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Column: I'm done with all those meddlesome driver assistance systems -

What can car enthusiasts (and car journalists) grumble. Like when Porsche broke with air-cooled technology and gave the 996 a water-cooled boxer engine. But I'm also grumbling these days.

After the switch to water-cooled engines, some Porsche enthusiasts climbed so high that they became afraid of heights. In their eyes, the 993 is the last real 911 and they don't like anything that came after that.

Some people now also draw such a clear dividing line with the electric car. You probably know their slogan: 'electric driving is for bumper cars at the fair'. One of our Facebook followers invariably comments with the unflattering under every EV post we post e-waste.

I never thought I would become like this. A sourpuss who fills his time whining about technological developments. And why should I? I find electric driving fascinating, because that's where the big news happens. After a hundred years of running on petrol, the automotive world is transforming to electric driving and we are watching it all from the front row.


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Beeps and lights are for bumper cars at the fair

The fact that I am considering drawing a dividing line has everything to do with the latest safety systems that you find in modern cars. And whether you drive on electricity or petrol, no fuel type escapes the dance. What I want is a car where you can just get in and drive away without hearing any warning beeps. That is starting to become a problem. The Toyota Prius beeps as soon as you go too fast, the Volkswagen ID.3 sends back when you drive on the line and the Child ET5 sounds the alarm if you look at the touchscreen for too long. If Nio has issues with how I use the touchscreen, I think they should have designed it differently.

Of course, car brands do not do this to bully us. The speeding warning will become mandatory for all new cars in 2024. And with models that already have it, you can happily turn it off. But I'm tired of unchecking one, two and in some cases even three check marks or sliding sliders in the driver assistance menu after boarding. I'm done with all those meddlesome systems. Beeps and lights are for bumper cars at the fair.

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