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Comprehensive transformation of Mini Countryman

●New third-generation models, new design style

●Pure and simple cockpit layout, new OS 9 operating interface

●Level 2 driving assistance system upgraded to all car series

●Domestic launch time: 2024.Q1

Next-generation Countryman introduced model lineup and pre-sales list

car model Pre-sale price (10,000 yuan)
Countryman C 178
Countryman S ALL4 To be announced
JCW Countryman ALL4 252
Countryman SE ALL4 To be announced

The new third-generation Countryman, which was just released at the IAA Auto Show in September this year, attracted the attention of car fans around the world as soon as it debuted with its concise and neat new appearance. In order to respond to the support of domestic consumers for the Countryman series over the years, the general agent Pande , not only quickly opened online pre-sales (currently only the pre-sales of Countryman C/JCW Countryman models have been announced: 1.78/2.52 million yuan), and you can enjoy priority reservations by paying a deposit of 100,000 yuan by swiping your card online, it also strives for original manufacturers The display car will come to Taiwan and hold a media preview event on November 15. It will also be officially unveiled on the stage of the Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition on December 28, 2023.

Mini and simple, yet unique and uncompromising

In addition to being 2 centimeters taller and 13 centimeters longer in body size, the new generation Countryman also adopts a new design vocabulary called Charismatic Simplicity. The overall body outline and line layout tend to be simple and square, but it can still reduce the drag coefficient from the front The 0.31Cd of the previous generation has dropped to 0.26Cd; the redesigned LED head and tail light groups also give people a new visual impression, and provide three light mode choices of classic, charming and JCW, and the style of the roof arc and C-pillar trim panels are presented The roof color and package matching will be different, continuing the brand's consistent personalized route.

The new generation Countryman has an enlarged body size and adopts a new design vocabulary called Charismatic Simplicity.
The redesigned LED headlights and taillights give people a new visual impression, and also provide three lighting modes: classic, charming and JCW.
The style of the roof arc and C-pillar trim will vary depending on the roof color and package matching, continuing the brand's consistent line of personalization.

The new mini-minimalist design vocabulary can also be seen in the interior design. When you sit in the driver's seat, you can find that the instruments in front are no longer visible. Basic driving information such as vehicle speed is integrated above the new OLED central control screen with a diameter of 24 centimeters, on both sides of the steering wheel. The physical controls on the spokes and central control panel have also been further streamlined, and combined with the first use of fabric materials and lively tones, it creates a unique and warm cabin atmosphere; in terms of space function, the new car benefits from the enlarged size , with a luggage compartment space performance of 505~1530L. In addition to the 4/2/4 split forward-reversing seat back design, the gasoline model also has the flexibility to slide 13 centimeters forward and backward.

The interior also adopts a new minimalist design vocabulary, eliminating the instrument in front of the driver and using the new OLED central control screen as the main focus.
Physical controls such as vehicle start, gear shifting, and experience mode switching are integrated into the center control panel, retaining intuitive and easy-to-use operation logic.
The brand's unique and interesting design style can be seen in the interior details, and the lively color matching can also create a unique and warm interior atmosphere.
In addition to the 4/2/4 split front-reclining rear seat design, the gasoline model also has the ability to flexibly slide forward and backward by 13 centimeters.

Technology upgrades and pure electricity comes on stage

Through the new Mini Operating System 9 developed using the Android open source software architecture, the new generation Countryman has made great progress in multimedia and digital technology functions, such as standard wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, smart personal with visual image interaction functions Voice assistants, upgraded Level 2 driving assistance systems for all car series, Digital Key Plus digital keys that use smartphones as vehicle keys, etc. also provide new Mini Experience Modes experience mode functions, combined with projected light graphics on the cloth console, cockpit Changes in elements such as lighting and driving sound effects bring an immersive experience with more intense sound and light effects.

The experience mode combines the changes in elements such as projected light graphics, cockpit lighting and driving sound effects on the cloth control panel, and the sound and light effects are even better.

In terms of power configuration, the entry-level model Countryman C is equipped with a 1.5L three-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 170hp/28.6kgm, and is introduced with a 48V light petrol-electric system. Both the S and JCW use a 2.0L straight-four turbo unit with a maximum output of 213hp/ 36.7kgm, 300hp/40.8kgm; as for the first pure electric version Countryman SE, the ALL4 dual-motor four-wheel drive model is introduced, with strong kinetic energy of 313hp/50.4kgm and performance capabilities of 0-100 acceleration in 5.6 seconds. The WLTP cruising range can reach 433. Kilometers, the 66.5kWh battery can support 11kW AC charging and up to 130kW DC fast charging power. It can recharge 10~80% of the battery in 30 minutes at the fastest, or replenish the 120 kilometers of cruising range in 10 minutes at the fastest; In addition, the introduced models will adopt CCS1 charging specifications, and car owners can directly use the existing public/third-party and BMW i charging networks.

The new car will introduce three gasoline and new pure electric versions. The JCW performance model, which was recently released by the original manufacturer, has also quoted a pre-sale price of 2.52 million yuan.

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