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Cheliwu Taoyuan Store opens after six years of absenceMembers are recruited for three major gifts directly and there are many discounts

"Cherry House Taoyuan Store" will hold the opening ceremony on 9/17 (Sat) & 18 (Sun). During the opening ceremony, we have arranged a variety of gifts for consumers to choose from: a free perfume car with a purchase of 1,000 yuan Hang one incense stick inside, get 2,000 commodity coupons after spending 2,000, get a lottery coupon when you spend 3,000, and get 6,000 yuan Che Liwu commodity coupon for the biggest prize in the lottery. On the same night, the lottery will be drawn through FB live broadcast, and the more you buy The greater the chance of winning the jackpot by drawing more, in addition, there is also a VIP limited single purchase of 10,000 points to be tripled; the opening ceremony of Cheliwu Taoyuan also prepared a variety of products 1+1 and super-discount specials during the opening ceremony. Welcome to Taoyuan folks Actively go to buy during the opening ceremony.

After six years, Cheliwu will return to Taoyuan Qingxi Special Zone. In this much-anticipated Xiaohuixi re-zoned area, Cheliwu Taoyuan store will become a new highlight of this brand-new area, and will also be a local resident. The most convenient and caring car service good neighbors.

Taoyuan City is the most growing metropolitan area among the six capitals in Taiwan, and the Qingxi Special Zone (Xiaohuixi Rezoning) is an emerging rezoning area that the local folks in Taoyuan are looking forward to. This piece of land has strong emotions and origins. As early as 2004, Chely House set up a Taoyuan store on Sanmin Road. Since its opening, it has also been affirmed and supported by consumers in the Taoyuan area. However, due to the redesignation of Qingxi Special Zone, Chely House cooperated with municipal construction to transfer the Taoyuan store. Enter the current location of Bade Store. With the completion of the rezoning, Cheliwu Taoyuan Store, which is adjacent to McDonald's, will become the forerunner of commercial services in Qingxi Special Economic Zone. Cheliwu will also say to everyone, "Folks, we're going home! "

The newly built "Celebrity House Taoyuan Store" has a bright and tidy environment, a high-rise store and maintenance plant space, clear and simple product classification and display of related products, making it clear and convenient for you to choose and purchase products. , "Celebrity House Taoyuan Store" also provides on-site application for E-Tag service. The repair and maintenance factory provides on-site services such as oil change, repair and maintenance service, tire change, tire repair service, audio and video installation and air-conditioning maintenance... Enjoy the honorable service of the whole car.

Anyone who joins the "Celebrity House Taoyuan Store" membership during the opening ceremony can go to the service counter to upgrade to the VIP honor card for free, and get a 100 yuan commodity coupon of Chery House and a 4-day, 3-night two-person discount for a limited Huadong trip. The coupon, worth 5,990 yuan, is only for new members who join during the opening ceremony. It is a rare opportunity. We welcome Taoyuan folks to invite relatives and friends to join us as a member of "Cherry House Taoyuan Store". In addition, these two days at 10:30 in the morning & 15:30 in the afternoon, we have arranged to bid for high-quality products, including... and other products, as well as the products queued at 10:00 in the morning, the waxing and car wash cloths will be delivered upon check-in, and early bird limited 100 sets of limited opening breakfast ceremony, as well as free ancient popsicles with consumption, while stocks last.

Cheliwu adheres to the basic point of people-oriented and customer-oriented, practices the purpose of serving customers with the highest quality, and actively expands the new ecology of the auto department store industry, the largest venue, the most enthusiastic attitude, and the most complete products. Provide customers with a satisfactory service environment and quality-assured technology to bring professional sales services to each vehicle based on the principle of "heavy quality not weight".

Chelywood Auto Department Store Taoyuan Branch

Address: No. 408, Chunri Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City

Tel: (03)2866-818

Just like our belief: baby your car, go to Cheliwu!

Cheliwu Online Shopping Website :

Che Liwu Fan Page:

Free inquiry line: 0800-200-277


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