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[Collective Evaluation]Domestic Triwizard CompetitionNissan Kicks X Honda HR-V X Toyota Corolla Cross (Part 2)

Part3. Cabin Space

Large space, sitting well is very important

Although it is a small and medium-sized CUV, buyers will also care about the size of the cabin and the performance of the seat change function; therefore, it is more spacious than others, more comfortable to sit, and has space change functions. Definitely a plus point.

Nissan Kicks

Riding space and comfort performance is acceptable

Regarding the seating space of the cabin, the facelifted Kicks still maintains the usual performance without any changes to the car body, but it can bring good comfort when paired with the 3D super body-feeling design of the seat sex. As for the size of the seating space, after all, this car is a small SUV with a height of 4.3 meters, so the knee and headroom performance of the rear seat is only acceptable. Although it is not very spacious, it will not feel cramped and oppressive. For an adult with a height of 175cm, there is about 1 fist space between the rear seat knees and the front seat back, and about 0.5 fist space between the head and the canopy. Although the 3D pressure relief seat is quite comfortable, it is a pity that the seat cushion is too short , the leg support is insufficient, and there is no central armrest design and the seat back angle cannot be adjusted, so some points are deducted for ride comfort. However, although there is still no rear seat air outlet this time, there are two more USB charging jacks to show our sincerity.

The shape of the front seat is good-looking, and it is quite comfortable to sit on, but it lacks the electric adjustment function.
The space in the rear seat is acceptable, and you won’t feel cramped and oppressive, but it’s a pity that the design of the central armrest is missing.

As for the luggage compartment, it has a volume of 428 liters under standard conditions, and there is a Styrofoam compartment under the floor to store items; in addition, the rear seat back can also be tilted to expand the storage volume through 6/4 separation. However, there is a slight gap between the luggage compartment floor and the original factory may provide rear cabin leveling kits for selection in the future.

Honda HR-V

Spacious space, good seat change function

The large cabin space and the rich changing functions of the seats are still the strengths of the new HR-V. Its body size and wheelbase are similar to those of the previous model. The overall cabin space has increased, and the rear seat knee space has increased by 35mm compared with the previous generation. Taking an adult with a height of 175cm, the distance between the knee and the back of the front seat is about 1.5 fists. In addition, the seat foam is moderately soft and hard, and the angle of the seat back and the position of the legs can provide good support. Therefore, the whole The ride experience can be said to be quite spacious and comfortable. However, the headroom is also limited by the undercut design of the roof line and the raised seating point of the rear seats. Therefore, the distance between the head and the roof is only about 4 finger widths, but it does not feel oppressive.

The dual front seats advertised as G-frame somatosensory relief are actually quite comfortable to sit on, and the back support and hip wrapping performance are quite good.
The knee room of the rear seat has been increased by 35mm, which makes the knee room of the occupant more generous than that of the previous generation. In addition, the seat cushion is well supported and the angle of the seat back conforms to ergonomics, and the overall ride is quite comfortable.

In terms of the seat change function, the previously well-received Ultra Seat rear seat design is still retained, so in addition to the basic 6/4 separation and the seat back flipping forward, the seat cushion also has the function of lifting up and standing vertically. It is convenient for placing tall items such as potted plants and TV screens. As for the volume of the rear luggage compartment, the original factory did not publish relevant data, but it also stated that under standard conditions, the rear luggage compartment can accommodate four large 27-inch suitcases or two sets of golf bags. Folding forward can create a very spacious and flat large storage space.

The spacious and square rear luggage compartment can accommodate four large 27-inch suitcases under standard conditions, and the rear seats can be folded forward to create a spacious and flat large storage space.
HR-V is the only one among the 3 cars that is equipped with an inductive opening and closing electric tailgate, which really adds a lot of points.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Great knee and headroom in the rear seat

The body length/width/height dimensions and wheelbase of the Corolla Cross are 4460/1825/1620mm and 2640mm respectively. This body size is larger than the other two cars, and this advantage is indeed reflected in the space of the rear seat and luggage compartment. In terms of performance, especially the rear seat space benefits from the square design, so its spaciousness is better than expected. For an adult with a height of 175cm, there is still about 1.5 fists of space between the knees of the rear seat and the back of the front seat, and the distance between the head and the canopy is about 2 fists. Not only is there a good space for the legs to stretch out, but the head feels more spacious. It is quite good, and if you want to sit more comfortably, you can also adjust the inclination angle of the rear seat back (25~31 degree two-stage adjustment), so that it is matched with a slightly softer seat foam, which really brings quite good multiplicative suitability. In addition, the height of the rear door opening reaches 787mm, which not only makes it easier for passengers to enter and exit the cabin, but also makes it easier for parents to get on and off the car with young children.

The seat surface and the seat back of the double front seats are wide enough, and they have good coverage and support, so they are quite comfortable to sit on.
The rear seat is quite spacious in terms of knee and head space, especially the moderately soft and hard cushion and the adjustable seat back, which make people have a more comfortable ride.

Corolla Cross’s luggage compartment is also quite square and spacious, with a volume of 487 liters under standard conditions. When a larger load space is required, the 4/6 separated rear seat backs can be flattened to expand the storage space. It is a pity that there is a height difference between the seat back and the luggage compartment floor after being folded forward, and the flatness is slightly insufficient.


Although the size of the seating space in the rear seat of Kicks is average, the seat with 3D super body-feeling pressure relief design brings good riding comfort. The HR-V can be said to perfectly present the "minimization of machinery and maximum space", coupled with the tilt-up function of the Ultra Seat seat, it has a very good load space performance. As for the Corolla Cross, not only does it have spacious rear seat knee and head room performance, but the overall ride comfort is also good, and the large enough and spacious luggage compartment space makes it quite popular.


Part4. Power Control

Wander between the city and the mountains

Combined with the compact size that is convenient for urban transportation and the superior leisure travel posture, can the small and medium-sized crossover CUV really take into account the needs of practical comfort and fun in terms of dynamic performance? Or can you only compromise with one of them?

Nissan Kicks

Improved but not enough to surpass

After the minor facelift, the power configuration of Kicks has been upgraded from the previous 1.5L four-cylinder NA to the same HR16DE 1.6L unit as Tiida. The maximum output has been increased by 11hp/1.7kgm to 135hp/16.7kgm, but the average fuel consumption has also changed from 17.3km The /L drops to 16.0km/L. After all, if you want the horse to run faster, you have to eat more. After the power is improved, the Kicks facelift, which used to be relatively gentle at the start and the initial acceleration response, has been effectively improved. If the pedaling force of the right foot is a little rough, there will occasionally be a sense of uncontrollable rush. However, when the speed increases to 60~80km/h With the above, the overall response is not far from the smooth and gentle in the past, and there is a slight delay when re-accelerating due to the need to wait for the X-CVT continuously variable transmission to adjust to a suitable transmission ratio.

The upgrade is equipped with the same HR16DE 1.6L four-cylinder NA engine as Tiida, and the maximum output is increased to 135hp/16.7kgm.
It is still equipped with an X-CVT continuously variable transmission, and the brisk and smooth transmission response helps to improve the general driving comfort.

Under the same front MacPherson and rear torsion bar suspension settings, the overall road performance of the small facelift Kicks continues the previous comfortable style, and the stability for general daily roads or high-speed cruising is good. It seems a bit blunt and direct, and the driving experience is prone to a large drop with changes in road conditions; as for handling, the Kicks's neutral and crisp steering feel echoes the compact size, coupled with ARC active driving control Electronic systems such as shock assist and ATC active tracking and cornering assist assist in a timely manner. The body dynamics during cornering are easy to control, but the grip performance of the tires is average, and there are certain restrictions on the control limit and driving fun.

The overall road performance of the small facelift Kicks continues the comfortable style of the past, and the neutral and lively steering feel echoes the compact size.
The tire size remains the same as before the facelift 205/55R17, the comfort is acceptable but the grip performance is relatively average.

Honda HR-V

Soft and lively tone

The new-generation HR-V is replaced with a 1.5L four-cylinder NA engine with a maximum output of 121hp/14.8kgm. Compared with the old 1.8L unit, although the book output has been revised a lot, but with the same CVT stepless transmission, the actual power The performance is not as heavy and weak as imagined, and the start and initial acceleration reactions can still maintain a lightness that is not much different from the past, but it will still appear to be somewhat weak in the case of heavy loads such as high-speed re-acceleration or full-load climbing. Switch to the S gear to maintain acceleration power.

Equipped with a 1.5L four-cylinder NA engine with a maximum output of 121hp/14.8kgm, the average fuel consumption has increased from 14.5km/L to 17.0km/L.
The optimized and tuned CVT stepless transmission has higher overall actuation efficiency, and it can also provide simulated shifting response under heavy throttle.

In terms of chassis setting and control performance, the new generation of HR-V continues Honda's consistent brisk and smooth style. The flexible and moderate damping setting is paired with 215/60R17 high-profile tires, which better balance fine vibration absorption and high-speed cornering support. Coupled with the flexible and agile steering response, the smooth dynamic response on curved mountain roads is similar to that of the hatchback Fit on the same chassis platform. Feel a greater shaking.

The dynamic performance of the new generation of HR-V continues Honda's consistent brisk and smooth style, and the flexible and agile steering response can also bring a lot of driving pleasure.
The flexible and moderate damping setting is matched with 215/60R17 high-profile tires, which can better take into account fine vibration absorption and high-speed cornering support.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Striving for a stable car style

The Corolla Cross 1.8 Prestige Edition model for this test drive is equipped with a 1.8L four-cylinder NA engine with a maximum output of 140hp/17.5kgm and a Super CVT-i continuously variable transmission. The light and smooth start acceleration response is very suitable for stop-and-go cars In the urban road environment, when the power is needed, you can directly press the accelerator to obtain continuous and gradual acceleration. At the same time, the simulated shift response is used to avoid the noise of fixed high speeds. It is easy to meet the daily needs of most consumers. , but the average fuel consumption of 14.9km/L is not impressive among cars of the same class.

Equipped with a 1.8L four-cylinder NA engine with a maximum output of 140hp/17.5kgm, the light and smooth power response is very suitable for the urban road environment.
The Super CVT-i stepless transmission operates smoothly and responds quickly, and the simulated shift response when the accelerator is accelerated can also effectively avoid noisy feeling.

Benefited from the new-generation TNGA chassis structure, Corolla Cross has excellent body rigidity and chassis solidity performance. With the fully soft-tuned suspension damping settings, as long as it is not excessively rough and intense driving, generally smooth driving will not give People are too wobbly, lacking a sense of looseness of support, but presenting a smooth and comfortable tonality that is close to medium and large cars to calmly handle road changes, and the body undulates rhythmically. In addition, there are also GR Sport models equipped with sports suspension in the car series , to meet consumers with higher requirements for manipulation.

Corolla Cross presents the smooth, comfortable and tonality close to medium and large models, and there is also a GR Sport model equipped with a sports suspension to meet the control requirements.
The soft and rapid initial shock absorption is reflected in the overall road comfort, and the 215/60R17 high-profile ratio tires have contributed a lot.


Since the three cars are all set with gasoline NA engine and CVT stepless transmission, the overall dynamic response is highly consistent in the initial stage and smooth in the middle and rear stages. Among them, the HR-V and Corolla Cross can change in a more obvious way when the accelerator is accelerated. In terms of driving performance, the facelift Kicks is still brisk and easy to use, but the fineness of the shock-absorbing treatment is still behind the competition. HR-V has achieved a good balance between control and comfort As for the Corolla Cross, it has a clear home comfort orientation, which can meet the preferences of different customer groups.


Part5. Conclusion report

Whichever car you choose, you will not be disappointed

For these three domestic small and medium-sized CUVs, whether consumers choose Kicks, the new generation HR-V, or the super god car Corolla Cross, they should not be disappointed or regretted, because these three Each car has its own characteristics and selling points. Whether it is the size of the body, the richness of equipment, the seating space, the level of safety specifications, or the performance of the entire power control, it is believed that it can meet the daily needs of most people.

Taking the small facelift Kicks as an example, the update changes this time are really impressive. In addition to having a new and handsome new shape, it also adds a full-speed range ICC follow-up system and a PFCW over-the-horizon vehicle collision warning system. It also changed to EPKB electronic handbrake, and added convenient equipment such as USB plug holes. More importantly, it changed to a new 1.6-liter engine with more power. Even the price of the new car remained at 800,000 after upgrading so many furniture. The price range of around 100 yuan really makes people feel the full sincerity of the original factory. Of course, this car is still a cross-border small and medium-sized CUV with high CP value.

The big facelift HR-V, in addition to the blessing of the Honda brand, its dynamic and stylish appearance and the new interior decoration with a sense of simplicity and design are all attractive features. Of course, it is a practical and convenient car. The large interior space and rich seat change functions are its distinctive selling points; in addition, the upgrade of the interior equipment is also very impressive, especially the introduction of Honda Sensing and listing it as standard equipment for the entire car series is more sincere, making this car Increased competitiveness. In addition, a new 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine is used. Although its displacement and power output are slightly lowered, the overall performance is sufficient for general daily commuting or travel. Moreover, the average fuel consumption has also increased from 14.5km/L to 17km /L, coupled with the Honda-style handling performance, so the performance of the entire product is much better and more charming than the previous model.

As for the Corolla Cross, as the old saying goes, this car still meets the needs of most consumers, so the performance of each part is quite balanced and excellent. In addition to the blessing of the brand halo and good reputation in the market, the exterior shape is also quite pleasing, and the richness of interior equipment is also good, especially the TSS 2.0 safety technology is standard for all models, and this car is in the car The interior ride and load space performance is quite outstanding, and even the performance in power and driving dynamics is quite good, so I believe that the above characteristics will be the main reason and reason for consumers to want to own a Corolla Cross, even in the New Year The price of the new model has reached 905,000 yuan (gasoline Zunjue/GR Sport).

Editor's opinion

Before the facelift, Kicks had a fairly stable and excellent sales performance every month under the conditions of price advantage and good product strength. Even before the minor facelift, the average monthly sales volume of this year was nearly 1,000, so I am very confident. And we are optimistic about the small facelift Kicks, which has improved a lot in product power, and it is bound to do better in the market in the future. The big facelift HR-V, after the pleasing new shape and making up for the shortcomings in the ADAS part of the past, coupled with the advantages and characteristics of the original products, has indeed greatly increased the strength and market competitiveness of this car. As for the Corolla Cross, judging from its sales volume in the past 1 or 2 years, its product strength and charm really do not need to be repeated, and the super magic car remains the same as before.


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