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[Collective Evaluation]Domestic Triwizard CompetitionNissan Kicks X Honda HR-V X Toyota Corolla Cross (Part 1)

In the domestic small CUV market, Kicks is second only to Corolla Cross in terms of sales volume. After the facelift, it not only has a more imposing and refined shape, but also is equipped with a brand new 1.6-liter power and more comprehensive safety technology. With convenient equipment, etc., the product combat power can be said to be raised to another level. However, the new generation of HR-V is not easy to mess with. In addition to having a more pleasing new interior and exterior design, the richness of equipment has also been upgraded, and the flexible and spacious space changes are still the same. In particular, Honda Sensing is included as standard equipment. , the overall product combat power has also been greatly improved. As for the Corolla Cross, which is even more difficult to mess with, it still has the prestige of selling super cars, and its product strength should not be underestimated. Therefore, the drama of this domestic triwizard battle is quite interesting, and the result is even more exciting!

Nissan Kicks Ultimate

Suggested selling price of 835,000 yuan

Average fuel consumption 16.0km/L

✓ More complete ADAS active safety technology

✗ Still missing the rear seat air outlet

Honda HR-V Prestige Premium Edition

Suggested selling price 879,000 yuan

Average fuel consumption 17.0km/L

✓ Add Honda Sensing, flexibly change the space function

✗ Slightly gentle acceleration dynamics

Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 Gasoline Monarch

Suggested selling price of 905,000 yuan

Average fuel consumption 14.9km/L

✓ Good ride comfort and the support of TSS 2.0

✗ Apple CarPlay/Android Auto needs to be upgraded

Part1. Market Overview

Part2. Interior accessories

Part3. Cabin Space

Part4. Power Control

Part5. Conclusion report


Part1. Market Overview

The top three continue to fight again

In response to the announcement of the Kicks facelift, HR-V and Corolla Cross were summoned again for no other reason. Passenger cars with a distance of 800,000 yuan have already dominated the world of this type of domestic small crossover SUV; The movements of the cars will affect each other's competition and moves!

Nissan Kicks

Enhanced equipment and heart-changing price combat power remains the same

Leaving aside the "monster-level" god car Corolla Cross and the three larger medium-sized SUVs RAV4, CR-V, and Kuga, Kicks won the fifth place in the sales of SUVs in 2021 with 12,762 units, which is enough to prove its attractiveness product strength. Even though the facelifted models were launched in the North American market at the end of last year, it was not until the end of September this year that Yulon Nissan announced the two models of the Excellence Edition and the Flagship Edition and the pre-sale prices of RMB 799,000 and RMB 839,000; The above is the official price of RMB 799,000 and RMB 835,000. It is not difficult to see the intention of restricting the price of HR-V. After all, from a practical point of view, the big facelift HR-V is the most direct competitor of Kicks.

After the facelift, Kicks does not have the expected e-Power power, but from the perspective of price competitiveness, the addition of new technology will inevitably be accompanied by an increase in car prices. At this level, price is still a priority Yulon Nissan replaced Kicks with the new third-generation HR16DE engine, which can output a maximum horsepower of 135hp and a maximum torque of 16.7kgm. The average fuel consumption in the test is 16km/L, and the energy efficiency is grade 3. In addition, it will strengthen the key equipment that consumers are concerned about, such as: ICC full-speed intelligent speed control system, vehicle surround view imaging system, and blind spot detection warning, lane departure warning, vehicle surrounding collision and detection warning system, etc. ; Convenient and comfortable equipment such as: electronic parking brake with Auto Hold, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Push Start+I-Key, PM 2.5 level constant temperature air conditioner, etc. The improvement of these needs is the best strategy for Kicks to maintain high competitiveness. The fourth quarter is expected to boost sales.

Honda HR-V

Big facelift and full evolution Honda SENSING increases combat power

Compared with the big change of the Japanese regulations, the HR-V has been announced in April 2021, and Taiwan Honda will not release it until April 2022. The official presentation will be held on 5/4, and the S+ Stiffening will not be announced until 6/8 Edition: 819,000 yuan, the official price of Prestige honorable edition is 879,000 yuan. In the power part that everyone pays attention to, although 1.5 e:HEV power has appeared on both the Japanese standard and the Thai standard HR-V (and only a single e:HEV power model has been put into production in Thailand), because this power combination is currently only available in right-hand drive versions , and the sales price of the vehicle after the introduction is bound to rise, so under the consideration of various factors, the big facelift domestic HR-V adopts the same 1.5-liter Earth Dream Technology engine as the Fit gasoline version as the power source, and its maximum output is 121ps. Horsepower and maximum torque of 14.8kgm, the average fuel consumption in the test is 17km/L, and the energy efficiency is level 2.

Another product focus of HR-V is the Honda Sensing, which still made consumers look forward to after the minor facelift of the previous model, and finally became the standard configuration of the entire car series on this facelift model, including ACC with LSF low-speed automatic follow-up Function, LKAS lane keeping assist system, RDM road departure suppression system, LDW lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring system, three-mode reversing camera, etc., greatly enhance the competitiveness of HR-V in ADAS equipment, and the unique space change function It is supplemented by convenient equipment such as induction opening and closing electric tailgate, EPB electronic parking brake with Brake Hold, dual-zone independent constant temperature air conditioner, and rear seat air outlet. It also broke through 2200, and together with CR-V, it became the pillar of Honda's domestic SUV! However, due to the unstable supply of chips and auto parts, Taiwan Honda was forced to temporarily suspend the production of HR-V in the fourth quarter, and proposed compensation measures to consumers, which also affected the sales performance of HR-V this year.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Equipped with sufficient strength and brand power

In 2021, the Corolla Cross, which won the championship of the SUV class with 40,675 vehicles listed for the whole year, compared with the sales figures of competing products such as Kicks and HR-V in the same class, it is not an exaggeration to call it a "monster class" car before the article. Even if the total number of RAV4 plus CR-V won the Corolla Cross in this year, there were only 1,907 vehicles! As for 2022, as of October, the total number of Corolla Cross gasoline versions is 16,641 (32,616 when the gasoline-electric version is added), but based on the sales strength of the three models based on the launch of Kicks in October and the discontinuation of HR-V in the fourth quarter It is not easy to see the real chapter in the short term.

Compared with the Kicks minor facelift and HR-V major facelift, Hotai launched the 2023 Corolla Cross on its official website in September. The price of some models of the whole car series has been raised by 10,000 to 16,000 yuan. There are four grades of safety version, deluxe version, prestige version and GR Sport. The prices in 2023 are 78.9, 83.5, 905,000, and 905,000 yuan respectively. PVM Surround View Assist System, GR Sport adds BSM Blind Spot Detection and Warning System. In addition to the original TSS 2.0 driving assistance system, including: PCS pre-warning protection system, ACC full-speed range active vehicle distance maintenance system, LTA lane tracking assistance system, etc., complete ADAS-oriented competitiveness.

In this price range, the Corolla Cross uses the gasoline version as its main combat power. The 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine with the upper tax limit of the same level, although the average fuel consumption is 14.9km/L and the energy efficiency is level 3, it is also exchanged for a maximum power of 140hp and 17.5kgm. Advantages, although the price of the Zunjue version and GR Sport has reached 905,000 yuan, compared with the Kicks flagship version and the HR-V Prestige premium version, the price difference is 70,000 yuan and 26,000 yuan, but in terms of Toyota brand power, it is not bad. It will not constitute an absolute obstacle, which can be confirmed from the sales volume.

Listed numbers of each car model from January to October 2022


Part2. Interior accessories

Both quality and weight, ADAS is the key

Because the prices of these three cars are quite similar, whether it is the quality of interior materials or the richness of practicality, comfort and convenience, it is even more necessary to compare pennies and bucks, especially the completeness of ADAS safety technology specifications. is the key focus.

Nissan Kicks

Zhixing safety technology is more complete

After a minor facelift, the interior of the Kick still maintains the original design and layout, and in addition to the basic black interior, there is also an eye-catching orange/black two-color option. Although the entire center console and door trim panels have a heavy sense of hard plastic, the console is still covered with leather and stitched to create texture. In addition, the traditional handbrake is canceled and EPKB electronic handbrake (with Auto Hold) is used instead. This not only allows the front seats to have a better use of space, but also has better integration with the driver assistance system.

The interior design is oriented towards simplicity and practicality. Although there are many hard plastic materials in the cabin, the leather-covered center console design also creates a bit of a textured atmosphere.

In addition to the 8-inch X-Media III intelligent audio-visual multimedia system (supporting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto) on the center console, there is also a 7-inch speedometer combined with a traditional physical pointer speedometer and a virtual LCD tachometer. Digital LCD instruments, and D-Shape flat-bottomed multifunctional sports steering wheel, etc., but it is a pity that there are still only up and down two-way adjustment functions. Other equipment such as Push Start, I-Key, AVM 360-degree surround view video monitoring system, reversing video display system, PM 2.5 constant temperature air conditioner, and Bluetooth connection function are all standard equipment of the flagship version, and the specification level is considered good.

The 7-inch digital LCD instrument that combines traditional physical pointer speedometer and LCD tachometer can provide rich information such as speed, fuel consumption, tire pressure, vehicle system settings and driving assistance interface.
The 8-inch X-Media III intelligent audio-visual multimedia system is standard for all car series. The main unit adopts a high-resolution screen and can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.

In terms of safety technology, the flagship version before the facelift comes standard with 3A (AEB/ATC/ARC) active full-time protection, AVM 360-degree surround view video monitoring, MOD moving object detection, LDW lane departure warning, FCW forward collision Early warning, BSW blind spot warning, RCTA rear side warning, IEB anti-collision emergency braking and P-IEB pedestrian anti-collision emergency braking and other systems. After the facelift, PFCW over-the-horizon vehicle collision warning, ICC full-speed constant speed control and AHB automatic adjustment system for high and low beams are added, so the overall safety protection specifications are more complete and complete, but unfortunately the LKA lane is still missing Assistance systems are maintained, therefore failing to meet Level 2 criteria.

The family-like D-Shape flat-bottomed multi-function sports direction, after the facelift, there are more buttons such as ICC full-speed range and following distance adjustment on the top.
The quite practical VM 360-degree surround view video assist and reversing camera system add a lot of points to the safety equipment.

Honda HR-V

Honda Sensing is standard for all models

The interior style of the new HR-V is simple and elegant without losing the sense of design, emphasizing the fully horizontal large T-shaped center console, allowing the driver to have a spacious front view, and the air-conditioning outlet is hidden in the decorative lines of the console Among them, it is also quite an ingenious design, but the plastic feeling in the cabin is a bit heavier. In terms of equipment, the S+ enhanced version comes standard with a 4.2-inch color LCD instrument, an 8-inch central control screen (supporting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto), Smart Entry, Push Start, 3-mode L-shaped air-conditioning outlets, reversing camera, Brake Hold, EPB electronic handbrake, HSA hill start assist, HDC hill descent control and Honda Sensing protection system, etc., while the Prestige premium version adds shift paddles, wireless charging stand, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, LaneWatch blind spot monitoring and induction Equipped with automatic opening and closing electric tailgate and other equipment, it shows a high CP value performance under the condition that the price of the new car is not raised much.

The brand-new interior is laid out in a simple and elegant style without losing the sense of design, and at the same time, the equipment is more abundant and complete.
All car models are equipped with an 8-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio-visual screen host as standard, with built-in radio, Bluetooth audio-visual and mobile communication systems, and support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.
The practical and convenient wireless charging stand for mobile phones is also a standard item of the Prestige Premium Edition.

The new HR-V has Level 2 Honda Sensing as the standard configuration of the whole car series, including ACC active distance adjustment cruise control (with LSF low-speed automatic follow-up), CMBS collision mitigation braking, FCW forward collision warning, LKAS lane Maintenance Assist, RDM Road Departure Suppression, LDW Lane Departure Warning, AHB High Beam Automatic Switching, and LCDN Front Vehicle Leaving Reminder System, etc., especially for CMBS Collision Mitigation Brake System to enhance its function, including oncoming vehicles when turning left , bicycles crossing the road, pedestrians at night and motorcycles in front are all included in the scope of detection and protection.

Although the 360-degree surround view image assistance system is not configured, there is still a LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system that can come in handy.

Toyota Corolla Cross

TSS 2.0 adds full-speed domain ACC

The interior layout of the Corolla Cross adopts a simple and stable design style. A large number of soft plastics, leather and matte metal trims are used in the cabin to create a delicate texture, and red/black two-color interior with black roof can be selected , bringing a more distinct visual experience and personalized atmosphere. In terms of equipment, the mid-level gasoline luxury version comes standard with constant temperature air-conditioning, luxury leather chairs, 8-inch WiFi screen host (enabling Apple CarPlay & Android Auto functions requires an additional price option), Smart Entry, Push Start and TSS 2.0 security technology , including ACC active vehicle distance maintenance, PCS early warning protection, LTA lane tracking assistance and AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching system, etc. The Zunjue version adds LED Bi-Beam headlights, light-strip LED taillights, 7-inch digital instrumentation, PVM 360-degree surround view image assistance, and BSM blind spot detection and warning system. The overall equipment level is quite good.

The minimalist interior is laid out with a large number of soft plastics, leather and matte metal trim to create a textured atmosphere, and a red/black two-tone interior option is also available.
Models above the gasoline version of the Zunjue version are equipped with a rather dazzling 7-inch digital instrument as standard.
The 8-inch WiFi screen host in the picture, its 4G network connection and Apple CarPlay & Android Auto functions are optional upgrades.
The PVM 360-degree surround view video assist system is only standard on the high-end gasoline Zunjue and GR Sport models.

In addition, it should be noted that in addition to the TSS 2.0 active safety assistance system that is equipped with full-speed range ACC as standard for the Corolla Cross in the 2022 model year, the LTA lane tracking assistance upgraded from the LDA lane departure warning The system can support four functions including tracking assist, departure warning, steering assist and shaking warning. That is to say, in addition to the warning sound when the vehicle deviates from the lane, the system will also automatically correct the steering wheel to keep the vehicle on the center line of the lane, providing A driving environment that makes driving easier and safer.


In fact, the equipment of these three cars all have a performance level of more than 90 points, but Kicks is a bit disadvantaged because it does not reach the Level 2 level; and the new HR-V is indeed better in terms of richness of equipment, especially the After adding the price factor, its high CP value will be more obvious. As for the Corolla Cross gasoline premium, it has already broken the threshold of 900,000 yuan, which really lowered the CP value performance.


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