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ChineseThe love classic "Autumn Fairy Tale" becomes the best representative work of Chow Yun-fat and Zhong Chuhong on the screen

Zhong Chuhong's beauty is popular among thousands of men and women, and "Autumn Fairy Tale" has attracted countless fans again

Sexy goddess Zhong Chuhong was fascinated by popular idol Chen Baiqiang outside the scene, even Chow Yun-fat fell

The 35th anniversary 4K digital remastered version of the most classic romantic movie "Autumn Fairy" in the Chinese film industry will return to the big screen on May 20. Zhong Chuhong, known as "Oriental Marilyn Monroe", once co-starred with the Golden Horse actor Chow Yun-fat. Of the 8 film and television works, 7 are performance couples, among which the most popular masterpiece is "Autumn Fairy Tale". The film is directed by Luo Qirui and Zhang Wanting, a well-known husband and wife in the Hong Kong film industry. The plot describes Li Qi, a female college student, who went to New York to study alone. Her family arranged for her to take refuge in the local Chinatown. With the support of the bow ruler, Li Qi changed from a charming girl to an independent woman, but also found that the difference in status became a problem. Director Zhang Wanting revealed that she had just returned to Hong Kong from New York at the time, and she did not know that Zhong Chuhong and Chow Yun-fat had already worked together in many works. She was asked by the investor to change roles. Zhang Wanting, who has a keen intuition, still insisted on the pair, emphasizing Zhong Chuhong's tenderness and naivety. The temperament and Chow Yun-fat's upright image are the most in line with the script's character setting, which makes the classic love movie that everyone sees now.

The images of "The Bow Ruler" played by Chow Yun-fat and "Thirteen Sisters" played by Zhong Chuhong are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Official trailer:

Sexy goddess Zhong Chuhong is popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan The superstars Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung have all fallen for her

When the sexy goddess Zhong Chuhong performed "Autumn Fairy Tale", she was already popular all over the streets and alleys. It can be said to be popular among thousands of men and women in Asia. At the age of 27, she wanted to challenge the role of an 18-year-old student and play a naive and squeamish girl. Li Qi, a college student, has no sense of disobedience, and because of the 100% trust of director Zhang Wanting, Zhong Chuhong gave full play to her acting skills and successfully won the award of the Asia Pacific Film Festival for the second time. In the film, Zhong Chuhong was originally talking about a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Chen Baiqiang. Unexpectedly, when she went to New York to give her boyfriend a sweet surprise, she found that the other party had already cheated on her and fell in love with a female classmate, and said boldly: "Don't be so stingy, here Girls are so open." Super slag's speech made Zhong Chuhong's heart break completely, and she was deeply affected and closed herself. The situation of Zhong Chuhong outside the play is completely opposite. Not only the movie gods Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung fell for her, but Zhong Chuhong even broke the news on the show. When filming Xu Anhua's "The Story of Hu Yue", Chow Yun-fat joked about her for the first time. The wall dong, pressed her shoulders and slammed it violently, causing Zhong Chuhong, who was only 19 years old at the time, to cry in fright, which shows that her charm is amazing. The 35th anniversary 4K digitally restored version of the movie "A Fairy Tale of Autumn" will be released nationwide on May 20.

.Chen Baiqiang plays Vincent, her boyfriend who is in a long-distance relationship with Zhong Chuhong

When you don't want to love someone yet Maybe you're already in love with him

The youthful young girl Li Qi (played by Zhong Chuhong) goes to New York to study for her long-distance boyfriend Vincent (played by Chen Baiqiang), and her family arranges the bow ruler (played by Chow Yun-fat) who works in Chinatown to help with the housekeeping. Li Qi is full of expectations. She started a new life, but found out that her boyfriend had lost her love, which broke her heart completely. She stayed at home all day, and one day she almost inhaled excessive gas. pity. Under the careful care of the bow ruler, Li Qi regained her self-confidence and began to concentrate on her studies and work. The two became each other's pillars, and their relationship became ambiguous...

Chow Yun-fat takes care of Zhong Chuhong who went to New York to study alone in the film

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