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Commemorating the Japanese animation master[Takahata Film Festival]pre-sale package tickets are on sale for Ghibli fans to grab the collectionA man who is more capricious than Hayao Miyazaki!Ghibli let go of Takahata and burned 5 billion to create the final work "The Story of Hui Yao Ji" broke into the Oscar hall "The Great Heroes" director burst into tears and praised

Ghibli animation master Takahata has made far-reaching contributions to the Japanese animation industry in his life. The reason why Ghibli can become a mythical existence is that the three giants Takahata, Miyazaki, and Suzuki Toshio are indispensable, and Miyazaki is famous for being perfect Takahata is more self-willed than Miyazaki. Even if the release date is imminent, he will never compromise and submit sloppily, which makes Toshio Suzuki have a headache and is still convinced by the final result. Unlike Hayao Miyazaki's works, which are mostly subjective perspectives, Takahata is good at establishing a broader thinking space for the audience through an objective narrative method. It lasted 8 years and cost 5 billion yen. It can be called the most expensive masterpiece in the history of Japanese animation. Its artistry and innovative ink painting techniques have not only won praise from all walks of life, but also won the Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film.

In order to commemorate the master Takahata, the film company Jiashang Entertainment held a special "Takahata Film Festival", including "Grave of the Fireflies", "Little Bits of Childhood", "Heisei Tanuki Battle", "The Yamada-kun next door", " The Story of Huiyao Ji and The Panda Family, which was jointly planned and produced with Hayao Miyazaki, will be released exclusively in Village Roadshow Studios from July 8. The pre-sale tickets of the film festival will be sold on the blog from now on. In order to give back to the loyal fans, the filmmaker has launched two limited-edition commemorative ticket sets, each of which is 880 yuan, including 4 film exchange coupons and a gift envelope for the collection of the film festival mask; A full set of collectible tickets is 1260 yuan per set, including 6 movie exchange tickets and two additional envelopes (different styles) for the collection of the film festival. Each exchange ticket can choose any film from the film festival. The coupon stub is combined with the movie stills. Commemorative ticket stubs, Ghibli fans must not miss it.

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Director Takahata's last work "The Story of Huiyao Ji" took eight years to produce. At the age of 77, Takahata still chooses to challenge traditional ink painting techniques, and the number of painting frames exceeds 500,000, which is much higher than that of Hayao Miyazaki's "Traditional Ink Painting". The 160,000 copies of "The Wind Rises" set a record in the production history of Studio Ghibli and became the pinnacle of hand-drawn animation. Kazuo Oga and Osamu Tanabe, who had participated in "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Little Bits of Childhood" respectively, served as art producers. The team's delicate portrayal of the visuals on the screen is breathtaking. The expressions of babies, flowers, plants, birds and animals are lifelike, and it took a lot of effort to study Japanese traditional culture, from ceremony, clothing to architecture, is presented truthfully, and the theme of the story is returned to the most simple and incomprehensible meaning of existence, with unique aesthetics and depth of content, so Takahata won the best Oscar for "The Story of Kaguya" When he was nominated for an animated feature film, when he attended the awards ceremony, creators from all over the world rushed to confess, and Chris Williams, the director of "Big Heroes", was deeply inspired: "This is a very beautiful and infectious animation. I burst into tears at the end, it's really amazing!" Dean DeBroy, director of "Interstellar" and "How to Train Your Dragon 2", even praised it as a work of art.

The movie "The Story of Huiyao Ji" is adapted from the Japanese folklore "The Story of Bamboo Fetching". The plot tells that an elderly couple without children accidentally found a baby girl the size of a palm in the bamboo. The couple decided to raise the baby girl. Growing up as a little girl, she met her brother next door when she was visiting the village, she was inexplicably sad when she heard a familiar song, and gradually grew into a fresh and refined beautiful girl. At the same time, the old grandfather dug up gold and silver treasures in the bamboo forest, making him convinced that everything was arranged by fate, and decided to move his family to a mansion in the capital, and asked a respected nobleman to name his daughter "Hui Yao Ji", which caused a sensation in the city. , the princes and nobles rushed to come to court for love, and even the emperor who was high above was curious about her beauty. The girl was sitting on a rare occasion, but she never smiled from her heart. She recalled the beauty of the past and had the idea of ​​escaping from the expensive cage. 【Takahata Film Festival】From July 8, it will be screened exclusively at Village Roadshow Cinemas in Taiwan.


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