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Come this winter for a wonderful trip, stay in a special hotel project and send KONA Electric test drive for the whole process

[Taipei News]The domestic epidemic is slowing down, and the New Year and the long holiday of the Lunar New Year are about to be ushered in. The long-suffering enthusiasm for international travel is heating up again, especially now that it is not easy to go abroad, which has contributed to more diversified international travel games. Accommodation in luxury hotels has long been unable to satisfy consumers. Appetite, the private tourist attractions in Taiwan that took advantage of the trend became the new darling of the market. Nanyang Industrial newly launched KONA Electric in August, focusing on the concept of "your first electric car", with long mileage and high power and the most special light and shortcut driving experience, which is more suitable for the new experience of double charging for travel memories, December Starting from KONA Electric, we will travel to various featured hotels in Taiwan, and cooperate with businesses that are dedicated to managing local culture, and invite everyone to experience the different beauty of Taiwan in the future trend of electric vehicles.

Special hotel cooperation, KONA Electric takes you to every corner of Taiwan

The first wave of cooperative characteristic hotels spread across the north and south of Taiwan, including the "Japanese-Japanese Traveling Sea" at the southernmost tip of Pingtung, the "28 the loft" of Tainan, the ancient capital of food and culture, and the "Lei Yard" in Yilan, which has the largest plain and tranquil city in the north. Visitors staying in the special hotel housing project during the event will enjoy free KONA Electric as a transportation escort for the two-day and one-night journey, and let the fully charged KONA Electric take you on the charging journey.

[HYUNDAI partner hotel information]

Event Date: 2021/12/18~2022/1/9
Reservation website:

Tainan_28 the loft
Event Date: 2022/1/15~2022/2/6
Reservation website:

Yilan_Lei Yard
Event Date: 2/12~3/6
Reservation website:

*Each hotel is limited to one room/experience one per day during the project period. A successful reservation does not mean that you have reserved a KONA Electric test drive quota; the official email ( is the final confirmation. If you need to inquire, please contact each Hotel.

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