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China Brunswick Group "Aids Education in Rural Areas and Banan Flowers Bloom in Bloom" Promoting Education in Remote Areas to Cultivate the Future Charity and Charity Donations Continue

China Mercedes-Benz Group, the leader in the domestic luxury imported car industry, has continued to cultivate Taiwan for more than 50 years. It has long promoted charitable public welfare activities and actively supported seedlings. This year, it even sponsored the education of children and adolescents in rural areas in different counties and cities, and continued to contribute to the development of education. Power. This year, Brunswick Group donated NT$2 million to provide the "Bananhua Tribe Primary and Secondary School" which has been established for more than 15 years and has been relocated more than 5 times. The school is located in the remote Shanlin mountain area of ​​Kaohsiung. More than 70% of the students come from disadvantaged aborigine families. The Chinese Brunswick Group established a student bursary to help children improve their comprehensive academic ability, and then acquire professional skills and self-reliance. It hopes to arouse the public's awareness of rural education so that children from disadvantaged families can also develop in a balanced manner and have a wonderful childhood rich in knowledge.

Student aid looking to the future

"China Brunswick Group" has spared no effort in sponsoring the education of rural schools. In addition to donating "Dear Aile" in Nantou, "Changhua County Shuiwei National Primary School" belonging to the "non-mountain non-city" school, this year, it especially donated the "Bananhua Tribe" in Kaohsiung. Primary and Secondary Schools” as sponsors. "Bananhua Tribe Primary and Secondary School" is a rural "non-mountain and non-city" school located in an atypical city with hard-to-reach resources. Compared with other mountainous and urban schools, it is more difficult to obtain education subsidies. "China Brunswick Group "Adhering to the consistent corporate social responsibility, in December 2011, donated NT$2 million to provide "Bananhua Primary and Secondary School" as a scholarship setting, school classroom renovation, student associations and subsidies for experimental teaching courses.

Although "Bananhua Primary and Secondary School" is located in a remote area, the students have performed outstandingly in many fields such as music performance, land science, language competition, painting and pottery. "110 The 13th Indigenous Ethnic Cloud Science and Technology Exhibition Junior High School Silver Bear Award" is more in line with the digital age. Teachers and students will use their creativity and ingenuity to participate in the 2021 Kaohsiung City "Small Screenwriter, Great Director, Creative TV Station Land Science 5-minute Image Kaohsiung "Micro-movie submission activity, won the honor of the first place in the Kaohsiung junior high school group!

Charity wonderful childhood

"Bananhua Elementary School" was formerly known as "Ethnic Elementary School". It was founded in Namaxia Township, Kaohsiung. About 70% of the students come from disadvantaged aboriginal families. After the severe typhoon 88, the students of this school were forced to relocate Studying at the Qishan Historic Site School in Kaohsiung. Settled in Shanlin, Kaohsiung in 2011, the "National Great Patriotic Primary School" was established. The efforts of teachers and students in 106 years are obvious to all. They applied to the Education Bureau to reform the aboriginal experimental education courses. In August 2018, they were officially reorganized into Experimental primary and secondary schools have constructed 12-year consistent education. At present, the school is more actively applying to the Ministry of Education to establish a high school department.

Zhang Xinrong, the principal of "Bananhua Tribe Primary and Secondary School", said: "The school actively hopes to establish a high school department and complete the experimental school of Bananhua's cross-generational and cross-ethnic talent training, so that children can complete middle school education in their hometown to adulthood. A stable and thriving educational environment and resources.”

This charitable donation activity named "Student Aid to Rural Education Banan Flowers Blooming" was specially selected to be held in the Daliao Exhibition Center of the Brunswick Branch of China. The exhibition center covers an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters The largest flagship Mercedes-Benz exhibition center in the Gaoping area shows how much the brand attaches importance to this charitable donation sponsorship event. The percussion band of "Bananhua Tribe Primary and Secondary School" also came to the event site and brought a wonderful and moving music performance , fully revealing the enthusiasm and innate good singing voice of Aboriginal children. President Yang Xianzheng of China Brunswick Group and Executive Director Liu Chuwen also led senior executives to participate in this charity event. This activity is able to attract attention, let everyone pay attention to the educational development of rural school children, provide children with friendly and caring resources, and accompany children to spend a wonderful childhood together.

Introduction to China Brunswick Group CMI Group

China Brunswick Group's business tentacles cover the fields of automobile sales, real estate and financial leasing. It is integrated and managed by China Global Investment Holdings. Upholding the three beliefs of customer-oriented, plan realization and integrity, it has deeply cultivated the Taiwan market. The profile of the group members is as follows:

  • China Mercedes-Benz Motors Co., Ltd. Capital Motors, Inc.

Zhonghua Mercedes-Benz is the largest Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in Taiwan. Over the past 50 years, it has been deeply trusted by customers with its professional services and advanced and novel equipment. At present, there are 15 exhibition centers, 13 service factories, and 8 original used car exhibition centers in Taiwan, and they are continuously expanding.

  • China Capital Co., Ltd. CMI Credit Ltd.

In order to implement the group's business philosophy of diversification, it was established in response to the development of the financial market. According to the capital needs of corporate customers, we provide a number of customized services. The main business items include land and building financing, machinery and equipment financing, installment purchase and sale, and the acquisition and management of accounts receivable.

  • China Land Company LimitedCMI Properties Ltd.

China Land Company is responsible for the real estate related business of the group. In addition to assisting the expansion, expansion, decoration and management of various locations of Mercedes-Benz China, it is also responsible for the investment and development and asset management of real estate such as other commercial buildings and residences of the group.


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