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"Converting to electric vehicles is just a show." What is the "tragic status quo" of electric vehicle advanced countries?

table of contents
●Norway, the country with the highest penetration rate of electric vehicles in the world
The sad state of Norway's conversion to electric vehicles
Electricity in the southern suburbs of Oslo is more expensive than petrol
●Why Norway can quickly switch to electric vehicles

The country with the highest penetration rate of electric vehicles in the world - Norway

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More than 80% of new cars currently sold in Norway are battery electric vehicles. If the penetration rate of battery electric vehicles is so high, then power supply will be a problem.

Norway has a high awareness of environmental protection, and the proportion of thermal power generation only accounts for about 2%. Due to the relatively short sunshine hours in Norway, solar power cannot be used. About 95% of the electricity used in daily life comes from hydropower. When rivers freeze in winter and hydropower cannot be used, they will rely on the production of hydrogen for power generation.

Because of the low cost of hydroelectric power generation, Norway's electricity bill is cheap, about two-thirds of Germany's. Fast charging facilities are installed everywhere on the streets of Norway to create an environment where battery electric vehicles can be easily driven. But currently only northern Norway, which is less populated, can use battery electric vehicles without burden.

The sad state of Norway's switch to electric vehicles


Southern Norway has a larger population and presents a real problem of switching to electric vehicles. Although Norway has installed more than 20 fast charging devices on highways, large-scale charging congestion still occurs when the traffic volume increases during consecutive holidays such as the New Year.

The number of charging equipment installed is about 20 times that of Japan. Even with so many installed, there is still no way to drive battery electric vehicles without stress. The problem of charging congestion also occurs in China, an EV advanced country.

Electricity more expensive than petrol in southern Oslo suburbs


Adding to this is the high cost of electricity. Although Norway’s daily electricity consumption relies on hydroelectric power generation, since electricity cannot be sent from the power generation equipment in the north to the south in a concentrated manner, southern Norway still mainly purchases electricity from abroad.

In 2022, due to the crisis in Ukraine and the lack of rainfall needed for hydroelectric power generation, electricity costs will rise, and electricity costs are currently higher than gasoline prices. And the gasoline price in Norway was one of the most expensive in the European Union.

Currently, the electricity bill in the suburbs of Oslo, the capital of southern Norway, is 1 euro per 1 kWh, and it takes 100 euros (about 14,000 yen) to fully charge a battery electric vehicle.

The demand for electricity will also increase after entering winter, and the general household electricity bill is converted into Japanese yen, which is as high as 120,000 to 130,000 yen per month. Although the government will cover part of the amount, residents living in the suburbs of Oslo, where electricity bills are extremely high, are still miserable.

Why Norway is rushing to switch to electric cars

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The power of batteries will decrease in cold regions. It is reasonable to say that battery electric vehicles should be difficult to popularize in Norway. Battery electric vehicles can have such a high penetration rate in Norway. In addition to the cheap electricity obtained through hydropower and high fuel prices mentioned above, the government's promotion policy also has a great influence.

The government imposes heavy taxes on diesel locomotives and gives preferential treatment to battery electric vehicles. The purchase of battery electric vehicles is not only tax-free, but also offers discounts when using ferries, toll roads, and parking lots. There is also a preferential tax system for legal persons.

But there seems to be a bit of a contradiction?
The reason why Norway can give multiple preferential treatment to battery ground vehicles is because the oil and natural gas obtained from the North Sea oil fields have brought huge benefits.

That is, Norway is using money from oil sales to promote the introduction of battery electric vehicles. Moreover, the use of these oils abroad can reduce Norway's CO2 emissions, but it does not contribute to reducing the overall CO2 emissions of the earth.

Conversely, while the demand for battery electric vehicles has increased, CO2 emissions have also increased. There are too many battery electric vehicles, not only the problem of charging congestion, but also the high cost of moving due to the influence of unstable power supply.

The above is the status quo facing Norway, which has the highest proportion of battery electric vehicles in the world.

Original source:``The EV shift is all about beautiful things'' What is the ``disastrous situation'' in advanced electric vehicle countries?
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