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"Chengyi Handicraft" inspired by the spirit of the staffParamount single malt whiskey x Volta handmade leather products by the staffTogether create a royal special screening drinking party that gathers talents from all walks of life and transcends time

Paramount Single Malt Whiskey Chengyi Handmade Premiere Press Conference.

Known as the legend on the Estuary of Speyside in Scotland—Paramount, a single malt whiskey brand, this time, it joins hands with Volta, a handcrafted leather boutique brand, to jointly order and create a rare joint work under the name of "Chengyi Handmade". , combining the ingenuity of whiskey-making technology and custom-made high-quality leather, and recording the manual spirit of the dual-brand staff with video, walking into the beautiful new Royal Studios, sipping three classic Paramount single malt whiskeys , Immersed in the video story, let the hand-created sensory touch, directly touch the depths of the soul.

Dedicated to Passion, Inheriting Craftsmanship and Craftsmanship, Interpreting the Spirit of Workers Through Whiskey and Leather Clothes

Volta's manager and tailor Kang Zhihao.

Paramount single malt whiskey once proposed the core value concept of the brand in 2021: FIRSTHAND, which is translated as "Chengyi Handmade Creation" in Chinese. In 2021, with the UK as the core, it will spread its workmanship and handmade value to major markets around the world. In order to highlight the beauty of handmade things, it proposes "handmade touch", through handwork, extension of creativity, implementation of works, and devotion to lifelong love , to pass on the former's ideas endlessly. In 2022, Taiwan Paramount will be loyal to the brand value, and join hands with the leather goods boutique brand Volta to create a new annotation for craftsmen's craftsmanship - "Chengyi Handmade Creation". Volta originated from Yuansheng leather garments that have been rooted in Taiwan for more than 40 years. It has decades of exquisite craftsmanship in export OEMs and continues its craftsmanship spirit of adhering to quality. This year, it created a customized leather clothing brand "Volta". Volta insists on Choose the most natural materials, tailor-made exclusive styles full of personal style, so that people who wear leather clothes will naturally show their best appearance. Delve deeper into the commonality between Paramount single malt whiskey and Volta leather boutique brand. Through long-term accumulation, the two sides have created a depiction through time with craftsmanship, leaving behind different adventures, just like whiskey and leather clothing as the carrier of memory , after aging in oak barrels, the wine has an intriguing display, and the hand-made leather clothing, according to different people and different body shapes, is not only exclusive to the individual, but also more stylish when traveling. Both have witnessed the cumulative magic of time.

Royal Screening Tasting Experience the core of Paramount single malt whiskey

This time, the dual brands will hold a royal screening tasting party at the beautiful New Royal Studios in Dazhi, Taipei through the method of video recording. While enjoying the professional chronicle of aesthetics and knowledge, while tasting the three cores of Paramount single malt whiskey Wines: 12 Years, 15 Years and Contrast Series Smoked Peat.

The 12-year-old is specially designed for Taiwanese whiskey connoisseurs. Only the best first-note Sherry casks and bourbon casks are used for aging, and then bottled with high-alcohol original wine strength. It has a dark amber luster and smells like a The rich aroma of sherry barrels, the spice of black pepper balance the thick sweetness, and the unique light smoke of Paramount accompanied by the aroma of orange peel; when the wine reaches the tip of the tongue, it seems that dark chocolate blooms on the taste buds, the body Full-bodied and solid; smoky and cocoa aromas bring a long finish.

The second Paramount, 15 years old, also uses the highest quality first-note Sherry barrels and bourbon barrels for aging. Carefully selected oak barrels give the wine a taste of ground pepper, burnt oak barrels, apples, black The aroma of chocolate and berries and the rich sherry flavor, the nose can smell the sweetness of toffee, and then the ground black pepper and peat smoke, and the attractive layers of dark chocolate and dried banana; after the entrance, it is cream Smooth mouthfeel, ripe apple sweetness and burnt oak background, followed by dark chocolate, baked oatmeal, citrus peel and soft wrapping, with a touch of smoke hidden in it; the finish is lingering and not scattered into the thin Silky smoke and dry fruit sweetness.

The third Paramount peat-smoked bourbon, just the aroma can feel the rich smoke, with charming vanilla and a touch of citrus, accompanied by the apple aroma of white chocolate; the mouthfeel is smooth, with Toasted oak, honey and sweet ripe fruit, butterscotch and marshmallows, lemon sorbet and sweet aftertaste smokiness; the final mouthful is sweet and campfire ash .

From left to right_Pei Shicheng, CEO of Ting Han Enterprise Co., Ltd.Volta brand manager Kang Zhihao and leather craftsmen Lin Yueyun and Kang Jinyi_Ke Tinghan, chairman of Tinghan Enterprise Co., Ltd._David King, international sales director of Gordon Macphail Group_Neil Farquhar, international sales specialist in AsiaRichard Travers Griffin, Sales Director, Asia.

This royal premiere drinking event that gathers vision, smell and taste, in addition to micro-movies with excellent texture and Paramount wine tasting, anyone who successfully registers through Accupass can participate in the lucky draw! Winners will also receive a highlight surprise jointly presented by Paramount & Volta. The opportunity is limited and very precious. In addition, Paramount and Volta will also arrange a royal special screening drinking party, which is only a single show and will be synchronized at The Accupass launch day will be released together, and the order link is as follows:

About Tingham

"Ting Han Enterprise Co., Ltd." is Taiwan's leading spirits import agent. Founded in 1992, Ting Han Enterprises has been deeply involved in Taiwan's drinking market for nearly 30 years. It specializes in the import and agency of various alcoholic beverages. The brands currently represented include Gordon & Macphail (Gordon & Macphail), the top three independent bottlers in Scotland. MacPhail), Douglas. Douglas Laing & Co., Signatory, as well as Benromach, Edradour, and Dictador, crystal glass brand Glencairn ) and other well-known international brands.

About Paramount

Established in 1898, Paramount is a distillery dedicated to recreating traditional Speyside whiskeys. Both our founder and the distillery team are passionate about whiskey and always insist on using orthodox methods to make single malt whiskey with unique personality.

In the process of making whiskey, we keep it simple, use full manual barreling, separate weighing, and manually mark on the aged oak barrels, and then store the wine in the paved wine cellar warehouse. Paramount always believes that Only handcrafted whiskey can ensure the most authentic characteristics.

About Volta

The purpose of Volta is to leave moments with customization and let craftsmanship pass through time.

In a tailor-made way, leave the body shape at the moment, and leave the different adventure mileage by carving the traces belonging to the guests on the leather, as a carrier of time.

Taking people as the starting point to create a leather jacket that belongs to people. Machine production means that people have to conform to its dimensions and choose one that suits them, while Volta is made in a way that suits you.


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