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Change your face and fight Citroen Berlingo Facelift again

●The pure electric e-Berlingo was launched for the first time in Europe, with a cruising range of 320 kilometers.

●The front of the car has been significantly updated, with a new LED headlight set, and the factory logo has also been changed to a new generation version.

●The interior has been modified with a new 10-inch central control screen that supports wireless smartphone connection functions.

●Regions outside Europe will maintain the original fuel engine setting, and this should be followed in China.

Citroen Berlingo, also known as the pudding dog in China, can be said to be very popular among consumers. In addition to its seven-seater configuration, its space and powerful functional changes, as well as its cute and pleasing appearance, are all its popular features. Main reason for welcome. The Berlingo, which was officially released in 2018, is now undergoing a minor facelift. The pure electric e-Berlingo version will debut in Europe. Just like the new brand logo on the front of the car, it represents Citroën’s official entry into a new era. .

In terms of appearance, the front face of the facelifted Berlingo has changed quite significantly. The original manufacturer has canceled the highly recognizable separate headlights and replaced them with C-shaped LED light sets with extremely sharp lines, water tank guards and front bumpers. The layered horizontal railing style is used to create the design vocabulary of the new generation of the family. Another key point in the modification of the front of the car is the new-generation Citroën logo that is installed for the first time. It is different from the previous design of boomerang integrated with the water tank guard. It is changed to a flat 2D logo, which is very in line with the style of the new generation, but it is indeed missing. Point method brand's own characteristics. Most of the sides and rear of the car maintain the appearance of the current model, including everyone's favorite Airbump anti-collision panels and the quick-opening rear windshield at the rear. However, the factory emblem in the center of the tailgate has also been silently removed. .

The exterior changes of the minor facelift are concentrated on the front of the car, and the latest generation flat 2D factory emblem is used.
The original separate headlights have also been changed to a C-shaped design, which is also the brand's new family design vocabulary.

The interior is also the focus of the minor facelift. The most important changes focus on the new multimedia central control screen. The original manufacturer replaced it with a 10-inch touch screen and introduced the latest generation of in-car systems. There are many customized features. function, while supporting wireless Carplay and Android auto connection functions, and maintaining a driver-oriented design. In addition, Pudding Dog is also equipped with a new integrated steering wheel. The cruise control lever originally set on the central column is placed in the steering wheel, and the gear lever is also switched to a wire-by-wire type.

Not only has the interior been replaced with a new 10-inch central control screen, but the steering wheel and gear lever are also new.

In terms of power system, since the first launch is a pure electric model, the original manufacturer did not disclose the power data of gasoline and diesel. As for the e-Berlingo, it uses a single motor setting on the front axle, with a maximum horsepower of 136 horses, three different driving modes and a kinetic energy recharge system. As for the battery, e-Berlingo has a battery capacity of 50 kWh and a cruising range of 320 kilometers according to WLTP test standards. The maximum power of DC fast charging can reach 100 kW, and 0~80% charging can be completed in 30 minutes.

The first power of Pudding Dog is an electric version, with a cruising range of 320 kilometers and a maximum horsepower of 136 horses.

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