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[Chinese Mercedes-Benz Used Cars]Unlimited brand acquisition campaign starts! Even if you are not a Mercedes owner, you can enjoy Mercedes-Benz-level honorable service!

China Mercedes-Benz used cars ushered in the first acquisition activity in the spring of 2022. From now until 2022/6/30, we will provide appraisal and acquisition services for used cars of any brand. Service, complete the appraisal process and receive limited exclusive gifts, allowing all car owners to easily and quickly sell your old love.

Following the launch of the used car acquisition activity at the end of 2021, which was well received, in order to provide car owners with more complete used car appraisal services, Zhonghua Mercedes-Benz continues to launch a used car acquisition activity of any brand. During the event, you can make an appointment for an appraisal service on the official website or by calling the Chinese Mercedes-Benz Used Cars Exhibition Center in Taiwan, and a professional appraisal consultant will contact you immediately. You can choose to drive your car to the Chinese Mercedes-Benz Used Cars Exhibition Center, or Enjoy the attentive service of home appraisal. No matter which brand your old love is, Zhonghua Mercedes-Benz has a professional team in Taiwan to evaluate and appraise the price, and the price is more credible, making it your all-star choice for selling your car!

Each dedicated used car appraisal consultant of Zhonghua Mercedes-Benz provides a fair and objective professional appraisal with a complete and transparent mechanism, fully grasps the market information, and creates better transaction value for your car. All price appraisals are handed over to the entire Taiwanese professional team for multi-point comparison, and the car prices are regularly updated according to market conditions, giving you the most secure price and reliable professional services.

In addition, if you have the need for replacement, China Mercedes-Benz provides you with a one-stop service including car purchase, maintenance and car sales. You only need to complete a fast and simple one-stop service at the same location, reducing Jinliu's procedures and complicated operation process save your precious time, secure price and fast transaction!

Zhonghua Mercedes-Benz used cars to fully acquire any brand of cars, providing car owners with the option of selling "stars". Even if you are not a Mercedes car owner, through this acquisition activity, you can not only get a safe price, but also Enjoy the distinguished service of Mercedes-Benz. For more information on the "China Mercedes-Benz Used Car Acquisition Activities", please contact the Taiwan-wide China Mercedes-Benz Used Cars Exhibition Center at 0800-088-666 or visit the official website tw/operation.php.

【About China Mercedes-Benz used cars】

China Mercedes-Benz1969Since its establishment in 2009, it has served more than50Years, in line with the long-term experience in new car sales and service, in2005Since 2010, we have stepped into the sales and service of used cars, providing the top-class used cars that meet the original guarantee and warranty. All selected used cars have been designated by the original factory up to188Item inspections are carried out, and vehicle maintenance and maintenance are carried out in accordance with the original factory maintenance process to ensure that the quality and performance of each vehicle can be like a new car. In addition to selecting the best quality used cars, we also provide professional used car appraisal and acquisition services.2021The service scope will be expanded every year to provide car appraisal and acquisition services of unlimited brands. Through professional evaluation, we will guarantee to provide you with the most professional and reliable trading experience.

For more information on "China Mercedes-Benz All-Brand Acquisition Activities", please contact the China Mercedes-Benz All-Taiwan Used Cars Exhibition Center.

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