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Colorful spring and summer Rainbow charm

DAMIANI's ultimate gorgeous work Absolute absolute high jewelry series

The supermodel wears the DAMIANI Special Classic necklace and pendant in 18K white gold with red tourmaline, amethyst, peridot and yellow beryl.

The 95th Academy Awards just ended, Hollywood stars gathered, star-studded, DAMIANI's pure Italian craftsmanship and continuous innovation, has long been loved by international jewelry collectors, and is the only one in the world that has won as many as 18 awards. The first jewelry brand of the Diamonds International Awards, which can be called the Oscars of the jewelry industry. DAMIANI was also highly respected and loved by the big stars at the ceremony, especially when the time sequence entered the early spring, the brand's many lively and brilliant high-end jewelry works, which were as colorful as a rainbow, successfully captured the attention of everyone.

The spring is warm and the flowers are in full bloom, like a colorful rainbow in the sky, exuding a colorful and gorgeous beauty. To welcome the beautiful spring and summer, Italy’s top jewelry brand DAMIANI has created a series of precious jewelry with bright and dazzling colored gemstones, miniaturized the different colors of the rainbow on the neck or between the fingers, and launched rainbow high-end jewelry with great meaning and value series, transforming pure handmade craftsmanship into multi-variety masterpieces that are suitable for daily wear, banquets and even collections. The absolutely rare Special Classic 18K white gold necklace and pendant are first launched, through red tourmaline, amethyst, peridot and The staggered use of yellow beryl, the necklace can be worn alone or with a pendant, low-key but can not hide the luxury, full of rainbow charm.

DAMIANI Absolute ruby ​​18K white gold diamond ring (left) and emerald 18K white gold diamond ring.

Absolute Rainbow Colorful Spring Waltz

DAMIANI Absolute Rainbow Absolute high-end jewelry color gemstone diamond ring situation map.

Each piece of DAMIANI jewelry is a unique work of art, hand-carved by Italian professional goldsmiths, insisting on unique design, pursuit of details, and top-level exquisite jewelry made of high-quality gemstones. It has been nearly 100 years since its establishment in 1924. DAMIANI has created countless moving works. The brand specially presents the Absolute Rainbow absolute high-end jewelry rainbow series in spring and summer. It is like the waltz of spring in seven colors of the rainbow. It is inlaid with various cut and colored gemstones. Every woman can choose the most suitable high-quality works, bringing more gorgeous choices to jewelry collectors who love DAMIANI, and making life more colorful.

DAMIANI Absolute Rainbow jewelry works use a variety of cutting and inlay methods to playfully combine the sparkle of colored gemstones and diamonds.

The Absolute high-end jewelry series comes from Italian goldsmiths' deep craftsmanship and passion for meticulous carving. The masters of jewelry workshops are good at highlighting the color and light of precious gemstones and diamonds, transforming the pure lines and unique characteristics of jewelry into timeless pieces. The beauty and harmony that convey emotion, history and enthusiasm through each piece of jewelry creation is the imprint of DAMIANI jewelry style, and every detail is aimed at the ultimate beauty.

Absolute high-end jewelry conveys the essence of femininity. The cutting and setting of diamonds and colored gemstones are carefully considered, and the time-consuming masterpieces are accompanied by the flow of light and shadow. Every angle shows a different and interesting viewing pleasure. The design of the rainbow ring focuses on a single main stone as the visual protagonist, exuding bright and dazzling light, and retaining the clear and beautiful color of the colored gemstone itself.

Belle Époque Rainbow Necklace Compete in the same field

DAMIANI Belle Époque cross rainbow sapphire necklace, price TWD 147,900

When it comes to colored gemstone works, DAMIANI also has ink in the Belle Époque series, which looks like a film-like ring outline, which is a tribute to the Belle Époque. The Belle Époque Rainbow necklace with a cross design is inlaid with square-cut sapphires of various colors. The firelight of precious colored gemstones exudes the beauty of rainbow gradients, interlaced with luxurious white diamonds, and records the timeless and beautiful era with light. Inheriting the design features of this series of cross necklaces, it can be easily disassembled and worn in two different shapes.

DAMIANI Absolute RainbowAbsolute High Jewelery Rainbow Collection Exhibition

Entering the gorgeous spring and summer season, DAMIANI is now exhibiting a full range of rainbow jewelry, ushering in the most colorful time for jewelry lovers.

Date: March 15 to March 26, 2023

Venue: DAMIANI Regency flagship store and Breeze Fuxing jewelry concept store

Time: 11:00-21:00

Hotline: 02-2581-7226 Welcome to make an appointment for appreciation


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