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Combat power upgrade, CP value breaks the table againFord Focus 22.5-year-old disdain for its peers

Focus and Focus Active, which are designed and developed by Ford Europe and have German blood, have been relying on the dynamic and fashionable appearance, rich and luxurious equipment, and Ford Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system of Level 2 automatic driving level since their launch. , as well as the hard power performance of the products such as the passionate and powerful dynamic performance and the extreme handling of the solid German chassis, the total sales volume since its launch has exceeded more than 40,000 units, ranking second in the domestic medium-sized RV market, of which five models are sold. It is also the sales champion of mid-size hatchbacks, and Focus Active has also successfully seized an important position in the mid-size crossover SUV market, which is enough to prove the strong product strength of Focus and its popularity among consumers.

Following the addition of the "Dynamic LED Intelligent Dynamic Lighting System" to the 22-year-old model and the German-made 18-inch "Ford Performance Spinning Lightweight Performance Aluminum Ring", the new 22.5-year-old Focus has expanded further, including the Focus ST-Line Lommel X four The door/five-door and Focus Active models are simultaneously upgraded with the 12.3-inch full-color LCD smart multi-function instrument panel (worth 30,000 yuan) of the same level as the German-made and imported Focus ST, but the price of the new car is only increased by 10,000 yuan Diversified. Compared with the same-class models of Mazda, Toyota, Nissan and other brands, due to factors such as the sharp increase in the cost of raw materials and other factors, the price of the Ford Focus car has been directly increased without changing the equipment. It can be said that it comes from "Buddha's Heart", coupled with the original rich and dazzling array of equipment, it shows its high product CP value and sincerity.

Since its launch, the new fourth-generation Focus series has won praises from consumers and warm responses from the market with its diversified product lineup, complete active and passive safety technology, and excellent performance and handling. Four-door saloons or five-door hatchbacks, as well as the Fous Active crossover SUV with multi-terrain capabilities, all created dazzling sales results. Now the new 22.5-year-old Focus has come again, including Focus ST-Line Lommel X four-door/five-door and Focus Active wayward version, and then additionally upgraded with a 12.3-inch full-color LCD of the same level as the German-made and imported Focus ST. The functional dashboard brings more perfect product combat power and CP value performance that breaks the watch.

Standard 12.3-inch full-color LCD multi-function instrument panel

The new 22.5-year-old Focus ST-Line Lommel X four-door/five-door and Focus Active wayward version, the standard upgraded 12.3-inch full-color LCD smart multi-function instrument panel is not only the only full-screen design in its class , 1920 x 720 pixel high-resolution image quality, and can provide a clear and concise vehicle information interpretation interface for driving, which is convenient for drivers to read and grasp the driving information; in addition, the instrument panel is also suitable for different driving modes. /Simple road (non-paved road)” built-in exclusive animation and color background, not only dazzling, full of sense of technology, but also bring the driving experience and fun of sometimes elegant and comfortable cruising, and sometimes enthusiastic Mercedes-Benz.

ST-Look's exclusive appearance with hot-blooded performance

The Focus ST-Line Lommel X four-door/five-door hatchback model has imported ST-Look exclusive appearance kits in appearance, adopts ST-Line exclusive fog black honeycomb water tank guard, and is matched with front and rear lower spoilers , side skirts, spoiler and other aerodynamic kits, as well as single-sided double-outlet tailpipes, the exclusive Lommel nameplate at the rear, and the 18-inch German ST Edition spinning lightweight performance aluminum rims, etc., bring a visual image of dynamic performance. As for the interior, the ST-Line exclusive sports carbon fiber pattern trim panel, a flat-bottom leather sports steering wheel, a dark roof and an 8-way electric adjustable exclusive sports car seat for the driver's seat are used to display the hot-blooded sports like ST. Ambience.

The interior has imported ST Look exclusive kits, including leather flat-bottom sports steering wheel, sports sports car seats, carbon fiber interior panels, dark roof and red stitching and other configurations, full of strong sports atmosphere.

In addition, there are quite a lot of high-tech luxury and comfortable equipment in the cabin, including an 8-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen, SYNC3 integrated entertainment communication system (built-in Chinese voice control system, support for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Mobile phone connection function), HUD full-color head-up display and B&O advanced surround sound system with 9 speakers and 1 subwoofer, plus dual charging holes (Type A+Type C) design under the rear air outlet, And the Ford Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system (including iACC/ACC(Stop & Go)/LCA/LDW/LKA/PCA/AEB/ESA/TSR/BLIS/CTA/AHB, which is superior to the same level, can be said to be a daily The perfect combination of practicality, safety and warm-blooded atmosphere.

The exclusive sports seats treated with eye-catching dazzling red stitching are excellent in both coverage and support, and also add a lot of performance to the cabin.
The three-spoke flat-bottom multi-function leather steering wheel with shift paddle configuration has both texture and grip.

Inheriting ST performance running and handling character

The Focus ST-Line Lommel X four-door/five-door model, under the blessing of the C2 platform, brings the advantages of a high-rigidity body and a lightweight chassis, and all inherit the running style and handling of the German-made performance car Focus ST Adjustment style, so it can be said that it perfectly inherits the ST blood factor, including the upgrade and adjustment of the appearance, suspension and braking system, which have imported the concept of ST. The most important thing is that the rear axle adopts an independent multi-link suspension. The suspension system uses a new multi-point bushing system, control arm shape, rear lower arm and spring configuration to make the geometric angle of the entire rear suspension more diverse during intense driving; not only that, Including the springs, shock absorber damping and bushings of the front independent MacPherson suspension system have also been specially strengthened and adjusted, so that the steering accuracy, sensitivity and body stability of the vehicle are all under the intense driving. Give the driver a driving experience that is homologous to the Focus ST. In addition, the body height is also reduced by 10mm, and an exclusive track-level braking system is configured. The size of the front/rear brake discs is increased to 308/302mm, and the braking radius of the front/rear brake calipers is also increased to 124/129mm. Combined with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/40R18 flat performance running tires, it gives a more competitive handling performance.

The headlights are designed with the Dynamic LED intelligent dynamic lighting system, and the LED daytime running light bar inside adopts the same "Sunburst" style as the Focus ST Wagon, which is both dazzling and eye-catching and highly recognizable.
It is equipped with Ford Performance 18-inch spinning lightweight performance aluminum rims made by Borbet, Germany, red calipers and front and rear enlarged discs, and is equipped with Michelin PS4 performance running tires (235/40R18).
The maximum horsepower and torque output of 182ps and 24.5kgm are quite interesting. Coupled with the 8-speed manual automatic transmission that shifts quickly and connects quickly, the power is quite full and abundant whether it is low or medium speed or re-acceleration.

Turbo acceleration is full of power and momentum

The power system of the Ford Focus ST-Line Lommel X four-door/five-door models is equipped with a 1.5L inline 3-cylinder EcoBoost 182 turbocharged gasoline engine, and is matched with the only SelectShift 8-speed manual transmission in its class. 182ps, 24.5kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, the power output performance of this engine is very strong, and the acceleration performance without any sluggishness is very exciting. Not only is the low speed light and vigorous, but the re-acceleration in the medium and high speed range is full, abundant and linear. , with the suspension and braking system adjusted by the enhanced settings, allowing people to run fast in the corners of the mountain road and enjoy the driving pleasure.

In addition to its outstanding power performance, the track-level front and rear suspensions have hard-adjusted settings and specially adjusted bushings, shock absorbers and springs to provide flexible, neat and precise steering control characteristics.

Focus Active light off-road is very good

The Focus Active has a crossover style in appearance. In addition to the ground height of 163mm, the interior of the hexagonal water tank guard is designed with Active's exclusive matte prismatic grille, and the two sides of the bumper are equipped with LED fog lights. Embellished with foggy silver frame to enhance texture and recognition. In addition, exclusive black anti-wear sports kits are installed around the body, including the front/rear bumper lower spoiler, four wheel arches and side skirts, to enhance the off-road style, and an Active nameplate is affixed above the front leaves to highlight the difference. At the same time, the roof is equipped with a black aluminum sports roof rack that can bear 75kg as standard, and the feet are equipped with 18-inch five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum rings and specially developed Goodyear EGP tires.

In addition to its bright and eye-catching appearance, moderate body size, higher driving posture, and good driving vision, the Focus Active model also has the ability to cross multiple terrains, successfully entering the medium-sized crossover SUV market.

However, Focus Active is not just about raising the chassis and adding a crossover style kit to the exterior to make it look like a crossover SUV. It is the geometry and various aspects of the entire chassis suspension system. The parameters have been re-set and adjusted to maintain the original excellent and neat handling, while also taking into account the ride comfort, and even combined with multiple terrain dynamic driving modes such as "anti-skid" and "simple road" to make it passable. The ability of non-paved roads such as mud, gravel, sand and water, etc., is a cross-border SUV with mild off-road capability, which is suitable for people who love outdoor camping or small families. It is definitely a competent vehicle for exploring the secret realm.

Luxury technology equipment leads the same level

Focus Acitve has an exclusive cabin layout style. In addition to the distinctive dynamic blue brushed trim, the seats are covered with a mix of leather/fabric, and the word "A" in blue is printed on the back of the seat. The exclusive logo is decorated with blue stitching, and it is matched with Active's exclusive silver welcome pedals, showing a more relaxed and lively cabin atmosphere. The equipment is not to mention, including HUD head-up display, 8-inch touch-sensitive LCD full-color screen, SYNC 3 entertainment information integration system built-in original navigation, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection, multi-function leather steering wheel, replacement Gear shift paddles, Qi wireless charging stand, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, Chinese satellite navigation, B&O subwoofer surround sound, engine automatic start and stop system, Keyless, Push Start and dual-mode reversing development assist system are all standard, plus The last set of Ford Co-Pilot360 intelligent driving technology assistance system of Level 2 level, the luxury richness and safety protection specifications can be said to be the first in the same level.

The Qi wireless charging device of Convenience Technology is a standard item of the Focus Active Wayward Edition, which can meet the needs of current 3C users.

Strong power, even on non-paved roads

Focus Active is also equipped with powerful power performance that surpasses its peers. It adopts a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine, combined with multiple advantages such as dual independent variable valve timing, VDE cylinder intermittent, dual fuel injection system, etc. The quick and meticulous SelectShift 8-speed manual automatic transmission has excellent 182ps, 24.5kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, and the average fuel consumption can reach 16.4km/L, especially the powerful and abundant acceleration power performance is even more admirable . In addition, the front MacPherson and rear SLA independent multi-link suspension systems are also re-adjusted for the geometric design of the front and rear control arms, the stroke height and parameters of the shock absorber and coil spring, etc. When driving up, the Focus Active still has a precise and neat steering response and front-facing directivity. Combined with decent acceleration power, it can still bring a certain degree of driving pleasure, especially with the solid body and chassis rigidity. Even though the chassis is raised, the stability at high speed is quite good. In this way, with the two dynamic driving modes of anti-skid and rough road, the Focus Active has both the comfortable road texture of an SUV and the multi-terrain driving at the same time. Ability performance of accessibility.

In addition to the standard/energy-saving/sport/anti-skid driving mode switching, Focus Active also provides a "simple road mode", which enables it to have the ability to drive on non-paved roads.
In addition to the full and energetic acceleration power, the Focus Active still has quite agile and precise steering performance even after the height of the chassis is raised, which brings a certain degree of driving pleasure.

Rich and diverse product lineup

In addition to the Focus ST-Line Lommel X five-door hatchback that emphasizes excellent sports handling performance, Ford Focus has the four-door ST-Line Lommel X German sports car that combines family practicality, safety and neat handling characteristics. In addition, there is the Ford Active, an all-around crossover SUV that can meet the needs of life, work and outdoor leisure activities at the same time, and even the Focus ST high-performance model that is fun to drive. I believe that such a rich and diverse product lineup can fully meet the car needs of different consumer groups. As the original manufacturer said, there will definitely be a Focus that suits your needs!

Focus Active's 8-speed manual transmission is not only sensitive and quick to shift gears, but the knob-type design is also quite intuitive in operation.
Equipped with a 1.5L inline 3-cylinder EcoBoost 182 turbocharged gasoline engine, it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 182ps, 24.5kgm and an excellent average fuel consumption performance of 16.4km/L.


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