles, among which Infiniti is the most impressive. However, I believe everyone has read the fairy tale of the tortoise and the hare. A slow start and a slow pace do not mean that you will reach the finish line in the end. On the contrary, Perseverance is the ultimate winner. Although it is currently impossible to judge that Infiniti is the fairy tale turtle in the real story, at this JMS auto show, Nissan luxury brand finally announced their pure electric car models to the public, including the RV version of Vision Qe and the SUV concept car Vision QXe , as well as two fuel-powered models, QX80 and QX65.

Nissan mentioned in its previous future outlook that the entire group will launch 20 electric vehicles in 2030, and the first one to debut will be the Vision Qe, the protagonist of this article. The debut of Vision Qe's real car can be said to be a surprise to everyone. The innovative Artistry in Motion design vocabulary is inspired by birds in flight. The bright LED light bar on the front of the car brings lifelike visual effects. The huge luminous water tank shield below also gives Vision Qe the opportunity to become the brightest star in the night light. Although it is a water tank guard, since Vision Qe will be a pure electric model, this car does not have a water tank guard in the traditional sense. The fully sealed sheet metal can bring a sense of depth. And the body painting we saw is actually not black, it is the original factory customized Shadow Blue paint. The dark blue paint is embellished with a lot of gold powder, showing different colors and luster in the changes of light and shadow. texture.

Vision Qe is very handsome in appearance, and the front of the car has the image of a flying bird.

In terms of car style, you can tell from the name that Vision Qe will be an orthodox sedan, but the original designer deliberately stretched the roof line to be as streamlined as a coupe, and also followed the long front and short rear. The lattice shaping rule is followed, and the front hood is made into a wave-like curve to strengthen the curvature of the wheel arches. In order to further improve the aerodynamic effect, Vision Qe directly cancels the door handles of the four doors, and even the wheels are designed to reduce air resistance, so as to completely optimize the cruising range of electric vehicles. The rear of the Vision Qe fully demonstrates the design capabilities of the Infiniti brand. The double-layered design cleverly integrates the taillights into the rear wing. Under the reflection of the taillights, the self-luminous brand letters are more textured.

The body shape of this car is a hatchback four-door sedan, but the size and power system have not been announced yet.
Aerodynamics is a key consideration for this car, and even the aluminum rims are designed to reduce empty space.
The taillight design is very ingenious. It combines the light group with the tail wing, and the focus is still on being handsome.

The original factory of Vision Qe has not given any vehicle specification data, including the body size, power unit, etc. are all unknown. It is only confirmed that it will be driven by pure electricity. In addition, the car is still far away from mass production specifications. We only hope that by then Mass production can be restored as much as possible, otherwise it will be a waste of the beauty of Vision Qe.

As for the Vision QXe, Inifiniti did not show the actual car at JMS, nor did it even have photos of the final installation. We can only get some clues from the photos of the four cars. For Inifiniti, QX is the name of its SUV, and the Vision QXe will naturally be the brand's first electric SUV concept car. In terms of proportions, it should be close to the size of the QX65 that was released simultaneously. The front of the car continues the handsome and avant-garde design of Vision Qe. The arrangement and combination of the light groups are exactly the same, and it will meet everyone with a cross-border identity.

The original manufacturer also predicted the arrival of Vision QXe, but did not display the actual car.

Flagship domineering

Infiniti QX80

As early as August this year, Infiniti launched the QX Monograph concept car at the Pebble Beach Auto Show. At that time, we were basically certain that this was the successor to the brand's flagship QX80. At this year's JMS Auto Show, Infiniti also confirmed Everyone’s guess is that it will be officially launched next year.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the QX80 completely continues the appearance of the QX Monograph. It adopts a new family design vocabulary and uses diagonal stripes on the inside to add a Japanese style to the large water tank guard. It is paired with a digital piano key headlight set, giving the front of the car not only a It is luxurious and domineering that a flagship leisure vehicle should have, but it also looks more elegant, and its sense of technology is in place. In addition, the detached headlights located at the air dams on both sides are quite mini in overall size, and are not at all as obtrusive as many detached headlights.

The appearance of the QX80 is almost the same as the QX Monograph launched at Pebble Beach. I believe what we are seeing now is infinitely close to the mass production setting.
The domineering front of the car not only looks elegant and luxurious, but the newly designed headlight set and self-illuminating factory emblem also add to the technological quality.

The rear of the car basically continues the design of the digital piano headlights on the front of the car. A sequence of light bars is added to the through-type taillights, which are arranged in order from small to large and expand outward. They will light up from the center to both sides, perfectly matching the headlights. echo. The QX80 is basically a full-size SUV. The length of the previous generation was more than 5.3 meters. Although Infiniti has not disclosed the body size this time, judging from the photos, the size is also considerable, and the roof line starts from the A-pillar. The trend is straight up to the D-pillar, and with the seven-seater configuration, the space should be extraordinary.

The rear of the car is connected to the headlight design. The sequential through-type taillights are quite innovative, and the size looks heavyweight.

In addition to the QX80, Infiniti also announced at JMS that another SUV will also appear, the QX65 with crossover status. However, just like the Vision QXe, it is still at the stage of only hearing the sound of the stairs. The only thing that is certain is that it Will take over FX's position and see if it can also make waves.

The QX65 is still in a distant stage, but its positioning as a successor to the classic model FX is still very much anticipated.

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