Classification of air filter (top) All kinds of cleaning and maintenance are essential

Long, short, square, round, dry, wet, can you understand all kinds of things?
People rely on the air to survive. Of course, the internal combustion engine also needs air to burn. Therefore, every fuel truck will have the existence of an air filter. This small thing seems to be the same, but it plays a very important role in the modification market. To the material, it also tests the correctness of the owner's use of this small thing.

Various air filter cartridges
Cleaning and maintenance is essential

LESSON 1. Maintenance
LESSON 2. Material
LESSON 3. Categories

LESSON 1. Maintenance

Don’t save this little money
If there is a little common sense of vehicles, people know that five oils and three waters are those things, but those oils or water tanks are just the basics. Even if you don't know, you will know when you go to the maintenance checkout.

According to the difference in vehicle design, the material used in the air filter is different. Some people may say that my air filter has never been changed, but if your car is made of sponge, you have the opportunity to open it and see it broken. No.

The engine room has a black plastic cover, not the upper cover plaque. It is located on the left or right side of the engine room. Readers who have nothing to do can now go to the garage to see. Basically, if you are intimate, you usually confirm the five oils. After the maintenance of Sanshui, the black cover will be opened by the way to see if the protagonist "air filter" in today is safe and sound.

If the car is a commuter used in the urban area for a long time, you may wish to see the air filter status of the car in the next maintenance. These black things are the dust in the air, so the large area of erosion will of course make the air intake efficiency. Greatly hindered.

Generally speaking, regardless of the modified or original air filter, or the large-flow mushroom head system that is replaced, the function of these air filters is only the two tasks of "filtering" and "intake", and the intake air and Filtration is basically carried out at the same time. Of course, the filtration will have the need for "cleaning" and "replacement" of the air filter in the future.

Many modified air filters, due to the use of materials, with the cleaning and maintenance products dedicated to the product, repeated cleaning and use is no problem, of course, the price of such products will be a little higher than the disposable filter.

In the case of the original system, because of the existence of the gas collection box, it is generally recommended by Japanese technicians who are more than turtles to make replacements every year or 10,000 kilometers. The air filter has a special coating treatment on the surface coating, which makes it possible to extend the replacement cycle to 20,000 km (optimally once a year).


According to the original factory may be a paper filter, modified with a variety of settings to the use of metal materials, whether different types of filter can be cleaned, or what special way to clean, and the advantages and disadvantages of each material will be Tell you about the material classification in the second half.

Everyone must have seen a lot of big-changing turbines or multi-throat direct-injection vehicles, even the filter elements are not installed. Basically, the high temperature in the combustion chamber can burn the dust at a moment, fearing that the pebbles or water are directly inhaled, so The general street car is actually not allowed to do so.

Classification of air filters (middle)

LESSON 2. Material

Each material has a different feature
The modification of the air intake system is nothing more than to increase the air flow rate/amount, but the vehicles used every day cannot be disassembled at regular intervals. In addition to the various air core shapes on the market, or The choice of the whole set of products to sell is the focus, and the second class we start with the most basic "material".

Use model: the original factory is mostly
Price distribution:
Why does the 90% original car choose "paper" material as the air filter? In fact, because of the current cost and efficiency considerations, the paper air filter is the most suitable for the average car owner, but this type of air Once the filter element has exceeded its service life, it will easily crack at the crease and greatly affect the filtration effect.

Use model: original performance car & small performance enhancer
Price distribution: ★★★★★
Through the non-woven series of interlaced materials, the combination of multiple layers can achieve the possibility of filtering and air-lifting. The most representative one is the 6-layer overlapping K&N series. There is also one such product. A big feature is that it can be cleaned and maintained, so it is mostly wet.

Use model: locomotive & small performance improver
Price distribution: ★★★★
The appearance of this kind of product is actually a piece of sea cotton. The polyurethane filter element also wants to be soft. The advantage is that the adhesion of dust in the filtered air is strong, and the filtering effect is quite excellent, but because of The strength is low and it is relatively hot, so it will start to embrittle after a period of use, and will inhale into the engine room accidentally. Therefore, it is recommended that such products need to be correct.


Use model: Extremely eager for the air
Price distribution: ★★★
This material air filter can't be found in the original car. Most of it is used in large-scale modification. It needs a very large air flow engine. The biggest advantage is that the intake efficiency is excellent, and the durability of the metal is much better than the above. The material is better, but the disadvantage is that it is too direct. If the engine requires less than the intake efficiency, the effect of filling efficiency is prone to low speed and weakness.

Dry!? Wet!?
These two air cores have just changed.

Dry filter
10,000 km or replacement once a year
Dirty (red dots)
Do not mention the modified products, the traditional original paper air filter, it is recommended to remove the cleaning action every 5,000 km maintenance time, and the second time is 10,000 km maintenance time, it is recommended to replace it, Generally speaking, for a domestically produced car, it is not bad to spend about 500 yuan to call back the engine to breathe smoothly.

20000 km or replacement once a year
Dirty (red dots)
Special formula oil
The wet air filter will be coated with a special special formula on the filter surface. The special function of this special coating is to more effectively isolate the dirt and ensure the cleanness of the internal air filter and the smoothness of the intake air.

Classification of air filters (below) Conservative to wild

LESSON 3. Categories
Conservative to wild is different
The modification of the air filter is quite simple for many people, and it is also one of the easiest kits for the revamped fans. From the original "original exchange", the moderately modified "suit", to the tightest according to the engine needs. The flow of the "Pineweed Head" to match, each has its meaning, not really only the difference in appearance, LESSON 3. Let's take a quick look at the difference in appearance and installation of these air filters.

Suitable models: original air intake system & original turbine
Price distribution: ★★★
Installation difficulty: ★
As the name implies, the original exchange type means that the original air filter cartridge is taken out and replaced. The main appeal of this type of product is "insurance" and "friendly price", but as for why Xiaobian gives the price distribution of 3 stars, Of course, there is no small difference between the price of imported and domestically produced products, and the insurance is because these products leave the air intake system given by the original factory, so the performance in waterproof or low-speed back pressure maintenance will be better. There may be some feelings at high speeds, and in general it is a DIY and full of first-class modifications.


Suitable models: high-speed oriented vehicles & original turbine (Boost UP)
Price distribution: ★★★★★
Installation difficulty: ★★★★
Many people have no small requirements for the aesthetics of the engine room. The car has to run away. The engine room must not be dark and dirty. The price of this kind of set is not high, so it will be willing to buy it. The owner of the car is naturally the dragon of the person. Since it is a "suit", the product of course contains pipes, plugs, collars, gas boxes and air filters. The price depends on the use of materials, in order to isolate the heat source. Temperature, high-end products will use dry carbon fiber, or Kung Fu dragon material with considerable visual effect, and the installation needs to completely abolish the original equipment, if the traditional straight / horizontal engine, there is actually a set of tools At home, you can also challenge your DIY sense of accomplishment.

]Suitable for models: do not have low speed & turbine than head
Price distribution: ★★★★
Installation difficulty: ★
In fact, many of the products in the set are already using the mushroom head as the main force of inhalation, but the size and material of the mushroom head are not too exaggerated due to the consideration of the gas box or the efficiency of the engine. However, there are riders who love big wind turbines. The position of the turbine is different from the original one. Therefore, the products of the set are naturally eliminated. In addition to the size and direction of the intake pipe, the selection of the mushroom head is also It will be more concerned than the average original car (Part.2 has an introduction), but the engine is open and the exposed mushroom head looks cool!!

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